Wednesday, February 12, 2014



Nick Hayek, CEO of The Swatch Group
Here at The Eye Witness we are starting an informal but ongoing series of news items about people who have the guts to stand up to the organized miasma of evil which is attempting to suffocate the whole world.  We admire these people and we think it is good to know that there are some, in religion, business, politics or wherever who are unafraid to tell the commissars to go straight to hell.

Here is our first entry, a story about the owner of The Swatch Group, the Swiss company.  That company is one of the sponsors of the Winter Olympics in Russia.  It seems that the usual suspects have demanded that he go on record condemning Russia's relatively mild (but most encouraging) containment of the homosexual steam roller.  Read the article:

Give that man a cigar.

Three cheers for Mr Hayek.  Let us hope he holds his ground and is not forced to apologize and grovel before Sodom like so many others have.

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