Saturday, February 8, 2014


The petulant mincing ones say they are planning some "events" at the Winter Olympics in Sochi and have hinted that they will get help from US diplomats.

Of course Russia, if provoked, will not do to them what should be done to them.  There will be no jackboots stomping on the ephebephiles nor any burnings at the stake (unfortunately).  Russia will let them make asses of themselves as they behave like 14-year-old school girls having a fit over not being invited to the prom. They are like dogs who want to mark their spots by urinating on them, though I mean no offense to dogs who are, according to St Francis Xavier, superior to sodomites.

But since they've telegraphed their intentions rather clearly I believe we should take them at their word.

On the off chance that anyone from Russia is reading this let me assure these Russian readers that not all Americans are like this and we consider the antics of these screaming sissies and their enablers in Washington and Hollywood to be repugnant to morals, to humanity and to common sense. 


From Father "Z":


Praying for the Concecration of Russia said...

It truly is a shame that Russia will not do to them what should be done to them. As a child I would fear Russia for her cruelties. Oh where is the Russia of decades past?

I happened to be showing photos of President Putin to some friends last night. (Sure feels good to be able to use the word "President". That is something I have not done since the illegal alien occupied OUR White House.) We were laughing at how Putin looks so manly and in charge and how their Commie is so much better than our Commie. How jealous I am right now of the Russian people that they have a legitimate ruler, a citizen, a real president of their country.

One of the photos was of Putin bending down to kiss an icon of the Blessed Mother holding the baby Jesus. Oh yes, I know that he is purported to have mistresses and who knows what other sins he may daily commit. But I found myself praying for President Putin this morning. It seemed to me that there is a bit of God's grace working in him and I wanted to help increase the odds of his salvation.

So yes. Right now I am very jealous of the Russian people.

Anonymous said...

Amen to you article. (You make me laugh.)

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