Friday, February 28, 2014


The notorious worldwide survey is complete and is now in Rome, and a Synod is going to take it, among other things, under discussion.

Cardinals like Kasper and Schonborn are thrilled with the survey; many laymen are stunned in disbelief and shock.  Kasper and Schonborn see the survey as a Manifesto.  To them, the people have spoken and the Church, in their eyes, must become a Democracy and no longer be the Monarchy it always was.  The survey shows that a clear majority of Catholics no longer believe in the tenets of their Divine Faith, and in the matter of morals can be said to have lost their marbles.  But Kasper and Schonborn and others who think as they do want to see this as the Document which will propel the Church into the new territories of their desire.

In short they want the Catholic mob to rule on Church teaching, the same mob they have created by their tragic failure to teach the truths of the Faith.

It will be their own uprising against constituted Authority, in this case divinely instituted Authority.  So who is it that the mob and their episcopal handlers are uprising against?  That answer can only be, God.

The logic here would appear to be very simple.  Jesus Christ, the Son of God, set up the Church while He lived and set Peter to be its head, giving him the charism of infallibility on matters of morals and faith.  Ergo, we can safely assume, logically, that the twenty-century teaching of the Church - God's only true Church - on moral matters comes directly from the Creator Himself.  Ergo, again, if we deviate from this Divine Teaching we are rising up against God.  I'm not sure how much more simple I could make that.

Even more simply, Cardinals like Kasper are abetting this rebellion against the teachings of God.  And if he is allowed by the highest Authority in the Church to go on this way.........??

Sandro Magister shows the on-again, off-again viewpoint of the current pontiff with regard to the issue of divorced and remarried Catholics.  One day, Francis is ambivalent; the next day, firm.

The answer to this may be to simply pray that Peter's head stops spinning long enough that it can settle down and face the reality of where we are.

There are those who want a Democratic Church, one ruled by the passions of unlettered mobs.  That unlettered rabble has dutifully handed over to clever revolutionaries like Kasper a new club with which to beat the Church.


gtaylor said...

The Pope has a clear duty to the Court of Heaven and that is what any child can see, he needs to dismiss these heretic "prelates" en masse.
That is why he is the bishop of Rome so that he can take the action required.
Almighty God send Your Holy Angels to guide Your Vicar, give him manly faith and courage. Rid us of the devil's puppets. Amen

Aged parent said...

Thank you, gtaylor. Your prayer is well-stated.

Anonymous said...

You cannot ever expect anything good to emerge from people like Cardinal Kasper who once worked as an assistant to apostate -heretic Hans Kung.

This profoundly miserable cardinal and his hangers on grow fat on the money forcibly collected from German catholics.

Aged parent said...

Too true, Anon. Thanks for the comment.

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