Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Courtesy RT Today
We watch the strange things happening in Ukraine over its proposed membership in the European Union and we begin to smell some familiar odors.  As is usual when International Finance is behind-the-scenes, the target population is to be used as pawns.

We found this very interesting interview at RT Today which gives some sensible insights into what all this protesting is about.


We have seen a number of opinions on the protests going on in that country, most of which are contradictory.  But the Media Barons want very much to have us believe that an oppressed populace has risen up and is demanding to be integrated into the Socialist Utopia known as the E.U. [Stop me if you've heard that one before.]  As usual, however, there is more to this media bilge than meets the eye.

Professor Eberhardt Hamer  over at Current Concerns has a very interesting take on what is going on behind the scenes, and is well worth reading:


Hamer sees the issue from a slightly different but no less incisive viewpoint.  He points out that the militarist and financial encircling of Russia is not going to go down well with the various players at the chessboard.  He could very well be right.  And he is much closer to the situation than we US citizens are.  It is always advisable to get the European view of things as a healthy balance against the institutional mendacity, not to mention stupidity, of the American media.

If Ukraine allows itself to be brought under the EU aegis they will soon find their moral and religious duties suddenly called into question.  They will also find themselves just another debt-slave to the gnomes of New York.

Pending more information, we would respectfully advise Ukraine not to get too close to the EU/American octopus.

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