Wednesday, January 29, 2014


We are being asked to celebrate these days the 50th anniversary of a document that all but wiped out one of civilization's greatest religious, artistic and cultural treasures, the Ancient Rite of the Catholic Mass.  The object of the celebration I refer to is the Second Vatican Council's ill-fated document,  Sacrosanctum Concilium.

I will not be found among those joining in the general jubilation.  Nor will I celebrate Hiroshima, the bombing of Dresden or the barbarian invasions of Europe for much the same reasons.  All of these events had something in common: they destroyed utterly something of infinite value.

Some will correct me here by saying, "Yes, but the Ancient Rite is coming back, slowly but surely".  I recognize that the hunger for beauty and for quiet will eventually see its complete restoration but to offset that optimism allow me to point out that two entire generations of Catholics have been deprived of it and the results of that deprivation are all around us.  The corrosive effects of the New Order of Mass will be with us for generations, barring a miracle of Divine Grace.

To those who find this new liturgical ugliness something to cheer about I say, "Carry on", but don't ask me to assist in opening the champagne bottles.  Those in the Hierarchy who colluded to bring this thing, this New Order of the Mass, to the Church may be pleased that their efforts have brought forth the kind of fruit they wanted.  By the very longest of stretches I could possibly imagine that a very few of them thought they were doing the right thing.  But most of this crew, or a majority at any rate, had destruction on their minds.  In one fell swoop they made away with the culture of a thousand years.

And the very few who naively thought they were doing the right thing looked around the devastated vineyards and mostly said nothing.

I am weary of discussing the utter folly of what the Church authorities did to that Mass.  It seems  to do very little good anymore.  Just as most of the world has grown accustomed to abortion most Catholics have come to terms with banality in the Liturgy.  The enemies of that exquisite Rite have won the battle for the moment and they can bask in their arrogance and smugness that their own little French Revolution has seemingly triumphed so well.  They have changed enough minds over forty years not to have to worry too much any longer about a return to the traditional practice.  They have succeeded in creating an entire population of ardent papolaters who will go along with anything no matter how bizarre, irreverent or stupid (see the video above).  Continuing to point out that the Church is little more than a smouldering ruin does not protrude itself upon their intelligences.

But I will say this.  What those bastards did to that beautiful Mass is something that can never be forgiven. It was a criminal robbery that will ever be seen as an act unforgivable.  Perhaps more than anything else it was the merciless destroyer of the faith of millions.  And I am being asked to celebrate that?

No, I will not.


Elizabeth said...

Beautifully stated, Aged Parent. I,too, am weary.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

I am horrified at that video. Are these priests Catholic? I agree with your sentiments. I will not celebrate either.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just Wow. I thought it was bad at my parish. We have rounds of applause before mass has ended, etc.
A couple weeks ago during a baptism at mass, our priest told us how great protestant baptisms were and how us Catholics were missing out.
I am young enough that I've only known Novus Ordo mass but have witnessed over the years at how eroded the mass has become.

Say "No!" to the NO said...

The quiet vestiture and paramental beauty of The Catholic Mass are the externals. What truly matters is that Jesus established the Mass in order that He would continue to be offered to the Father in propitiation for the sins of mankind. This atonement is also a personal atonement for those present who hear and assist at the Mass. The Prot service is as devoid of grace and merit as their entire false religion.

The infinite God is infinitely offended by sin and only God can satisfy for this. Our little acts of atonement are nothing by comparison. Jesus is the Satisfaction that is offered and it is offered IN OUR NAME. Think about that most humbling fact. This is fodder for a lifetime of meditation.

So a Catholic who assists at the Catholic Mass and is well-disposed to receiving Holy Communion will reap abundant blessings upon the world and themselves ...while participation in the empty and sacriligious Novus Ordo Freemason sham will reap them coals upon their heads.

Satisfaction for our sins is the reason why Catholics should be longing for the real Mass, not the allure of it's quiet and beauty though that may be how God is calling some of His people back.

Another awesome post, Aged Parent. Thank you.

Aged parent said...

Anon @ 5:27pm: I greatly admire you for keeping your faith in the face of such liturgical lunacy. Thank you for your comment and best wishes that you may find a reverent Mass to attend one day soon.

"Say NO...": Thank you for your trenchant observations, with which I wholeheartedly agree.

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