Saturday, January 4, 2014


In the world of music for the cinema there are many lesser lights.  But there are also a number of distinguished artists, often conservatory-trained, gifted with a sense of what is exactly needed for drama.

There is a colorful film from 1954, beautifully shot in England, more of a fantasy than a straight historical record of medieval times called KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE.  Its main players are Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner, Felix Aylmer, Stanley Baker and Niall MacGinnis.  As long as you are not expecting slavish adherence to the absolute truth, and are in the mood for some charming romantic adventure, you will not be put off by this stylishly-made entertainment which tried so hard to please.  Among its strengths is its music score by none other than the gifted Miklos Rozsa,  a composer whose artistic standards were very high indeed.

Being the Christmas Season we thought it might be satisfying to recall a musical moment in the film, a Christmas scene, when during a furious battle the opposing forces cease their fighting on the Eve of the Nativity.  The battle is stopped, a light snow begins to fall, and in the background is heard a carol.

Rozsa was also a noted musicologist as well as a composer and when scoring films that took place in past epochs would study the known music of that time and incorporate some of its ethos into his own compositions.

Here is Rozsa's Carol for the film, wherein he put his own music to an anonymous poem of the late medieval period:

We hope you enjoy it.

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