Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Our Lady of Sorrow
[This was written after the Israeli invasion of Bethlehem, in March 2002].

In the Upper church of Annunciation in Nazareth, there is a striking collection of images,
the homage of artists to Mary: in a setting of blue-and-golden flowers, a dainty Virgin in a
colourful kimono holds her child in ceremonial Japanese royal robes; a naïve Gothic face of
Madonna, transferred from French Cluniac illuminations; a Chinese Queen of Heaven carved of
precious wood by Formosa devotees; a richly inlaid Cuban statue of Virgen del Cobre; a Polish
Black Madonna; a tender face of the Byzantine Mother of God, and a modernist, steely Madonna
from the United States all look from the walls of the church and unite us in one human family.
There is hardly an image in the world as universal and poignant as that of the Virgin and the

Wherever you go, from Santiago de Compostella in the far west of Spain to the golden
domes of Russia, from frozen Uppsala in Sweden to Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, you will
find this adorable face. The best artists depicted her compassionate features, her love for her
child and her sorrow. Botticelli painted her with a pomegranate and among the Kings of the East;
Michelangelo and Rafael, Cimabue and Titian, van der Weyden and Fra Filippo Lippi were
inspired by her image. This unique mix of a young girl and mother, of vulnerability and
protection, of admiration and love, formed the spiritual and inspirational base of our civilisation.
She appeared to a Mexican peasant, and her flower-covered image arrested the strife and
united Native Americans and Spaniards in one nation. She gave her rosary to Saint Dominic and
a letter to Portuguese kids in Fatima. Prophet Muhammad saved and cherished her icon found in
the Mecca shrine, writes Maxim Rodinson. She appeared to a wealthy Jewish banker Alphonse
Ratisbonne, and he took orders and built the convent of the Sisters of Zion in En Karim. A
Palestinian Muslim in a refugee camp of Lebanon preserved the image he took from his native
Galilee, tells Elias Khoury in his novel Bab Al-Shams (recently translated into Hebrew by Moshe
Hakham and edited by Anton Shammas). Syrian astronauts asked for her protection in the shrine
of Seidnaya before the ir flight on the Soviet space shuttle1
In medieval legends, the Jews were often perceived as enemies of the Virgin. The
Talmud refers to her in most blasphemous and hostile way. A certain column-stump on
Jerusalem’s Via Dolorosa marks the place of a legendary attack of Jews on her person, while in
Antioch in 592, Jews were found despoiling her image. These are old tales. And now some new
facts. This week in Bethlehem, a Jew shelled the Virgin. A Jewish soldier in the formidable tank Merkava-3, constructed according to US technology at US taxpayer’s expense fired a shell from
a distance of fifty yards at the statue of the Madonna a-top the Holy Family church in the
Nativity town.

The Virgin lost an arm, and her pretty face was disfigured. She became one of a hundred
Palestinian women shot by the Jews in the present outburst of war. This seemingly unnecessary
act of vandalism could not have been an accidental shot. No terrorist hid behind her gentle figure
on the pinnacle of the hospital church. At fifty yards, you make no mistake. It could have been
orders; it could have been a spontaneous expression of feelings by a Jewish fanatic. Our world
rewinds full speed back into the Dark Ages, and as Israel rekindled traditional Jewish hostile
rejection of Christianity, it can not be excluded.

After the shelling by the Israeli soldier

(Taken from Our Lady of Sorrow, The Collected Essays from the Holy Land by Israel Shamir, which can be ordered here.)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A little common sense about Ferguson somehow got slipped in

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, not one of my pinups, said this on national TV last night in a discussion about the riotous nonsense in Ferguson:

"The white police officers wouldn't be there if you weren't killing each other," Giuliani said.

Well, yes, that does seem obvious.  But how few people will come to that logical conclusion in the heat of passion.  And 93% of black murders are committed by other blacks.  The article which discusses Giuliani's statement can be found on the neocon rag Newsmax (a magazine/website that offers very little else other than war-mongering).  You can access it here.

President Puppet and Junior Emperor of the World is, of course. bloviating about the faults of the justice system, and not about the fact that 80% of violent crime is committed by fatherless young black males.

Meanwhile as we speak, Negro rioters and looters are all doing their Kwanzaa shopping early, and the little hamlet of Ferguson is turning into a hell hole.

God help the residents there.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

At least someone is concerned about the fate of Christianity in Europe

In a recent discussion about various problems in the world a political leader brought up the touchy subject of the persecution of Christians and the silence of the European Union.  The article states in part:

"...EU officials are reluctant to speak about the persecution of Christians by Muslim militants in Iraq or Syria or elsewhere, because they fear that this would be perceived as politically incorrect.  Meanwhile there is a growing Christianophobia in the world, he said.

"Most of EU members avoid discussing the issue.  They are ashamed to pronounce it as they were ashamed to put a phrase acknowledging the Christian roots of Europe into the EU Constitution,:

"If you don't remember and don't respect your own roots and traditions, how can you respect the traditions of other people?"

Who made such a statement?

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stan Freberg is My Hero

The darker the days become (and we're not referring to the approaching Winter months) the more we need a little dose of humor, just to keep our heads above water.  Those of my readers who are old enough should remember the delightful antics of one of our great Wits, Stan Freberg.

Freberg is a unique character.  Whether he ventured into radio, films, animated cartoons, essays or television he always had a knock for making us chuckle.  He started as a teenager doing voice work for Warner Brothers Cartoons and from that time on whenever crazy comedy was required Freberg was there to supply it.

For your amusement, then, we present to you one of his more famous radio skits.  Amazingly, he predicted the lunatic lengths to which political commissars would go to censor our thoughts and our speaking.  We believe Freberg saw all this coming back in the 1960s.

And if you would like to see what Freberg could do with a humdrum TV commercial, try this:

Happily Mr Freberg is still with us and still keeping smiles on our faces while imparting his wit and wisdom.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Neil Clark is STILL confused

Several months back we linked to a piece by Mr Neil Clark which posed some very interesting questions. He has subsequently followed up with another confession of his confusion:

That was in July.

But he continues to be confused:

To which I would reply, "Fear not, Mr Clark.  We're all still confused".

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Just a note on the Cardinal Kasper African comments

Kasper in mufti
Regarding all the musings about Cardinal Kasper's famous remarks to the African episcopate that they should "not be telling us" what to do or think, which we have been reading about endlessly since the Bastard Synod, I am amazed that most people consider Kasper's fuming as an example of racism.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Kasper is not a stupid man.  Petty, dishonest and arrogant, yes; stupid, no.  We repeat: racism had nothing to do with his remarks.

What his remarks did have something to do with was sodomy, and everyone should have been able to see that quite clearly right away and not confront him with silly accusations of racism. The "racism" story only produced a needless red herring issue and took attention away from the homosexuals. The African Bishops have their heads firmly on their shoulders when it comes to sex perversion and can see what evils emerge from the mortal sin of sodomy...and want nothing to do with it. Kasper it seems wants everything to do with it, and that is the reason why he didn't want to hear what the African Bishops had to say.  And he wants to apparently give this mortal sin his blessings.  Why else would he be working tirelessly to see that the Holy Catholic Church blesses it as well?

The "racism" line was peddled by those who for whatever reason were not keeping their eyes on the ball. The more mendacious writers use the race card whenever they can so it is doubly important that we keep our minds clear on this.  Unwittingly, some good Catholics took the focus off buggery by calling Kasper's remarks racist.

While it is true the hubbub caught Kasper off guard at first he deftly handled it with his customary reliance on lying and changing the subject.

Krazy Kardinal Kasper.  Never underestimate the intentions of vile men.

Which is it, Cardinal O'Malley?

Cardinal O'Malley, we laymen would like to know: which is it?

On the one hand you want the Vatican to act against your brother-Bishop Flynn for supposedly hiding a homosexual predator priest, as stated here.

And on the other hand, you want the Church to accept sodomitical relationships, as stated here.

Just which is it, Your Eminence?  Do you want to protect the Church from an onslaught of homosexual men who are buggering adolescent boys, or do you want the Church to accept two sodomites living together who will have the legal right to "adopt" young boys who will be eventually buggered by them?

In lieu of an explanation we in the pews can only conclude one of two things.  Either you are losing your mind completely or you are engaging in the worst form of blatant hypocrisy it has been my misfortune to witness.

Which, exactly, is it, Your Eminence?

Either way, you are a disgrace to the cloth you wear and the Church you are shaming.