Thursday, May 21, 2015

Macedonia says no to USA. Suddenly protesters appear in Macedonia.

Funny how that works.

From an interview with Srdja Trifkovic:

Washington and Brussels have been driving this sudden crisis in Macedonia all along. The geopolitical rationale is Gruevski’s willingness to consider the possibility of Macedonia hosting a key segment of the new proposed Turkish pipeline that would bring Russian gas into Central Europe. As we know Bulgaria had to say ‘no’ under heavy pressure from Washington and Brussels. The willingness of the authorities in Skopje to even consider that possibility suddenly resulted in the recent demonization of Gruevski as a corrupt nationalist, hardliner and all the rest of it: we’ve seen the amazing spectacle of the EU ambassador in Skopje joining the protesters. It’s obvious that this is a sustained regime change attempt dictated from Washington and Brussels, driven and financed from there. It has given encouragement to Albanian terrorists to stage their action in Kumanovo [on May 9]. We are really witnessing just another episode in a long-term geopolitical battle between Washington and its pliant Brussels allies on one side and Russia on the other, with the Macedonians this time round being the collateral damage.

But, after all, it's just a few more hundred dead bodies; nothing that would concern the US or the EU.

Read the rest at this link:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Slowing down the abortion murder rate

On the abortion front, so tragic in many places in the world, comes this news out of Russia:

From the article:

The MPs also propose banning over-the-counter sales of emergency contraception drugs, known as morning-after pills, claiming that the side effects of these drugs have not yet been studied and their irresponsible use can harm the women’s health. The bill allows pharmacies to sell emergency contraception only on prescription, after a health check.
The lawmakers also propose that any woman seeking an abortion should undergo an ultrasound scan of her womb as, “according to statistics, up to 80 percent of them refuse to have the abortion when they see their child on the screen.”

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Pornographers March to Ukraine

The blessings are just pouring into Ukraine now, after the US/EU-directed coup in Ukraine ousted the legitimate leaders over a year ago.  First, Levantine billionaires came streaming in (some of whom were elected to high office), and then followed Monsanto and then - God help them - Joe Biden's son, waiting in the wings to leech off Ukraine's energy wealth.  Now the citizens of Ukraine will suffer a deluge of pornography on top of that, thanks to its puppet government.

The report is here:

Dr E Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars, has often pointed out how pornography is used to keep populations subjugated and eventually unable, in their newly-unleashed passions, to even think straight.  It leaves them neutered. This method, smooth and sophisticated, has worked very well in the West, especially in America and Europe.  It keeps people enslaved to their own concupiscence and turns them cowardly and submissive.  And the icing on the cake for the pornographers is that they become millionaires in the bargain.

Ukraine was badly betrayed by a combination of forces motivated by various ideas which included greed, hubris, power lust and the extermination of Christianity.  Its citizens, pawns in the Games of the Plutocrats, will now be materially, mentally and spiritually impoverished by these forces.  It is tragically true that some Ukrainian Catholics cannot see how they are being manipulated and used; the instigators of these shocking events have cleverly utilized the age old "divide and conquer" methodology, resurrecting ancient hatreds between Ukraine and Russia, between Catholic and Orthodox.  It was a brilliant strategy. It has distracted attention from the larger picture.  By exacerbating these old hatreds the overlords can do their dirty work without fear of being called out by Catholics or Orthodox for the raping and destroying of their country.

So now after all the turmoil and misery, and deaths, caused by forces outside of Ukraine and outside of Russia, the Ukranians will now be bombarded with pornography and their young will be drawn into this dark world of the sexual revolution.

It is not considered polite to say, "I told you so".

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Optimism of Sandro Magister

Our blogging colleague, S Armaticus over at his valuable Deus Ex Machina blog, has been focusing, rightly, on the upcoming Synod of Sodomy Part II.  His blog is one of our daily "musts" and he often has well-reasoned analyses of the machinations of the Stealth Bishops who are doing their damnedest [word carefully chosen] to bring the Church to its ultimate suicide by greasing the skids for an acceptance of the abominable mortal sin of sodomy, and the neutering of the Sacrament of Marriage.  What efforts world governments are making to destroy these holy unions are being helped by the Modernists in the Church (funny, that).

S Armaticus has an excellent piece today which is highly recommended.

It is one of optimism.  The author bases that optimism on the optimism of Sandro Magister, noted Vatican watcher.  My personal view of Mr Magister based on reading him and in several email exchanges with him is that he might, perhaps, be too optimistic not only about Pope Francis but about other matters.  He has been going along with the zeitgeist on certain political matters which is a surprise considering what a diligent researcher he appears to be.  Like many of us he is susceptible to propaganda.  The point I'm attempting to make here is that occasionally he is too trusting - a fine quality most of the time but one which can open the door to being manipulated by clever men with lots of money and the worldwide media at your beck and call.

Nevertheless we cannot dismiss the well-informed Magister out of hand, nor can we overlook the thoughtful analysis of S Armaticus.  He asks if the New Revolution, the Final Revolution as it were, is being put on hold by Francis. Based on Magister an optimist  might agree.  Based on His Eminence Cardinal Pell one also might have grounds for thinking the tide is turning against the destroyers.  This writer is not quite yet prepared to be as optimistic as Pell or Magister, for the evil forces at work are being directed by an Angelic Intelligence who made it extremely clear to his creator that he "will not serve".  It is possible to think that the tide may be turning against them even as we retain our caution. Dying Modernists like dying empires do not go quietly away; even in their death throes they will destroy whatever they can on the way down.  But I am a great believer in the efficacy of sincere prayer (see and there is no doubt that prayers imploring God to awaken Francis so that he might begin smelling the coffee are now being said around the world.

Maybe we're not dead yet.

Monday, May 11, 2015

My poor, sad England, cont.

England is sort of my second home, as I have mentioned more than once on this blog.  Having spent much time there in my life and having acquired many friends there, I follow their travails as if England was the nation of my birth.

The recent election, aka that semi-annual puppet show according to Mr Belloc, fills me with dread for that beautiful land of kind and gracious people.  They have just re-elected that utter stooge of the Financial Interests, the ridiculous David Cameron.  True, just like America the people were given poor choices, but it hurts me to see that there are still so many deluded souls in Britain, a nation with a rich history.  But perhaps this is all of a piece; their Monarchy essentially died with the Plantagenets, the Kings and Queens who followed became more and more servile and mediocre until the ludicrous present day, when Queen Elizabeth can actually put her signature to an unjust and irrational "law" that allows for two (or more?) queer to engage in something they call a marriage.

Here is a superb reading of the debacle from Mr Hitchens:

While reading the excellent Hitchens piece Americans can substitute "Republican" for the British Conservative Party and "Democrat" for their Labor Party to get an exact picture of the situation.

A quote:

I never for a moment imagined that Big Money and Big Lies could so successfully scare, cajole and diddle the electorate of this country. I grew up in a Britain both better-educated and more honest than the one we have today. Perhaps that is why I could not see this possibility.   I have not seen, in my lifetime, a campaign so dishonest, so crude, so based in fear and so redolent of third-world and banana republic political tactics.

That above quote pretty well describes what goes on in America to a tee.  No matter where one lives the swindlers always swindle.

Will Albion ever be freed of its perfidy?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Just curious...

If last Sunday (May 3) was the Fourth Sunday After Easter, why does the new calendar say it is the Fifth Sunday?  When the Vatican abolished the Mass of all time did they also abolish arithmetic?

Am I the only one who thinks it patently absurd that nine people, a few of whom are dictionary-defined illiterates, will dare to decide tell us that institutionalized buggery is now settled Law?

If the current Russian government can hold a celebration and memorial of the dead Russians who fought for their insane Soviet government in World War 2, can the Germans memorialize their dead who fought for their insane Nazi government?

If it is necessary for us to receive the Sacrament of Baptism, to wash away Original Sin and open the door to Heaven, why do some Churchmen believe Baptism is not necessary for Jews, Muslims, or pagans?  Have all those people been somehow immaculately conceived?

Why is having impure thoughts a sin, but calling the same thing an "attraction" not a sin?

Why do a million and a half Frenchmen take to the streets of Paris to protest the perversion of the state of marriage, and only a handful appear in Washington to protest the same thing?

Why, with all the outrages being committed daily in Catholic Churches around the world, do some fret so much about a few Catholics who happen to be traditionalists?

If the old Soviet Union was threatening the United States by installing offensive weapons in Cuba in 1962, why is America's installing offensive weapons all around the Russian border not threatening?

Why is it that the world has suddenly discovered, after 2,000 years, that the Church is in the business of mercy?  Have they forgotten how the hospital system was instituted?

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