Monday, August 3, 2015

The Psychopaths March on Syria

Israel and Washington want Assad out of Syria.  Assad protects the Christians of Syria as well as all the others.  Therefore, he must go.

In September, 2013 the media and government unleashed a 24/7 propaganda campaign to make the US public accept an unjust aggression against Syria, a nation that has done us no harm.  Many fell for the lies including, I am sad to report, far too many Catholic websites.  All was in readiness and the military was on full alert to destroy a country that protected its Christians.

Then something happened.  The Pope called for a day of fasting and prayer to stop America's proposed slaughter.  The Pope wrote to President Putin of Russia for help in averting this disaster.  Mr Putin wrote a letter to the New York Times asking, with great politeness and admirable humility, that America re-think what it has been doing of late.

In addition Putin immediately brokered a deal with Syria to have all its chemical weapons destroyed.

The US public at last wanted no more wars.  Europeans started to back away from the American war frenzy.

America was stymied.  But not for long.  Soon a mysterious group of savages suddenly appeared in Syria and elsewhere, who came to be known as ISIS.  We now know that they were equipped, trained and financed by Israel and America as a proxy army to target the regimes they wanted to change.  And so this group of US-created fanatics started their reign of terror.

Revenge was swift upon Russia, too.  A few months after the Syria massacre was stalled a coup was financed, arranged and carried out by the USA and its proxies in Ukraine, and their legitimate government was overthrown, leaving the country in the hands of US backed bankers, pederasts and fanatics.  One doesn't mess with the monkey with a hand grenade, as one statesmen recently described the US government.

Now the revenge is complete.  The spolied brats in Washington have now openly declared that they will fire on Syrian troops to safeguard the "rebels" - the "rebels" being the proxy Israeli-US fanatics trying to oust Assad, an imperfect man but nevertheless a protector of Christians.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fr Marcel Guarnizo schools the Clown Prince of the Church

I am very happy to see this.

Cardinal Dolan needs to be called on the carpet very badly and it is good that a Catholic priest has taken up the cudgels on behalf of Holy Church and put this irresponsible man in his place.

Read it here:

Dolan, who has been silent as a tomb when it comes to baby murderers and sodomites, allows his poorly-formed judgement on the immigration issue to be spread all over the world.  He cares nothing for accuracy, indeed even honesty.  His attack on Donald Trump is the most shameless piece of politically correct grandstanding it has been my displeasure to watch.  And that's saying something.

That the Pope of Rome allows these episcopal blowhards to run around and speak their idiotic opinions unchallenged says more about him than the blowhards in question.

Dolan needs prayers,  But he also needs to be fired from his position of authority, and the sooner the better.

Father Guarnizo also needs prayers because revenge-hungry mandarins will really be after his scalp after this.

Thank you, Father, for what you have written.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Burke and Hare and Cecile Richards

Entrepreneurs Burke and Hare conducting business

Once upon a time in Edinburgh, not too long ago, Mr Burke and Mr Hare ran a thriving business. They would dig up the graves of the newly dead in the town and sell the reasonably fresh corpses to local doctors for purposes of study and teaching.  They made lots of money, the doctors were pleased and the living relatives of the dug-up bodies would cry over the desecrations.

But every once in awhile, not enough people were conveniently dying, and this caused a deficit in the Burke and Hare enterprise.  So in order to keep the profits rolling in they decided to "create" their own murdering a few unwary souls.  They "Burked" them, so to speak.

The fabled Dr Knox was perhaps their best customer.  The prices he paid were so high that it provided inspiration to Messrs Burke and Hare to sally forth and procure for him only the freshest of dead bodies.

It was a lucrative business for all concerned.(except the murder victims).

But at last the long arm of the law found out about the scheme and those responsible were dealt with by the magistrates.

That's how it was in Edinburgh in the 1820s.  But in Washington, DC in 2015 Mr Burke and Mr Hare would not be prosecuted for murdering people and selling their bodies (or body parts); instead they would be given millions of taxpayer dollars to continue their business, and their protectors in Washington would attempt to prosecute anyone who would object to their enterprise. Had they been alive today they would have found a new and comfortable Cecile Richards' Planned Parenthood.

Poor Mr Burke and Mr Hare.  It was just their bad luck that they were born several generations too early.

Boris Karloff as "The Body Snatcher"

Thursday, July 30, 2015

That September 11, 2001Thing

Though being somewhat sick of hearing about the September 11th Great Blowback I must share an amusing comment by one Mr Bill Jones over at Unz Review, in which he humorously chides author Philip Giraldi who seems to accept at more or less face value the approved story of what happened on that day.

Take it away, Mr Jones:

The Official Version of 9/11 goes something like this…
Directed by a beardy-guy from a cave in Afghanistan, nineteen hard-drinking, coke-snorting, devout Muslims enjoy lap dances before their mission to meet Allah…
Using nothing more than craft knifes, they overpower cabin crew, passengers and pilots on four planes…
And hangover or not, they manage to give the world’s most sophisticated air defense system the slip…
Unphased by leaving their “How to Fly a Passenger Jet” guide in the car at the airport, they master the controls in no-time and score direct hits on two towers, causing THREE to collapse completely…
Our masterminds even manage to overpower the odd law of physics or two… and the world watches in awe as steel-framed buildings fall symmetrically – through their own mass – at free-fall speed, for the first time in history.
Despite all their dastardly cunning, they stupidly give their identity away by using explosion-proof passports, which survive the fireball undamaged and fall to the ground… only to be discovered by the incredible crime-fighting sleuths at the FBI…
…Meanwhile down in Washington…
Hani Hanjour, having previously flunked 2-man Cessna flying school, gets carried away with all the success of the day and suddenly finds incredible abilities behind the controls of a Boeing…
Instead of flying straight down into the large roof area of the Pentagon, he decides to show off a little…
Executing an incredible 270 degree downward spiral, he levels off to hit the low facade of the world’s most heavily defended building…
…all without a single shot being fired…. or ruining the nicely mowed lawn… and all at a speed just too fast to capture on video…
…Later, in the skies above Pennsylvania…
So desperate to talk to loved ones before their death, some passengers use sheer willpower to connect mobile calls that otherwise would not be possible until several years later…
And following a heroic attempt by some to retake control of Flight 93, it crashes into a Shankesville field leaving no trace of engines, fuselage or occupants… except for the standard issue Muslim terrorists bandana…
…Further south in Florida…
President Bush, our brave Commander-in-Chief continues to read “My Pet Goat” to a class full of primary school children… shrugging off the obvious possibility that his life could be in imminent danger…
…In New York…
World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein blesses his own foresight in insuring the buildings against terrorist attack only six weeks previously…
While back in Washington, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz shake their heads in disbelief at their own luck in getting the ‘New Pearl Harbor’ catalyzing event they so desired to pursue their agenda of world domination…
And finally, not to be disturbed too much by reports of their own deaths, at least seven of our nineteen suicide hijackers turn up alive and kicking in mainstream media reports…
And if you don’t believe that, you’re a “conspiracy theorist”

Read the article and comments here:

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Walter Kasper, in his own words

"The God who is enthroned over the world and history as a changeless being is an offence to man. One must deny him for man’s sake, because he claims for himself the dignity and honour that belong by right to man…. We must resist this God, however, not only for man’s sake, but also for God’s sake. He is not the true God at all, but rather a wretched idol. For a God who is only alongside of and above history, who is not himself history, is a finite God. If we call such a being God, then for the sake of the Absolute we must become absolute atheists. Such a God springs from a rigid worldview; he is the guarantor of the status quo and the enemy of the new."

Walter Kasper “Gott in der Geschichte”, Gott heute: 15 Beitr├Ąge zur Gottesfrage, (Mainz 1967)

Thus spake Walter Kasper.  Read it carefully. Most especially, the first sentence.

You could, with a lot of imagination and a lot of mental gymnastics, suggest that he is trying to find a more accessible (for him) God than the one we have.  But consider:  to make such statements seems to average minds like my own objectively blasphemous.  Who would speak of God in so humanistic a manner?  The "old" God Kasper wishes to do away with "claims for himself the dignity and honor that belong by right to man"?  I believe that in that one phrase we find the vital secret that unlocks the mind of Kasper; it sounds very similar to what Adam and Eve heard in the Garden from a visiting reptile.

 " ...your eyes shall be opened: and you shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil."

Other websites have alluded to this famous Kasper remark; I am republishing it because I believe we need to keep it in mind any time we read about this man.  Yes, men can change.  They can wake up.  They can realize the terrible things done or said in the past and try to make amends for them.

But Kasper isn't making any amends if his wheezings and lies at the Synod and afterwards are any indication.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Unbearable Stink of Mitch McConnell

As an ongoing reminder to readers who still believe that the Republicans are the conservative Party, and that they are defenders of the unborn, the moral leaders, the great tax-cutters, etc., we present the following article on how Republican leaders just got together to save Planned Parenthood:

Mitch McConnell worked with Democratic hack Harry Ried to make sure that the ghouls of Planned Parenthood would continue to receive US taxpayer money for their murder racket.  Mitch McConell saved Planned Parenthood, even as our Justice (sic) Department begins to investigate the brave souls who exposed their criminal activity.

Pro-lifers: do you still want to support these people?  Do you really, truly believe the Republicans, the party of war and Wall Street and buggery and baby murder, are your friends?

Soldiers: do you still want to fight for such an insane, corrupt government?  Do you want your arms and legs blown off, your minds wrecked and your life ruined fighting for such a regime, so that two sex perverts can crush normal peoples lives and little children can be butchered and their body parts sold to the highest bidder?

Is it not long past time to put away our grade school US history books and face the present reality.

Abortion and Sodomy, the twin symbols of America today.

I want to vomit.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tokyo Rose is back in the news

The geriatric Righter of All Wrongs is bellowing again very loudly at some mildly critical remarks made about him by Donald Trump.  (Instead of, as McCain demands, Trump owing POWs an apology I believe it should be Mr McCain to be the one offering apologies to POWs.)

Before anyone takes a firm side on this question I recommend the following article by Ron Unz over at Unz Review:

A sample:

[The recent remarks of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump have triggered a political media firestorm regarding the Vietnam War record of Sen. John McCain, resulting in a surge of renewed traffic to my "Tokyo Rose" piece, which I am now republishing below.
An even greater flood of attention has gone to Sydney Schanberg's original 8,000 word article, which I had published as a cover story for The American Conservative several years ago. I urge people to read that remarkable expose.
As a Pulitzer Prize winning former top editor at The New York Times, there are few living Americans who can match Schanberg's journalistic authority in this subject, and the fact that our entire American media has spent years entirely ignoring the explosive and massively-documented charges of one of its most distinguished members demonstrates to all of us that we are indeed living in the world of "American Pravda." I also include a link to my own discussion of Schanberg's remarkable findings]

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Republicans have a Brain Trust. No, really.

I post this photo especially for Republicans, once the Great Whig Party.  I'd make it larger only it would blot out everything on my blog.

Dr Boyd Cathey, one of this blog's favorite Catholic writers, has explored the depths of the Republican Party.

I don't envy him the privilege.

But if you want to know how these people think, and how they get to where they are, I recommend Cathey's latest over at the Unz Review:

The author describes the"brain trust", aka the back room boys, who keep the Republicans weak, useless and stupid (though when we view people like Tom Cotton or Scott Walker we see that they are not necessarily in need of lessons in stupidity).

A taste:

For some time, I have been documenting this situation in what passes for the American “conservative movement”: recently the managing editor of National Review,came out for same sex marriage(Jason Lee Steorts, “An Equal Chance at Love: Why We Should Recognize Same Sex Marriage,” May 19, 2015,” ); major leaders of the College Republicans have also endorsed it and warned GOP candidates not to oppose it (“Study finds 61% of young Republicans support same-sex marriage,”); on Fox News, the leading Neocon media organ in the nation along with The Wall Street Journal, Jonah Goldberg, Steve Hayes, and former Marxist Charles Krauthammer (again, how much Marxism has actually left him?) have endorsed same sex marriage, and George Will literally has been orgasmic about it (no pun necessarily intended). They may not agree with the unconstitutional means of achieving it, but they have no qualms with the end result.