Saturday, May 28, 2016

There are still a few Catholics left out there

One of the few joys I have as I catalogue on this blog the dissolving of Catholicism is the occasional letter or comment I receive that gives one some hope, hope that there is still a large core of souls out there who will cling to the Faith in this its darkest hour.  Many of those who comment here have given evidence of an extraordinary understanding of how serious the situation is and I for one, learn much from these commenters and those who occasionally drop me an email.

One such email arrived a few weeks ago from a reader who was kind enough to express her thoughts in a way that showed me that perhaps the battle is not lost yet.  This lady, Catherine by name, is a serious Catholic who is able to see clearly the dangers threatening that Faith.  Aside from her too kind remarks about our blogging efforts I think readers will agree that, as the quote by Hilaire Belloc which can be found at the header on this blog says, perhaps it is "already morning."

Dear ‘Aged Parent’,

Please forgive me writing to you to say ‘BRAVO’ for your excellent post of Friday, 15th April entitled ‘Eating and Drinking Judgement on themselves’. Apart from ‘Bravo’, I should like to make some comments for most articles/posts I have read seem to overlook something that seems of fundamental importance.

You mention that ‘the Pope's all-mercy-no-repentance approach is nothing if not pure Protestantism’ and, of course, you are quite correct. Amoris Laetitia is intimately connected with the Holy Year of Mercy. The two events, the Holy Year and Amoris Laetitia, are (I hope you will agree) an outright attack on the doctrine and practice of the Church. Such as been noted, and includes the mercy without repentance. Neither repent/repentance, amend/amendment nor guilt are anywhere to be found in the Bull Misericordiae Vultus (whereas mercy appears 164 times and merciful appears 25 times). Penitent comes three times, but penitence, or the necessity for it, is not mentioned. Repentant, as in the prodigal, comes just once and pardon/justice/forgive-ness added together around 60 times.

However, I think the problem is much deeper and much more serious. The mercy-without-repentance/amendment is more than merely an attack on doctrine and/or practice. It is an outright attack on the very nature and foundations of the Church. Mercy without repentance is just a complete impossibility. Surely this is an attack on the very foundations of the church. For if mercy can be had without repentance (it can’t), then what is the point of the church, or the priesthood, or prayer, or virtue, or indeed, the Incarnation and Our Lord’s Passion? Nothing is left.   

The concept that mercy requires repentance is not my idea for it comes from Genesis 3. The serpent tempts Eve, who then tempts Adam. However, when the Lord God walks in the garden, Adam & Eve are still there and hide. When questioned by God, instead of admitting their disobedience, they played the blame-game with neither admitting nor accepting responsibility. Both St Thomas More (where I originally found this) and St Augustine state the same: that Adam & Eve’s excuses made the original disobedience worse. More observes that it was at this point that God enumerated the woes that would fall to mankind and their banishment from Paradise followed immediately, while St Augustine says that their excuses do not excuse but accuse. Excuses and justifications rather than repentance led to Adam & Eve’s expulsion from the garden. They did not receive unconditional mercy, for they failed to admit their sin. If a lack of repentance or even admission of guilt did not work then, it is not going to work now (notwithstanding the God of surprises!).

I hope this is useful, and not too long. I should have said that I’m a mature student doing a postgraduate research degree on ‘Fear in the Life and Writings of Thomas More’ which is how I discovered all this. For your information: the reference to St Augustine is from The City of God, Bk 14, Ch 14. The references to Adam & Eve made by St Thomas More are to be found in A Treatise upon the Passion, which is Volume 13 in the Yale edition of The Complete Works of Thomas More. The page numbers are 18/6-8; 22/27-30; and 53/14-20. [This is the only available edition.] There is also one reference in More’s Dialogue concerning Heresies, Volume 6 of the same edition, page 405/6-7; and one reference in More’s Confutation of Tyndale’s Answer, page 308/32-309/2. One reference unconnected with Adam & Eve, but on the same topic is:Imitation, Bk I, Ch 2, No 1: ‘We often do amiss, and then do worse by excusing ourselves’.

I also agree with you that a chastisement is coming and that, to use your word, it will be ‘awful’. Part of the answer must be the Rosary and fidelity. But how many are going to be led astray by all this? God help us all.

I do find your blog extremely interesting and informative, and so thank you very much.

With people like this lady still around on earth surely there is reason to see a glimmer of light at the end of this long dark tunnel:

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Employment Opportunity: George Soros will hire you to throw rocks at Donald Trump

George Soros the multibillionaire monster, destroyer of Europe, a man whose total corruption is mirrored in his very face, is determined to stop Trump come what may.

After financing coups in Ukraine and elsewhere, after paying thugs to destroy Ferguson and after arranging for the invasion of millions of refugees to invade what little is left of Christendom (due to wars in the Middle East that he and his Tribe have fomented) he has set his sights on keeping the American status quo of more wars, more moral subversion, more social engineering, more filth sticking to everyone and every place.  That means stopping Trump.

And all that simply because Trump is unpredictable.  They are not yet sure he can be controlled by them.  All that merely because they are uncertain about him. Could he be a good president, for them? Possibly. So why all the turmoil in the streets, paid for by Mr Soros and others?

My view is that the Usual Suspects are sending him a message.  To wit: get on board with the program or things will get seriously ugly.  Will Trump be cowed this way?  Honestly, I don't know.  I have no high hopes for him or the country anyway.  Yes, it's fun to watch him enrage the creeps and psychopaths in Washington, Hollywood and New York, but if he is elected, and push comes to shove, I have my doubts that anything substantial will change under a Trump presidency. I hope I'm wrong.

The war mongers and corrupters seem to be using a two-pronged attack on him: the vicious street riots, a la Soros and Co., and the serpent-like making "nice" with him, a la Sheldon Adelson.  Both Soros and Adelson want the same things, which should be obvious to everyone (but, alas, isn't);  they are just going about it in two different ways.  These two execrable people want to see Christendom (what's left of it) smashed to pieces.  They want to to push moral corruption as a control mechanism, a method to keep their conquered people quiet and subservient.  They want to keep America as Israel's attack dog.  They want to keep making billions if not trillions through their usurious financial systems.  They want to, in a word, keep humanity in perpetual slavery to them.  The glue that binds these evil men together is cruelty.  Does anyone doubt that?  Look at how they are imposing their insane sex perversion on the world.  They relish in the cruelty they use to impose these horrors.  You still doubt?  Listen to the words of the heads of Planned Parenthood, an organization quite well known for cruelty.

In his book The Great Heresies Hilaire Belloc says thus about the Modern Attack that we all face:

"The two forms of slavery which are gradually appearing and will as time goes on be more and more matured under the effect of the modern attack upon the Faith, are slavery to the State and slavery to private corporations and individuals."

If that does not describe the current situation in plutocratic America and elsewhere I don't know what does.  The private corporations, exemplified by swine like Soros and Adelson, are indeed our slave masters and they use the government that is in thrall to them to carry out their wishes.  That is the main reason one supposes that they fear Trump: they don't know how he will act. Ergo, he will be threatened by the Soros minions in the streets and sweet-talked by the Adelsons, the two prongs which between them are squeezing Trump.

I apologize to my readers for having such a dim view of the future.  I don't see any man, however "alpha male", successfully standing up to such a long-entrenched corruption of justice.  Desperate men, especially desperate rich men, will not easily let go of their gains.  They have been at the rudder of the USA almost from its inception (some would say since its inception) and will not go easily into the night.

Sheldon Adelson is dangling his millions of carrots before Trump's eyes and Soros is sending out his thugs to scare the hell out of him.  Their media demonizes him at every opportunity.  The good, ole boy political apparatus of his own Party despises him.

This could all change overnight.  How?

I strongly suspect that if Trump accepts the millions of dollars offered him for his campaign by the loathsome Sheldon Adelson, the protests will suddenly stop.  A cynical opinion?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

AMORIS LAETITIA: The Denial of Justification

The marriage of Princess Grace and Prince Ranier of Monaco

"Satan now surrounds the Sacrament of Matrimony as a vulture awaiting the death of the Catholic heart."

The above quotation from Mr James Larson's examination of Amoris Laetitia is a disturbing reminder of what is at stake for the Church and the world if it continues to be hypnotized by the degeneracy of Modernism which is eating away the Faith.  In Part One of Mr Larson's study  and Part Two, (both which are on Mr Larosn's website.) the author walks us through the thorny path leading to the dire reality, found in Part Three below. 

Amoris Laetitia: Part III
Modernism Invades the Catholic Heart

The final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family.” (from Sister Lucia of Fatima’s letter to Cardinal Carlo Caffara)
The many critiques of Amoris Laetitia which have been penned in recent weeks are replete with accusations of errors in regard to moral theology: Situation Ethics, Consequentialism, Fundamental Option, Gradualism, etc. However, while all these errors are present, they do not penetrate to the fundamental, very specific heresy which underlies all the rest: the denial of the Catholic doctrine of Justification as taught by the Council of Trent. Pope Francis writes the following:
For true charity is always unmerited, unconditional and gratuitous.” (296).

The Council of Trent teaches just the opposite. While the grace of charity is totally unmerited in itself (what Thomas calls first grace), it is not unmerited or unconditional in its application to the human soul. It is in fact the most merited thing in human life, requiring the subjection of the mind and will to God’s revealed truth, and the renunciation of all objective mortal sin.
Francis, in direct contradiction to Trent, teaches that “in an objective situation of sin [in the context of Amoris Laetitia, the adulterous situation of those civilly divorced and remarried is here clearly indicated] – which may not be subjectively culpable, or fully such – a person can be living in God’s grace, can love and can also grow in the life of grace and charity…(305).”
There can be no possession of charity, and no “living in God’s grace” for one living in objective mortal sin. As the Council of Trent teaches, with one mortal sin charity and justification are lost. Nor can such a person “grow in the life of grace and charity.” As Trent also makes clear, sanctifying grace and charity may indeed grow and increase, but only where justification and charity are already present.
Sister Lucia’s statement quoted above, that the final battle between Christ and Satan will be “about marriage and the family”, might at first sight seem quite surprising. We might protest that there are deeper theological issues and doctrines which would surely have to hold a higher priority for Satan’s malice and plan of attack – such things as the divinity of Christ, or the truths concerning the Incarnation. We might further claim that even greater damage has done by such things as false ecumenism, religious indifferentism, the banalities of the New Mass, or the prostitution of the priesthood and the religious life to the world. I think, however, that we need to look deeper in order to perceive the depth of the threatened devastation which is now upon us.

Read the whole article here.

Charles, Zita and at far right the Emperor Joseph, responsible for the vetoing of Cardinal Rampolla at the conclave which gave us St Pius X

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Your Next President?

I'm afraid it is a definite possibility.

Says Patrick Buchanan:

".Either Trump or Clinton is going to be the next president. To the degree they succeed in wounding or killing Trump’s candidacy, they advance Clinton’s chances of succeeding Obama.   "

Look at the bright side.  Maybe the government will finally implode after her election.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

An Award for all the Bishops who are remaining dutifully silent in the face of the destruction of Catholicism

[white feather has been a traditional symbol of cowardice, used and recognised especially within the British Army and in countries of the British Empire since the 18th century, especially by patriotic groups in order to shame men who were not soldiers.]

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bernard Herrmann: Andante Cantabile

Composer Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975) at his most introspective, the Andante Cantabile from his 1947 film score for "The Ghost and Mrs Muir".


From the days when film, and film scoring, was an art.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Interesting perspectives on the meeting between Francis and Kirill

Those who, like this writer, tend to look at Francis with a jaundiced eye might do well to remember that like the Vatican recognition of the State of Palestine this initiative to meet with Kirill did not originate with the current pontiff.  A meeting between the Pope and the Moscow Patriarchate has been in the works for many decades.

Here are a few noteworthy perspectives on the meeting, from both the Orthodox and Catholic positions.

From this writer's perspective this meeting, whether or not it was "historic" in the exact meaning of that word, can be viewed in a strongly positive sense, as long as an historical perspective is kept.  Some writers have tried, in imitation of the US government, to present this meeting as a political game being played by Moscow, and many, whipped up by the current anti-Russian mania, have adopted this position.  Calling it political is not tenable.  Whether or not one thinks it a good idea for these two to meet it is almost comical to define it as political in nature, especially given what has been happening in the world of late.

I must add that I am a bit at a loss to explain Archbishop Shevchuk's extreme disappointment with the document that was signed.  Given the history of this tragic schism it is not clear to me what could have been gained, right now, by the Pope speaking in specifics about the religious tensions in Kiev currently.  This is an extremely delicate matter and the situation is not helped either by Orthodox railing against "the Vatican" for supporting "the Nazis" in Kiev, nor is it helped by Catholics claiming, ridiculously, that Moscow has invaded Ukraine.  Even Sandro Magister, who should know much better, has fallen for this particularly dangerous piece of US propaganda.  This writer emailed him recently after he had stated the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a fact.  I had asked him, I believe with kindliness and all seriousness, if he could point me to some authoritative sources supporting the claim that Russia had actually invaded Ukraine, with tanks and armies in tow.  His response to me was that since Crimea was "annexed" by Russia recently, that should be evidence enough of Russia's intentions.  A non-answer if ever I heard one, especially since he failed to add that the people of Crimea voted, in an internationally-monitored election, to rejoin Russia, which it had historically been a part of for over two centuries.

But Shevchuk's intervention has allowed some to suggest that Ukrainian Greek Catholics have been officially abandoned by Rome. Firstly, Rome has been doing quite a bit of abandoning of late, mostly the abandoning of faithful Catholics who want to hear eternal truths once again from the mouth of a Pope.  Abandonment of Catholics to the wolves is old news in a Vatican infested with Modernism.  However, in this case we don't see this as an abandonment of Ukrainian Catholics, at least not yet.  Some blogs, which go off half-cocked at times, have pronounced this as an abandonment but we could not disagree more. As much as we might have wished it this meeting was not the time for a Pope to stand up to Kirill and rail against him over the situation in Ukraine, or tell him he is going to hell if he doesn't become Catholic (though I doubt Francis even thinks anyone will go to hell).  A more delicate approach is needed at this stage, and considering the world seriously begins to look like it is on the brink of a new world war it might be better for Catholics and Orthodox to work together to avert such disasters.  The Blessed Virgin, I am sure, has her eye on this situation.

It is well known that Russian Orthodox leaders have a clearer view of the menace of sodomy than Francis has.  On this topic Francis sees no evil, speaks no evil and hears no evil.  But the Russian Orthodox are far clearer and far more fearless in their denunciations of this contagion.  If nothing else comes of this meeting perhaps in the two hour private discussion the two had, Kirill might have educated our confused Pope on the danger of the Advance of the Sodomites.  It is not far-fetched, in my view, to think that this may have come up in their discussions.

Numerous Orthodox blogs are astute enough to see that Pope Francis is a disaster, a liberal who cavalierly trashes simple expressions of piety and two thousand years of deeply held Christian belief.  I am glad they recognize this problem.  That is in this writer's opinion a good sign.

I am not so naive that I think that some of the well-known and loudly expressed hatred of Catholicism by many of the Orthodox will end any time soon.  A hatred that old will not be eliminated by a meeting between a Patriarch and a dicey Pope.  But as they say, every journey has to have a beginning, even if the leader of the Catholic journey keeps trying to go in the wrong direction.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lifestyles of the Rich and Disgusting

George Clooney look-a-like Jeffrey Epstein

Every once in awhile it is possible to stumble upon a story illustrating the everyday lives of the billionaires, the Plutocracy which, financially and politically, rules over us.  Though we are not a scandal sheet here (at least I hope not) we find it helpful to understand what motivates the power brokers who rub our faces in unnatural vice, start wars, reduce us to penury and bring chaos to our land and others.

One billionaire who has the usual Washington/New York/Hollywood connections - the same triumvirate that makes dramatic movies about Catholic pedophiles - is Mr Jeffrey Epstein.  We were alerted to this story by Mr Gilad Atzmon:

Normally we wouldn't sully our minds with the details of characters like Mr Epstein but the movers and shakers behind movies, presidential candidates, government, mass media, the judiciary and what's left of our culture need to be well known, and their actions well known.  That unsavory people like him are connected with the husband of the person who may be the next US president is a piece of information that fascinates us. So we must sometimes wade through the muck to learn about people like Jeffrey Epstein. That way we can get a better understanding of what is happening to us as a people and a nation.

Mr Epstein's Wiki entry is fascinating.  It describes a rich man, a philanthropist and.....something else.  We went to his personal vanity website but it has recently become defunct, so any news about his activities will have to be gleaned from the internet..

He is extremely well connected - to US politicians, British royalty and the major power brokers of the world.  This says much.  This kind of corruption is not exclusive to oligarchs as we know, but being educated about men like Epstein gives us an acute awareness of the situation we find ourselves in. Which is not pretty.

Some may ask why we should care about Mr Epstein.  Swine like him are a dime a dozen. This writer, at least, is curious to know what motivates a member of the Ruling Class.  It helps to know your sworn enemy.