Wednesday, October 7, 2015

George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg, Destroyers of Europe

There comes a point in time when the gloves have to finally come off and things that need to be said, need to be said.  This post's title, admittedly a tad sensational nevertheless gets to the truth of the matter quickly and accurately.  These two gentleman (among many others) want to eradicate the remnants of Christianity in Europe.  And since nothing has changed since the days of Pontius Pilate these two tribesmen will get someone else to do their dirty work for them.

In the time honored classic manner of never letting a crisis go to waste these two notable fellows are using the created Middle East catastrophe - created by their co-religionists - to shoot another arrow into the heart of Europe.  Among the people fleeing to Europe due to the destruction of their countries are other people, financed and nurtured by swine like Mr Soros, who are coming on another errand, one that warms the cockles of Mr Soros' big heart.  These are Muslim fanatics.  And it doesn't take wacky, tacky harridans like Pamela Geller (another co-religionist) to make us see the dangers here.

But the point to remember here is that these imported fanatics are the same fanatics that Muslim countries like Syria and Iran are also fighting to the death, a point which needs stressing if we are to understand what is really going on over there.  These kinds of inconvenient facts are usually ignored by the Gellers of this world who really could care less about the real victims in all this, the Christians and innocent Muslims.  That is why our Israeli-occupied government and its news media rarely mention them.

The following article gives us a clue as to what may be Europe's fate if the Zuckerbergs and Soros' have their way:

From the article, a telling sentence: "This time, social engineering a la Soros and the company goes much further. There are no longer any local states where governments are overthrown and puppets are installed as in Ukraine. Now it comes to the whole Europe, in which the future social changes are installed by using the incoming waves of refugees."

First appeared:

Today, of course, is the anniversary of Lepanto, and the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary.  It is the Rosary that will defeat the Muslim fanatic stooges, and their behind-the-scenes directors.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bits and Pieces

California governor Jerry Brown has just signed a "legal suicide" bill in California.  Governor Brown: please now show us how it's done.

Devout Catholics Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, standard-bearers of murder and sodomy, are mouthing off again about their noted devoutness.  Well, they must be devoted Catholics because Cardinal Dolan keeps handing them Holy Communion.

Presidential wannabe Marco Rubio thinks it would be a grand idea to go to war with Russia because Russia is too successful in stopping US assets like ISIS in Syria.  The recruiting office is just down the street, Marco.

The Boy Scouts are seeing a dwindling of the number of young boys eager to go on camping trips with child-molesting homosexual scout masters.  The Scout leadership is unable to explain this phenomenon.

The head of NATO is outraged at Russia for moving its country so close to its NATO bases.

News arrives that Martin Scorcese of all people, purveyor of the unmemorable, is making a video movie from Endo's harrowing novel, Silence.  Those who think that Kim Kardashian would be able to suitably perform brain surgery will no doubt believe that Mr Scorcese is a suitable director for that subject.

The banking industry is in a snit due to the fact that the taxpayer bailouts of their bad debts is not large enough.  Nor are their multi-million dollar bonuses.  Can anyone start a crowd-funding drive to help these poor souls?

You know Catholic blogdom might be in trouble when you see articles entitled, Catholic Fantasy Football Draft

The black-on-black, and black-on-white, murder rate is at an all time high in many US cities. According to the intelligentsia(sic) this is the result of crazed policemen and the legacy of slavery. The issue about government-encouraged bastardy, and boys growing up without fathers in the home, hasn't been noticed.

The Synod on the Family, Part Two, arrives in Rome this week.  Prelates and pundits are falling over themselves telling the world what the Synod needs to make a difference in today's world.   What it needs most is an exorcism.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Don't you love it?

Don't you just love it when you read headlines like "I'm gay and I'm against gay marriage", like one I read recently?  Do the folks who report on such stories ever think to ask themselves a question: Why are we reporting this?  Have we really thought this through?

Think about what has just been implied by that headline.

What has been implied is that, here is a sensible man, supposedly "born that way", who is against the evil that has just been thrust upon us by five black-robed sociopaths.  We are being asked to, one supposes, admire the person who made that statement.  This is what happens when we acquiesce to one little point made by these unfortunates.  They have convinced us that there is truth to the absurdity that one is "born that way".

How easily we enter dangerous waters.

What that man should have said, if he were completely honest, would have been this: "I am committing acts of unnatural vice which I have no intention of giving up, but I'm still not comfortable about allowing two queers to get 'married'."

When we start adopting their language and phrases we have lost.  When we use phrases like "sexual orientation" or words like "gay" to describe this atrocious behavior we have lost the argument.  We have conceded ground.  We have accepted defeat.

We have been manipulated.

So if you are weary of conceding battles to sodomites, in the next few weeks when you hear prelates and pundits use these words and phrases, why not call them out?  They are liars or cowards or indifferent.  When Cardinal  Kasper and crew tell us sex perverts are "born that way" go to the comboxes - but be prepared to defend your position not only against the usual miscreants, but your Catholic brothers as well, all too many of whom have bought into this mind-altering language. In the next two weeks we will be drowning in this malignancy.

Let's face it: there is nothing gay about sex perversion.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

St Gregory the Great, ora pro nobis

Papal majesty, when it still had majesty and was at its full dignity, as depicted by composer Ottorino Respighi.

From his Church Windows, the movement entitled "St Gregory the Great":


How we need a Gregory the Great now.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Syria: what now?

I was going to begin this piece by warning readers to prepare for a full 24/7 propaganda campaign to be unleashed soon in order to confuse people about the current situation in Syria.  Before even finishing the draft on that first sentence the campaign had already begun, even, amazingly, before a single Russian plane was in the air.

As simply as I can state it, here is what is going on in Syria.  For over two decades Washington and Tel Aviv have had a hit list of countries Tel Aviv wants destroyed.  The list included Iraq, Libya, Iran and Syria.  After Iraq and Libya were destroyed there remained only two major countries that stood in the way of the "Alliance".  Fighting in Syria began in earnest in 2007-2008 by using a US-created battering ram, aka ISIS, to do the preliminary work of destruction, murder and mayhem before US forces could move in and finish the job of destroying the country and ousting Israel's enemy, Bashir Assad.  In 2013 the time was considered right to step in.  A propaganda campaign (later proven false, of course) accusing Assad of using chemical weapons on his own people went into full swing.  Everything was ready to go, the US planes were about to depart.

Then something happened.  A Pope called for a day of fasting and prayer to stop the destruction of Syria, and a world leader stepped in to call America's bluff by convincing Assad to destroy his chemical weapons cache.  Suddenly, the war plans ceased.  I leave it to readers to determine who and what stopped several belligerent countries from demolishing innocent Syria.

Furious, the US decided on revenge to get back at the nation that they believe stopped their war on Syria,  A few months later, in February of 2014, a coup was staged in Kiev on the border of Russia and a pro-US puppet and oligarch was installed.  This CIA coup has wrecked the relations of many countries in the area, and engendered hatreds and suspicions on all sides.  Mission accomplished.

But Syria, then Iran, were still on the hit list.  ISIS, flush with money, American weapons and sophisticated training, went berserk.  Beheadings began, some real, some staged.  Low information citizens were buying into this, allowing their patriotism to rule over their common sense.  So the war drums beat again against Syria, thanks to the utter confusion created by a worldwide media which, I never tire of reminding people, is owned by essentially six or seven people, working hand-in-glove with the government.

ISIS horrors were becoming so blatant that people were demanding that it be crushed.  So, with the situation now ripe, America and Israel began bombing in Syria, without informing Syria, indeed ignoring the Syrian citizens with contempt by just showing up with their bombs.  (To get some idea of how the Syrians reacted to such arrogance imagine Chinese jets flying over Texas to bomb the locals, without being asked.) Why did they move on Syria now?  Because it was becoming clear that the Syrian army was making tremendous strides in crushing ISIS.  So the American and Israeli planes started to bomb....but not ISIS; they bombed Syrian army installations, civilian infrastructure and civilians.  After nearly 2,000 claimed sorties over Syria by the US, ISIS was growing stronger and Syria was being essentially demolished.  The ISIS supply lines were left intact, interestingly.

It was becoming clear that despite the successes the Syrian army was having in crushing ISIS, it was still not enough.  So the Syrians called upon and invited their long-time ally Russia for help. Before Russia would respond however, it had to get authorization from its parliament. Additionally, Russia invited the USA to work with them and the Syrian Army to crush the terrorists.  Washington flatly refused.  At the UN on Monday Vlad Putin once again called on other nations to help crush the villains but under pressure from the US, many sat timid and quiet.  So Russia, at the request of Syria, decided to act.  Yesterday, their planes began going after the ISIS monsters in earnest.

Washington was aghast.

Last night I was beginning to put these thoughts together in preparation for a post when I realized the full propaganda campaign was already in full swing.  The swiftness was breathtaking.  "Russia is targeting civilians", "Russia's efforts are doomed", "Russia is making it worse", etc. How the world media can turn on a dime instantly like that, and almost at the same moment, is further indication of the collusion between those six or seven media giants and the Empire.  The tragedy is that many good people are going to buy into this, using their emotions instead of their heads and allowing their patriotism to trump their critical thinking.

The mendacity of the government/media complex is a sight to behold,  There are, however, saner heads out there who can help:


Those two brief articles are very useful and can help counteract the Obamunists as they misinform, misdirect and throw fog in the faces of our fellow countrymen.

Writer Patrick Foy makes an interesting point:

"As for ISIS, the Sunni crazies, funded by our other "allies", the Gulf states, all you really need to know about how serious the U.S. was in destroying ISIS can be found in a casual remark by Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter at the end of an article in the NY Times last Thursday, September 24th. White House Says President Obama and Vladimir Putin Will Meet Next Week. Here's the paragraph at the end of the article:

At a news conference with the Ukrainian defense minister at the Pentagon, Mr. Carter expressed worry that Russia may use its military buildup to indiscriminately attack Syrian rebels who oppose Mr. Assad, a move he compared to “pouring gasoline” on the war there.

In other words, attacking ISIS is not a good idea, according to the U.S. Secretary of Defense. We all know that Washington is the world's expert on "pouring gasoline" into explosive areas of the world. And by the way, how do you indiscriminately attack an organized army of terrorists? Sounds difficult. Talk about obfuscation! My point is, Obama is irrelevant, except in his capacity as a front man." 

There is grave danger ahead, though.  Since the US refused to join with Russia, Iraq, Iran and others to stamp out the ISIS pestilence, Russia asked them to get their planes out of the skies over Syria (where they were never invited to be anyway) and let the serious people get the job done.  America refused.  They then offered to coordinate information between Syrian Army intelligence, Russia and allies, and the US.  The US, at the time of this writing, also refused that. So there is potential for something really bad to happen here.  Israel swaggered in warning everyone that if any bombs enter their space they will retaliate.  Amazingly, as if on cue, a mysterious explosive appeared just inside the Israeli "border", and then Israel flew in and bombed some Syrian Army staging area.  With two irrational, sociopathic people like Mr Netanyahu and Mr Obama at the switch anything can happen. Keep praying.

Muslim Shi-ites and Christians under Mr Assad have been extricating radical Muslin Sunnis like ISIS from their once-peaceful land for nearly a decade.  They have had successes, but at a terrible cost.  Now they have a powerful friend helping them.  Let us see what happens.

The fact that John McCain is becoming unglued over Russians eliminating ISIS is certainly telling, if nothing else:


Pat Buchanan weighs in:


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

He came. He saw. And left us just as we are.

Pope Francis entered a broken, dying country and he left it a broken and dying country.  Francis presented himself before American Catholics almost totally ignorant of the Faith they profess and its practices. He left the Catholics in the same state in which he found them.  The spiritual physician from Rome did not diagnose the problem nor prescribe the remedy.  Indeed the doctor from Rome didn't even recognize that a problem exists.

Perhaps he came for another reason, though I am hard pressed to know what that might have been. There were compensations, however.  The cheering throngs gave him the rock star treatment he seems to crave so much.  The world does not hate him.  On the contrary.

When speaking about US Catholics in general I refer not to those good citizens who work and pray and try to live their lives as Christ wants them to live it. I refer to the rest, the majority (if polls are to be believed), who will go on to do and say and think what they've always done, said and thought, because they were left unchallenged by the man whose mission is to teach all nations.

America needed to hear about its blood lust, the blood lust that murders infants in the womb and innocents abroad who Washington wants "democratized".  We needed to hear about arrogance, injustice, moral relativism, our dying culture.  But the Pope did not address these things.

He could have said, and with complete justice, that any nation that allows groups like Planned Parenthood to do what they are doing does not have long to live.  He could have warned us that we are at the abyss.  He could have said that a Great Comeuppance is coming from somewhere (I know not where); that something terrible is going to happen to a nation like ours (I know not what).

He could have said that the Catholics who greeted him were for the most part Catholics completely out of touch with Catholicism, Catholics who are merely Mass-going Protestants. This could be hard for him because he himself seems out of touch with much of the Faith as it has been understood for twenty centuries. Even so, he might have reminded his flock that there is a Sacrament called Penance, rarely used; that perhaps the flock could address that glaring omission in their lives, and soon.  A good question in this regard might have been asked: why does almost no one go to Confession anymore.  Why do some pastors (like one I met only two days ago) actually physically remove the Confessionals from their churches?  Francis could have asked his flock, "Are you all immaculately conceived now, and have no sin?"  We have been told that he often exhorts the use of this particular sacrament.  If so we heard precious little about it in America where Catholics destroy their own children with the same gay abandon as their non-Catholic neighbors.

We as a people and a nation are drowning in sin...but all we heard from Francis was platitudes. Endless, very boring platitudes.

To be fair, there are reports of some genuinely edifying  moments during his visit.  Apparently he met Mrs Kim Davis and offered her hope.  Good for him that he did that.  I wish he had done more of that kind of thing, and with more publicity.  It was noteworthy all the same.

But we are flogging a very dead horse here; we know that this Pope, like some of his predecessors, prefers to ignore such vital issues.  Why continue to keep mentioning the obvious?

The answer: why do we continue to breathe?  Since the Vatican doesn't want to discuss these issues, somebody has to, even if it has to be insignificant bloggers.

Recently I wrote a little apology to those non-Catholics of good will who were about to get the full "Francis Treatment" when he arrived in America.  That post was not well-liked by some.  But in light of the recent papal visit which has just thankfully ended I reiterate that apology.  The Vicar of Christ, the spiritual physician, left us a bleeding, dying nation, just as he found us.  Even non-Catholics of good will have noticed this.  They wanted to hear truth.  A nation that was begging to be healed by the strong and clear teachings of the Faith was left alone and in ignorance.  Instead of teaching us he patronized us.  He addressed us as citizens of "the land of the free and home of the brave".  It is to laugh.  How brave is it for us to exterminate little ones in the womb and chop up their body parts for sale; how brave is it for us to march into another country and rain down bombs and destruction on the innocent?

We are "free", Francis?  That's extremely funny.  Tell that to the "supreme" court, or the bought-and-paid-for Congress.  Or to the man in the White House with whom you were so jocular.

Some Catholics, straining beyond belief to find some good in what he said and did while here, looked rather ridiculous in their attempts to paint the rosiest picture possible.  It is eye-opening to see this, for it displays how out of touch with reality some can allow themselves to get.  Others, out of respect, preferred to keep a dignified silence.

It would be naive to deny that everyone likes to be liked.  I do.  But I am not certain I would wish the world to be giving me ovations.  Francis, on the other hand, like many recent Popes, wants to make friends with the world.  I trust I do not need to offer Bible quotes to remind you of Our Lord's opinion about being loved by the world.

I admire Edward Pentin.  An excellent, honest journalist who loves the Faith.  I envy him because he can write so dispassionately about what is going on, and is about to go on starting this Sunday, October 4.  In his interviews there is an inner anguish in the good man's eyes which is unmistakable.  Like many he is worried. Admirably he hides what he thinks behind cold, hard facts even if, once in awhile, his anguish can be more clearly read between the lines.  He and others are beginning to see what veterans like the late Hamish Fraser was already seeing in the 1960s up until his death in 1986. The ground had been prepared for someone like Francis by previous Popes who preferred not to admonish or even govern.

I mention Mr Pentin for two reasons: I admire his doggedness in reporting the truth.  I admire too his calm, his ability to keep his head on his shoulders.And the other reason is that he gives me hope.  When honest men who love the Church - but do not classify themselves as "traditionalists" - are willing to see that something is rotten in Denmark, then I believe it possible that the tables are beginning, finally, to turn.

The doctor came, saw the sick, dying patient and just left.  We can hope that one day this physician will heal himself.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Is it so hard, Pope Francis?

We have heard about and read your comments on the "child abuse" crisis:

But despite all the anguish you rightly displayed about these terrible crimes, you never alluded at all to the reality, to the actual details of this abuse.  It is not child abuse, per se.  It is, in fact, the homosexual buggering of adolescent boys which is the major issue here, and always has been.

Is it so hard for Your Holiness to speak the words, "homosexual rape of boys"?

Is it so difficult to state that this grave mortal sin is at the heart of this abuse?  What is so important, that you have to maintain a deafening silence on these acts of sodomy, and call them by name?

The evidence on this is conclusive and beyond doubt.  The vast majority of these cases involve homosexual priests, Bishops and Cardinals molesting young males.  The number of girls molested is infinitesimal by comparison.

Why don't you speak clearly on this?  What or whom are you afraid of?

A sin which cries to Heaven for vengeance means that those who remain silent about it - especially when it is their duty to condemn it - will also feel God's vengeance.

The Mercy Show has come and gone in the USA, Your Holiness.  Despite all the mercy shown, the pearls cast before the swine if you will, I hope you will forgive me for being doubtful that it had any effect at all on those recipients of your mercy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fasting, as the Dreaded Synod approaches

“But this kind is not cast out except by prayer and fasting” (Matt. 17:20)

Well, there we have it.  The words of Our Lord Himself on the value of fasting when it comes to casting out the demons.

We at The Eye-Witness are respectfully requesting that our comrades-in-arms, our good bloggers and websites, join with us in encouraging a special fast day, or days, to fight the machinations of those who will, at the upcoming Synod, attempt to radically change beyond all recognition the Catholic Faith, the one, true Faith out of which no one may be saved.

Our insignificant blog cannot do this alone; therefore we appeal to our colleagues to write about this initiative on their own blogs and websites, so that many in the Catholic world - and non-Catholic world, hopefully - will join us in this effort to do something the Devil despises and hates: fast.

A rather sobering reminder of what we are up against was succinctly stated by the editors of LifeSite News:

Those opposed to Church moral teachings, especially related to contraception, marriage and homosexuality, now appear to have lost all fear of being held accountable for their betrayals and infidelity. If anything, they have become bullies who are prouder and more determined than ever to force dramatic changes to the teachings of two millennia.

They have "lost all fear" of any reprisals.  Indeed.

The Synod will commence on October 4th and end on the 15th.  If there are those who cannot do either a five, or seven or nine day fasting regimen for the intention of thwarting the Masters of Chaos, may we recommend one day at least: Saturday, October 3, the First Saturday of the Month of Our  Lady's Rosary and the feast day of St Therese of Lisieux in the traditional calendar.  On that one day, the day before the Synod begins, perhaps many in the Church could fast, according to the traditional fasting rules of the Church.

There are many fine initiatives already going on: a 54-day rosary novena (which we are honored to be participating in), Masses being said, private prayers, petitions, the Children's Crusade of Prayer (see side bar) and a number of others.  These are all good and necessary, and no one should abandon what they are already doing.  Many blogs have already made brilliant suggestions.  We add this one to the list because we know the efficacy of fasting, how it stops even The Evil One in his tracks.  And we hope that it may be an addition to other prayerful efforts now being made.

Prayer and Fasting casts out the devils, so Our Lord reminds us.  It is our hope that many will join us in using this tool, as well as others, to stop them from what many of them are trying to do.