Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Unhelpful Pope

With a new US Administration coming into office the Pope has decided to comment, warning people against "populism", the kind of populism that brought Hitler to power.  But he's not passing any judgments he says.  So he obliquely compares Trump to Hitler but quickly adds that he is not making any judgements.  I see.  Our wily little Jesuit with an unseemly taste for power is showering us once again with his wisdom.

Pope Bergoglio has said some stupid things in the past three years but this might just take the cake. Look at it this way: a Pope with more than a little in common with Lenin is telling us to be wary of any new Hitlers on the horizon.  Aside from the sheer recklessness of these idiotic remarks is the nostril-filling stink of hypocrisy, coming from a man who is, let us be honest, a power mad autocrat.

Thomas Di Lorenzo comments:

Drudge reports that the pope was interviewed by a Spanish newspaper on inauguration day and said essentially the exact same thing, reminding the interviewer that Hitler was elected, and then “ruined his people,” making a direct comparison to President Trump.  The Castro-loving statist used this as a platform to denounce American and European “populism” and democracy.  He then very gratuitously and sanctimoniously conceded that it would be appropriate to wait and “see what he [President Trump] does” before concluding that he is, in fact, the reincarnation of Hitler.


This is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.  Here is a Pope who is riding roughshod over twenty centuries of tradition, indeed the very words of Christ, in his lunatic desire to form a Church to his liking and he has the utter gall to criticize someone else of being a dictator.  Clearly a man with no sense of irony.  Note to Francis: your iron fist is showing.

Whatever one thinks of Mr Trump this unwelcome bit of childish grandstanding by the Pope is not only embarrassing to himself but is making the Catholic Church more of a laughingstock than it already is.  The days of seriousness and dignity, last seen in the pontificate of Pius XII, have long been buried by the disasters that have been every papacy since.  And now that serious and dignity has been well and truly buried it is up to the pudgy gravedigger from Argentina to put the headstone on the grave.

Frankly, I've had my fill of this bad situation comedy coming from Rome.  And its ratings have been dropping of late anyway.  One hopes that God will cancel this series before the Universal Church is totally demolished.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Eric Margolis comments on the Inauguration.

I normally avoid patriotic events. They invariably remind me of the flag-waving idiocy that led to World War I.
In fact, I was even kicked out of the Boy Scouts in New York City after loudly commenting that their uber-patriotic display of flags, drums, crashing music and paramilitary uniforms looked like the old Hitler Youth.
But watching the inauguration of President Donald Trump (that’s the first time I write these words) I must admit the ceremony moved me way beyond my normally cynical self.
Mind you, I’ve been observing presidential investitures since my father flew us down from New York City to observe President Dwight Eisenhower’s inauguration in 1953. I vividly recall being awed by the giant atomic cannon being towed down Pennsylvania Avenue. I remember reading a fine biography of Genghis Khan on our Eastern Airlines flights.
What I found most impressive this time was the reaffirmation of America’s dedication to the peaceful transfer of political power. This was the 45th time this miracle has happened. Saying this is perhaps banal, but the handover of power never fails to make me proud to be an American and thankful we had such brilliant founding fathers.
This peaceful transfer sets the United States apart from many of the world’s nations, even Britain and Canada, where leaders under the parliamentary system are chosen in a process resembling a knife fight in a dark room. The US has somehow managed to retain its three branches of government in spite of the best efforts of self-serving politicians to wreck it.
Each new president inherits a sea of problems from his predecessor. Donald Trump’s biggest legacy headaches and priority will be in the Mideast, a disaster area on its own but made far, far worse by the bungling of the Obama administration and its dimwitted attempts to put the US and Russia on a collision course.
Thanks to George W. Bush – who dared show his face at the inauguration – and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Obama, Trump inherits America’s longest war, Afghanistan, with our shameful support of mass drug dealing, endemic corruption, and war crimes. Add the crazy mess in Iraq and now Syria.

Read the whole article.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Swamp Water

That Great Swamp Drainer, Donald Trump, seems to be refilling the swamp with great vigor.  I guess all that campaign bluster about cleaning the Washington sewer was just so much, well, sewage.

Look who's back again: the point man for the Rockefeller interests, Henry Kissinger, now a foreign policy guru in the Trump Administration, as he was in other disastrous administrations like Nixon's, Ford's, Clinton's, etc.

Henry Kissinger, right

And Goldman Sachs is once again very well represented by a slew of their "former" employees in important governmental positions, as they have been since Lyndon Johnson's day and every Administration since.  The globalists will have nothing to worry about with this crew in place.

The queers are well represented once again, too, starting with that great protector of pedophiles, Rex Tillerson, a man who not only used his power and influence to push sodomy on the hapless Boy Scouts and within his own company, Exxon, but is in fact a bonus in the new Administration because he is a member of the great Oil Interests and multinationals whose only loyalty is to their bank accounts.  And then there is of course the revolting Peter Thiel.

Trump and Peter Thiel holding hands.  Isn't that just precious?
So no small businesses who refuse to condone this unnatural vice will be left unmolested under a Trump presidency.

Mr Trump, the great denouncer of unnecessary wars in the Middle East, has positioned himself fully on the side of the nation that is the greatest promoter of Middle East turmoil, so we can be sure that Syria is not going to see peace any time soon nor will Iran - another country that does not bother its Christian population and in fact helps its Christians - be taken off the bombing list.  So, yes, there will be more wars and more dead bodies.

Christians grasping at any straw they can are giddy that Mr Trump will support good Supreme Court judges, as he said in the campaign.  Since we have just illustrated above that his campaign promises really don't amount to much it would seem a good idea not to get too excited about the possibility of a genuinely good court nominee.  And even if Trump presents such a nominee to the Senate, a group like their colleagues in the House a wholly-owned subsidiary of a foreign power, will have to approve him.  Have we all forgotten so soon the Robert Bork debacle?

Look how Trump's appointments had to bow and scrape before Big Buggery at their confirmation hearings.  And he will get sensible men into the judiciary?

Many who fear a new world war were ever ready to forget about The Donald's weak positions on everything else, hopeful in the knowledge that he really wanted to avoid war by seeking normal relations with Russia.  Lo and behold, even that seems a bit doubtful now.  The new president has reportedly agreed with the ludicrous hysteria concerning Russia and the election.  So we can chalk up another win for the Oligarchy.

Yes, Trump is hated by what some call "the Deep State", the state-within-the-state that really runs the show: the fabled military-industrial complex, the rogue intelligence services and their assassins, etc. They still are not sure what he is going to do.  The corporate media despises him as well.  These hatreds are about the only positives we can see in the new Administration.  But we remain skeptical that any of these hatreds will remain permanent if his appointments are anything to judge by.

Many voted for this man out of fear and loathing, well justified, of his opponent.  Due to that fear too many are cutting the new leader too much slack.  Wishful thinking has replaced prudence.  There is nothing wrong with the virtue of hope but that virtue must be tempered by realism.

To sum up, the homosexual juggernaut will continue, there will be no fewer murders of unborn children, the Money Power will still be well-entrenched and the American Empire will continue its inevitable trajectory toward chaos.  There may be small, insignificant victories for sanity along the way, but this Titanic on the Atlantic will not escape the iceberg.  It is far too late to turn the ship around.  America personifies Diabolical Disorientation.

Pessimism?  Yes.  But it is based on what is before one's own eyes.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Here is one European who has had enough

As a followup to the previous article which attempts to encourage Europe to throw off its chains we present this interview with the late Udo Ulfkotte, the German journalist who did just that.  He said "enough is enough" and began to tell those with ears to hear how the news media is now merely a functionary of the State.  It is an eye-opener.

Alas he died of a heart attack a few days ago (he had a history of heart trouble, though some detect something unsavory about his convenient exit from life) but before leaving us he has left us a book, Gekaufte Journalisten ("Journalists for Hire", the English translation of which will be released this coming May in a less expensive edition), about his role as a propaganda exporter.

Ulfkotte tried to awaken Europe.

Here is the video interview:

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Europe: How many more punishments do you need before you wake up?

An Open Letter to Europe:

World War I decimates great swathes of Europe, brings down the last Catholic monarchies and opens the door to further horrors.

World War II:  the horrors increase, tenfold.

Now: the new barbarian invasion of Europe.  And America is frothing at the mouth to use Europe as the flashpoint for the new war they crave.  Just what is it going to take to wake you dear people up?

Those three (soon to be four?) tragedies were punishments from God because Europe, which created Western civilization, abandoned most of its principles.  Please read that again.

There are many reasons for these punishments but let us mention just a few.  You have became lukewarm in your practice of the Catholic Faith which created Europe.  When one generation goes lukewarm on this subsequent generations grow weaker and weaker so that now a majority of Europeans no longer take seriously the religion that gave them their lives and their nations. True, the Church has let you down terribly.  There is no question of that.  A series of weak, mediocre and vacillating pontiffs and the contagion of Modernism have made sure that the Church is only a shadow of its former robust self.  Nevertheless, too many of you dear people allowed that to open by a strange mixture of cynicism and papolatry.  The voices of great Catholics warning of imminent danger were ignored, mocked and forgotten.  Now look at what has happened to the Church.  Now look at what has happened to Europe.

You have rejected children.  Where are the normal sized Catholic families of at least 6-7 children? Here is a logic question for you:  what do you imagine happens when young Catholic s stop having large families and, conversely, other cultures have large families?  Must I answer that for you?  Yes? Well, here is what happens: in time there will be no little ones to grow, have families, and rebuild Catholic culture, and your antagonists will have large families who will replace your Catholic culture with something else.  [The same thing happens in America, although with a horrible twist:  white people no longer have children and blacks produce oceans of fatherless bastards - black illegitimacy is well over 80% - which creates untold turmoil.  At least the Muslims stay married and value children.]

You don't want to have children that put a crimp in your lifestyle?  Fine.  Then don't complain when Paris is overrun by lawless migrants or the little neighborhood you grew up in in the US is now a criminal hellhole unsafe to be anywhere near.  So who brought this misery upon you?  You did.  Sure, it is fine to blame vile filth like George Soros and son, Sheldon Adelson and all the craven politicians they own.  Yes, they facilitate this with money and unjust laws.  But you let them do it.  You voted in the Merkels, the Hollandes and the Camerons.

You absorbed into your beautiful Europe the worst stench of all time: American "culture".  Look at your once great films, composers, artists.  Where are they?  Instead you now jive to rap "music", deranged "rock", inane American films, etc.  You soak up this sewage and it infects your whole being. You allow the world's greatest purveyor of inedible rubbish, McDonald's, to sprout up everywhere, even the Vatican.  Yes, I realize that most Europeans who still have some of their culture left avoid these places like the plague, but how about your children and grandchildren, growing up on a diet of lousy hamburgers?

And now, an insanity to top all other insanities, you allow yourselves via your politicians, to allow your countries to be US military installations, complete with nuclear bombs all out of an irrational fear of a country that no longer means you any harm and simply wants to be friendly.  You do this because of your slavish and inexplicable admiration for the American Empire.  Do you not yet realize that America wants a new world war?  Poland, dear stupid Poland, is especially clueless in this regard.  Four thousand US troops have arrived there.  Do you not see, dear Poland, that you are pawns?  Have you Europeans realized that if a missile is fired at Russia from a US base in your country that the retaliation might possibly reduce you to ashes?  Was World War I and II not enough for you?

Europeans once got on their knees before God and Holy Mary to pray.  Now you get on your knees before America.

Lest you think I am critical solely of Europeans please know, as illustrated in some of my asides above, that I am well aware of the total corruption of the USA.  But it is not the USA that is going to stop the madness simply because the USA is one of authors of this madness.  America has no culture; it is a mere 200 years old.  It is Europe that has a culture, once a Catholic culture, and if it returns to its roots it, not the US, may save civilization.

It is no longer possible to sit by passively and allow vermin like Cardinals Marx, Schonborn, Kasper, Nichols et al to trash the faith of Europe.  Zero tolerance for these clerical criminals must be the order of the day.  Speak out against them.  They are trying to kill you, spiritually and bodily. You would sit by silently and allow them to do that?

And for the love of God stop showing up at their stupid New Masses.  If you must attend this puerile nonsense at least try to find one with some reverence.  Better, find the traditional, ancient Mass. They are peppered all over Europe.  Get your soul, heart and mind back into shape first before doing battle with your spiritual and cultural enemies.  Then do battle.

For your mental help, stop absorbing propaganda from the media.  The thrust of this little blog is just that, a fight against propaganda of all kinds.  Does it give you pleasure being lied to every day?  If not stop listening to them.  There are, after all, alternative sources.  Yet good as many of them are even some of them are not immune to passing along propaganda.  Think for yourselves. There are always two sides to a story.

Europe can be saved.  Not with its present politicians.  Not with the current regime in the Vatican. It has to start with prayer and you, and lots and lots of Christ's little ones being brought into the world. Either sacrifice that summer home, that grand holiday vacation every year, that second car now by having more and bigger Catholic families, or you will find yourself soon facing real sacrifices, such as food, shelter and safety.

Either Europe will be annihilated, most likely due to the war criminals in the USA or Europe will stand up, reclaim its Faith and reject this diabolical recipe for death.  Chaos is just around the corner. Sometimes, the first step in ending chaos, is looking into the eyes of a newborn.

Dear Europeans, start there, at least.  And start now.

American Gratitude

In the movie Hidden Figures Americans are being brainwashed with the Fake History that we couldn’t have made it to the moon without sassy black women doing the math. Paul Kersey has already pointed out that the flight path trajectory was actually developed by a white Southerner, Dr. Jack Crenshaw. But there’s an even more Politically Incorrect truth: we couldn’t have done it without Germans—specifically, Nazi rocket scientists. For that matter, we probably couldn’t have launched the Star Wars anti-missile program and won the Cold War. I know. I was there. And the shameful treatment America meted out to one of those scientists, Arthur Rudolph, troubles me to this day.
As older readers may recall, at the end of the war—that would be WW II for us octogenarians—our government took the role of the coyote and smuggled a few illegal aliens into the country. In “Operation Paperclip” we snatched Wernher von Braun and his team from under the nose of the advancing Soviets and transported them in darkest secrecy to the desert of White Sands Proving Grounds, near El Paso. There they resumed work where they had left off in Germany. (Attn. Editor Peter Brimelow: Is it possible that not all illegal immigration is bad?)
14 April 55 In an unprecedented ceremony held at Huntsville High School, 103 German-born scientists, technicians, and members of their families became American citizens. Among those taking the oath of citizenship was Dr. Wernher von Braun. Von Braun’s team continued their rocket experiments by re-assembling and firing Hitler’s leftover V-2 rockets that we had confiscated when we invaded Germany. Eventually—now get this—on an appointed day these foreigners were smuggled from Texas into Mexico, from whence they merrily sashayed across the Rio Grande bridge and legally immigrated into the U.S.A.! Eventually, they became American citizens.(Right, a 1955 citizenship ceremony in Huntsville High School, in which 103 German nationals swore the Oath of Allegiance.)
In 1955, the team was moved to Huntsville, AL, and to its sprawling Redstone Arsenal. When President Kennedy announced the goal of sending a man to the moon, the team transferred to the newly-formed NASA, where they became famous in the eyes of the world during the glorious days of the dawning Space Age. Von Braun was chosen to head the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center. Then came Explorer, Gemini, Apollo, and on to the moon!
I had two personal connections to these men. The first relates to a dark spot amidst the brilliance of the Space Race.
One of von Braun’s top lieutenants, Arthur Rudolph (right) developed the Saturn V, the world’s greatest booster rocket and the one used in the Apollo mission. However, once America no longer needed Rudolph, the Office of Special Investigations accused him of war crimes.

Read the whole article.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nearly a thousand children rotting in a dark jail.....

....for the crime of throwing stones.

I came across this comment at a news website which puts the whole question of what is happening in that part of the world in the simplest of terms:

I wonder if you took a poll in the United States…an honest poll….and asked every American whether they thought it would constitute a “crime” for a twelve year old kid to pick up a stone and throw it at the bulldozer of an occupying army, coming onto his family's property to bulldoze his family's home that had been in his family for 12 generations, I wonder what they would say ?

In other home demolishing news:

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hungary gets serious about George Soros

Years ago when the Crown of St Stephen, kept in safekeeping when the Communists took over that nation, was returned to Hungary many including this writer saw that as a terrible act of betrayal.

But given what has been happening in Hungary in recent decades I'm not so sure anymore.  Perhaps it was a providential action.  Now I thank God the Crown was returned.  Hungary is about to take serious steps to rid its land of the contagion of George Soros.

Hungary plans to crack down on non-governmental organizations linked to billionaire George Soros now that Donald Trump will occupy the White House, according to the deputy head of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party.
The European Union member will use “all the tools at its disposal” to “sweep out” NGOs funded by the Hungarian-born financier, which “serve global capitalists and back political correctness over national governments,” Szilard Nemeth, a vice president of the ruling Fidesz party, told reporters on Tuesday. No one answered the phone at the Open Society Institute in Budapest when Bloomberg News called outside business hours.
“I feel that there is an opportunity for this, internationally,” because of Trump’s election, state news service MTI reported Nemeth as saying. Lawmakers will start debating a bill to let authorities audit NGO executives, according to parliament’s legislative agenda.

Orban, the first European leader to publicly back Trump’s campaign, has ignored criticism from the European Commission and U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration for building a self-described “illiberal state” modeled on authoritarian regimes including Russia, China and Turkey. In 2014, Orban personally ordered the state audit agency to probe foundations financed by Norway and said that civil society groups financed from abroad were covers for “paid political activists.”

Read the whole article

Viktor Orban will have a fight on his hands when he tackles with a swine like Soros.  May Our Lord bless Hungary.

The Crown of St Stephen

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