Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Unfortunately, not a Catholic Churchman:


It is tragic that the visibly dying Catholic Church refuses to come to terms with this immense evil that is boring its way into the body of the Church and causing a rotting from within.  The Patriarch quoted in the article is courageously saying what the Pope of Rome will not say, and he is saying it in clear, unmistakable terms. 

This man is trying to save his people.  He is speaking the necessary truth and one can hope that his words will prevent any more coddling of the perverse generation and slow down their juggernaut.

Kirill is worried about the onslaught of deviancy.  But Pope Francis, on the other hand, doesn't seem terribly concerned about it.  If he is he is certainly not saying much about it, or in loud, clear and unmistakable words when he deigns to allude to it at all.

A horrendous scandal of homosexual perversion still hangs over the Vatican.  The stink of it engulfs practically the entire Catholic world.  But there are no strong words condemning it, no commissions to examine it, no excommunications (although we now hear that Benedict laicized about 400 priests guilty of these crimes - a very small start but at least a start).  The Pope smiles when he meets the protectors of sodomy instead of taking them by the scruff of their necks and throwing them out of Rome.

We will go on writing about the Vatican's refusal to publicly and firmly deal with this catastrophe until something is done about it.

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Joe Potillor said...

Kyrill for Pope? I'm for it.

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