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The Orthodox Convent or Our Lady of Sednaya in Syria
A good question.

Why does America want all Christians eliminated from the lands where Jesus Christ walked and was the birthplace of Christianity?  As the fangs begin to show in the mouths of the American Oligarchy and as the jackboots are being put on in readiness for an oppression of Catholicism at home the answer to that question should be pretty obvious.  But maybe US citizens might begin to ask their Congressmen and Senators that question, or begin writing letters to the editor asking it.

 The Los Angeles Times has taken note:

The question in the headline above was asked by Hussam Azar, a Syrian Christian of note.  He further adds this:

 "The Christians of Sednaya, Syria are only too aware of what happened to the ancient Christian community of neighboring Iraq, where, after the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003, Islamic militants unleashed a reign of terror against Christians, bombing churches, burning shops and assassinating community leaders. Much of Iraq's Christian population fled, many to Syria..." 

If I were able and had the opportunity I would ask His Holiness Pope Francis if he might stop over in Syria and visit his children being killed, driven out and tortured by fanatics in the pay of the United States government and the leaders of the Israeli government.  I would respectfully ask him to put diplomacy aside just this once and go to that land to give aid and comfort to a besieged people clinging to their Faith in Christ and to their homes and their lives.  It might do more good than visiting wailing walls and publicly lamenting crimes that were ended seventy years ago.  This Pope seems to have some cognizance of what is happening around the world.  He knows that not only Catholics are suffering but the Orthodox as well.

American money wrenched from taxpayers is being used to kill and drive out Christianity from the entire Middle East.  That is reality.  There is no way to disguise this.  The Syrian "rebels" are being used as proxies by the two aforementioned governments to eliminate a relatively benign leader and replace him with one who will do the bidding of Washington and Tel Aviv.  Most US Senators and Congressmen (most of whom accept money from AIPAC) are in favor of eliminating Christianity from these lands and are unafraid of any repercussions for doing so.  The more bloodthirsty types, like John McCain and Lindsay Graham, are calling for all out war right now and can count on the more obtuse members of their Republican Party (such as Wisconsin's hapless Ron Johnson) to go along with them.

Interestingly, Russia seems to want to put a stop to this looming Syrian debacle.  While I do not know all of their motives for resisting the American/Israeli juggernaut I do believe that one of them is a desire to protect Christians.

How odd that the tables have apparently now turned.  Russia used to persecute Christians but is now protecting them.  America (sort of) used to protect Christians and is now persecuting them vigorously at home and abroad.

[H/T: The Hoffman Wire, with thanks.]


Anonymous said...

I repeatedly have eruptions of anger
on this topic. Just for now I am going to say this: I wish, ha, that there was some way of knowing how much money the Vatican gives the State of Israel annually. I can't believe the Vatican doesn't give THEM money. Any Western Diplomatic Entity that doesn't surely pays another price anyway.
They "request" money from every entity that "desires" friendly
friendly relations with THEM!
Israel is not a religious state!

Aged parent said...


About the idea of the Vatican giving money to the state of Israel, it's a question I don't have an answer for. I do know that the Vatican established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1994(which they had wisely avoided doing in the past)and that has proved to be a disaster for the Church.

Anonymous said...

Yes. A disaster for the Church and
added to the disaster of Palestine
all. We can't know about the monies. If the Church gives funds to Israel or Israeli charities then it would follow that the Vatican does like for the other
Palestine. I am just incredulous
at the way "Israel" and organizations who use Israel as an imprimatur ask everyone under the sun for money.
The Sob Symphony plays on for the ethnic cleansing of Jews as it is told. Will anyone with the power to do so help these Christians?
If this Pope goes to the Whining
Wall I'll not be able to think of it with any respect just as I can't respect other servants to the Jews. We should and need serve one Jew. The One who cautioned Jews to heed God's Word.

Eduardo Acosta said...

This is an excelent question but you will not get an answer from the US or the Vatican because they are the slaves of Israel the criminal enterprise that occupies the Holy Land of Palestine, birthplaceo of God the Son our Lord Jesus Christ. Pope Francis / Call me Jorge is an antipope as all post 1958 are. He is not Caftholic but a heretic of the Conciliar one world religion and one world government judeomasonic cabal. He will pray to the demons at the wall of foot of the wall of Fort. Antonia (the jewish temple was oblitirated in 70 anno domine. Wake up satan is running the show only a small remnant will be saved discern the Truth and you will be one of them. Kirie Eleison. Pope Pius V pray for us.

Anonymous said...

Vatican ll falsified the Gospels. The Church had taught the True Gospel for nineteen centuries but
with Vatican ll the Church not only
modernized right out of it's ancient and perpetual Traditions but also no longer proclaimed Jesus Christ as the One and Only God of all people and of All the World and the Only Way of Salvation. This is the Greatest Heresy in the History of The Church that was founded by Jesus Christ The Lord. This Heresy was led by Jewish converts in the Priesthood
who seemingly had not enough faith or desire for the conversions of their Jewish brethren and couldn't
think of any way to save the souls of so many Jews who had not and would not accept the Very Messiah that God
had sent so that they might be Saved. How could The Church have fallen into this Paramount Heresy? These are only a small number in The Church and in attendance of the Council. There was tremendous Jewish pressure from outside The Church.
How has this left the faithful?

aly said...

When will the Jewish people stop wailing at this wall and go to The Alter of The Messiah God Incarnate?
We will pray for them and they finally will never again look to false idols Amen + .

Anonymous said...

I don't think the U.S. or Israel
( you can't speak of one without the other if you want to make sense of anything.) (Oh it still won't make sense but you'll understand what is going on.)( And of course I don't mean you Aged parent. I mean anyone/everyone).
Sorry for the round about. It's not that they don't want them there. It's that they don't care
at all. They don't care About Them at all. They're no bother to Israel or the U.S. as they have no rights or power anyway so no real problem. Israel and the U.S don't care about Christians' lives. So the U'S and Israel carry on the power struggle against those Arabs who won't cooperate in all manner of lop-sided bargains. And these wars the U.S. has waged in the Arab World have all been war against Iran who Israel and the U.S. see as a possible challenge to Israel's continued and increasing crimes carried on with impunity. If all of the middle east that refuses to accept the dictates of Little Satan and
Big Satan is made fragmented unstable and without any power to defend themselves then Israel can
continue their land theft becoming
what has been the aim from the start, a Greater Israel. The Monroe Doctrine of U.S./Israel. Hemispheric Hegemony. Russia does care about Christians and Russia cares about Russia and it's allies and wants this fragmentation stopped as it sees the U.S. becoming ever more the One Behemoth Leviathan One World Order Super Power who will dictate
more and more to the rest of the world. And this would be a very bad ending.

Anonymous said...

I think it was Mark Twain Who said
"We have the best government that
money can buy". He should said, money, threats and blackmail. I think Mark Twain or maybe Will Rogers. I'll look it up.

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