Tuesday, July 30, 2013


His Eminence Bud Abbott (r) and His Eminence Lou Costello (l) at the recent Conclave
The Catholics of Washington and New York are watched over by, respectively, Cardinals Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, sometimes also known as Cardinals Wuerl and Dolan.  They are a famous team.  Under their careful guidance Holy Communion is given to swine, pimps, sodomites and Buddhists without the benefit of the Sacrament of Penance first or even the nicety of being a Catholic.  That annoyance of receiving absolution prior to receiving the Body and Blood of Christ is reserved only for lowly Catholics in the pew.  The rich, the powerful and the perverted are not troubled by such incidentals.

Cardinal Abbott writes scholarly books about the Eucharist...then refuses to deny It to public sinners, thereby bringing down judgment upon himself and the recipient.  It is more important for him to be seen as tolerant, thinking, reflective and nice...and a good American.  Cardinal Abbott very much likes applause.  On occasion, he will applaud himself:

Cardinal Abbott Wuerl lives in Washington.

Cardinal Costello on the other hand lives in New York City.  He likes to laugh and to joke and to jab his elbow into people's ribs.  He laughs quite a lot.  He is enjoying himself immensely.  He believes he is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  He even sometimes likes to think of himself as Batman:

Cardinal Costello Dolan also likes to think of himself, on rare occasions, as a Cardinal.  But not so often that it might take him away from his favorite role, that of Cardinal-Comedian, or the Clown Prince of the Catholic Church.  He will giggle at the slightest provocation.  If he is seated with the rich and the powerful and a mildly amusing joke is told he will roar with a laughter that will bring the house down.  The Cardinal doesn't really like to be too serious in his role as a Cardinal.

These are two of the most powerful prelates in the US Episcopate, dedicating their lives to spreading the Faith....as long as it doesn't offend anyone.

The only question therefore to be asked is, who's on first?


Elizabeth said...

It really is quite pitiful, isn't it? Lord have mercy, especially on them. Much has been given them, much is expected from them.

Anonymous said...

It seems what is expected of them is to be Money Men.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't post Card. Dolan wearing the cheese-head hat


(sorry about posting a link to a Sedevacantist blog but sadly it's the most reliable link, most other Catholic blogs wind up taking down the picture)

Aged parent said...

Elizabeth: It is indeed pitiful, and tragic. I hope it's not true that we get the hierarchy we deserve.

Anon@8:53: I have used that photo in previous postings about our jolly Cardinal and didn't want to repeat myself. But yes: the photo epitomizes him perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Here's another one posted at CFN...


Card. Dolan gettin' with the rhythm of "Here I am to worship" at World Youth Day.
As I've said to some of my acquaintances that attend "superfun rockband" Protestant churches, "I bet St. Paul used to jam a bass guitar just like that" .... Usually the joke doesn't register.

God bless!

Aged parent said...

Thanks (I guess) Anon for the Cardinal Dolan video. There seems to be no level of childishness to which the Cardinal is not prepared to sink.

Anonymous said...

There is NO WAY this could be considered a "Catholic blog."
Catholic "BASHING" blog, perhaps.

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