Friday, July 12, 2013


One has been wondering of late if all local police departments in America were becoming mere thugs for the emerging despotism forming in Washington.  Over at Gallia Watch, there is some encouraging news that tells us that at least some policemen in France are getting fed up with being government hit men:

God help them, in every way.  They'll need it.


aly said...

This is heartening. Prayers for them and to hear more from them in
protest of this totalitarian state/State.

aly said...

Aged parent, today at Gallia Watch
there is news that Le Salon Beige
noe has an English language website
and Russian, German and others are
now or soon online. This is very good.

Aged parent said...

Thank you very much, aly. I have perused the site and added it to my blog list on the right column of mine.

aly said...

I think it must be a good thing.
Thank you and God's Blessings.

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