Thursday, July 25, 2013


Really, this is all getting a little ridiculous, isn't it?

Yes, the title of this post is a bit over the top, I know, and I realize that circumspection is not a hallmark of today's movers and shakers, but who on earth is watching the store over at the Vatican?

Magister's article gives more important information on the Ricca affair (concluding that he hopes the Pope will now at last take action) but then gives us a portrait of a thirty-something babe who has been chosen as a member of the famous Vatican commission everyone is talking about.

Good grief, Your Holiness, couldn't someone else have been found to fill the post rather than her?


Anonymous said...

All this and the Saint Pope Factory
too. Are they leading people to Protestantism where one doesn.t have to love, have faith in, trust in anyone but Jesus?

Aged parent said...

Frankly, Anon, I don't know what some in Rome believe anymore. This whole sorry mess would be utterly laughable if souls weren't at stake.

Anonymous said...

That is what's at stake. The world
takes some children despite their parents good efforts. Bt the odds against children are far greater when their parents are negligent, always speak out both sides of their mouths, teach tolerance by relativism and disappoint them by do as I say not as I do and other poor example. Children are in danger, Souls in danger. But some despite all this are saved because they seem to realize that their trust and hope are in The Name of The Lord always and Only(?) when everyone else lets them down. As Mr. Cullen said
"Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child". Of course he meant himself and many Catholics.
And we should add so many people.
We can and must always pray.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis said about Mons. Ricca: "Who am I to judge?" If the Reverend Monsignor could carry on with a man (a Swiss Army captain), why can't she?

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