Wednesday, July 31, 2013


A Bishop confronts the screaming jackals.  He does it calmly and bravely, like a man.

I have hopes that a few real men will appear in episcopal robes who will counteract the Lehmanns, the Mahonys, the Mullers and the Danneels'.  Some, thanks be to God, are emerging from the shadows.  One such is Bishop Thomas Paprocki.

It would not be hard to imagine the Bishop feeling the wrath of the Devil during this meeting.  As one who has in a small way confronted shrieking evil I know the feeling of the blood turning to ice in my veins as I watch the deep hatred in their eyes.  No one who has not experienced it can know the feeling.  I suspect the good Bishop knows the feeling now if he hadn't already before.

It has become the good and holy custom to pray for erring Bishops, Cardinals and other religious (while hoping they will go away) so that they may become once again Catholics firm in their faith.  We suggest that in addition to those prayers let us offer a few for men like Bishop Paprocki.  May his courage lead the way for others to follow.

God bless 'im! 

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