Tuesday, July 16, 2013


From Le Salon Beige:

 A picture of policemen that says it all

On the world most beautiful's avenue, you can witness the reality of a National Day under Hollandia's Presidency : police violence, several plain-clothed and uniformed riot policemen against one citizen, a few gendarms on the lookout, barriers aimed at facilitating searches and filterings, a citizen hobbled, tourists appalled and all this for one small LMPT flag only.

But as we pointed out five days ago, some of the French police are getting tired of Hollande-style "justice".

From GalliaWatch:


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Anonymous said...

I don't know how the French system
works. But I don't know how it is possible for him to "serve" the remainder of his term. Here is something that is asinine at the last. At Gallia Watch a couple of days ago he is pictured at the unveiling of a postage stamp honoring the Femen Demons. What is wrong with grown men who engage in
these sorts of lunacies?

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