Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Abortion, the crime of the century, has lost its shock value.

It is awful to have to write that, but it is true.  Many of us no longer express our disgust over the direct, calculated conscienceless murder of unborn infants.  Many of us accept it as an inevitable, non-changeable thing that is now part of life in these times.  A great many people are tired of talking about it either out of a sense of defeatism or despair at their inability to put a stop to it.  It is understandable for some to arrive at that terrible conclusion. What can one say about a people who have arrived at such a state of mind?

It is unnecessary at this point to go over old ground and cover the details about how this criminal, monstrous commercial enterprise began.  What is gruesomely fascinating is how the minds of people have been warped by their indifference and then acceptance of this evil.

"People can get accustomed to anything, even cannibalism," wrote a great Russian author once.  That observation is being played out nearly around the world now.  Take, for example, this episode:

Some people will, thanks be to God, be shocked by this.  One wonders if too many others will.  Too many of us have consciences that are dead or dying, or suffering from spiritual exhaustion.  We look upon such lunacy as depicted in that article with a complacent sigh.  But how much shock will register upon men's minds over what these harridans in Texas are saying and doing?  These people were there in Texas defending these crimes even after the ghoulish doings of Kermit Gosnell were splattered all over the nation's news outlets.   Even after that.

The abortion curse that has come down upon us is the result of many things, not least of which is the triumph of lying propaganda foisted upon the world by a worldwide media owned by essentially six people.  It is the triumph of mendacity on an international scale.  It is the triumph of corrupt governments of every type, be they dictatorships like China, fascist oligarchies like the USA, or even pseudo Monarchies like little Lichtenstein.  It is the triumph of stupidity and cowardice.

But religion is at the bottom of it all.  All wars, as we know, are religious.  The warriors for abortion are fanatical religious zealots.  Their religion is Paganism and it is the duty of pagans to wipe off the face of the earth the loveliness of Christ.  They are are the forces of Evil.  And those forces do not confine themselves only to the slaughter of the innocents.  In "The Everlasting Man" Chesterton wrote that the forces of evil are characterized by their hatred of children and by the very idea of childhood.  That, I think, would describe rather well what is going on in the souls of many.  Every moral corruption being pushed upon us by laws that are patently unjust has as its target children and childhood.  This hatred is palpable.  Only the willfully blind cannot see it.  Children are threatened by abortion, by usury, by international finance which seeks to reduce families to pauperism, by sodomy, by cohabitation, by divorce, by contraception and other forms of "planning" families, by rampant promiscuity.  Fatherless children grow up warped; children stuck in daycare centers while both parents work know no stable home life.  Each generation becomes worse, more detached from reality.  It is visible to all of us.

Can we not, once again, renew our sense of shock over abortion and all its pomps and works?  Many of us inevitably suffer "burnout" over these things.  That burnout is what the relentless purveyors of lying propaganda pray for, if they can be said to actually pray for anything at all.  But burnout can be mended in a number of ways, not the least of which is finding solitude in the quiet of a beautiful church to recharge our batteries and renew our sense of what this battle is, who are Enemy is and how we keep ourselves sane in the midst of such darkness.  We can do this, much like the long-distance runner who calls up that extra bit of strength just before the end.

The abortion monsters are not going to win but they are going to fight to the death trying.  Let's make their task more difficult.  The results of our efforts may never be known in this life.  But Someone watches, and knows.


aly said...

dear Aged parent, At Vox Cantoris blog today titled Two Pictures is
equivalent to " a picture is worth
a thousand words". One picture of
protesters who demand the right to kill babies. One picture those who
protest killing babies. The contrast is more than striking.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, aly. A striking comparison indeed.

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