Wednesday, January 6, 2016

You're probably not in good hands with Allstate

Proving once again that giant corporations are some of the biggest promoters of the queer revolution, the Allstate insurance giant has produced a new advert video on the joys of two dads and their "daughter".

You will forgive me for not providing any link to this.  I'd rather keep my lunch in my stomach where it belongs. You can check out the website of the Protestant organization the American Family Association for more details if you wish.  (Surely I must have missed all the Catholic organizations, priests, nuns and Bishops who have come to the fore mentioning this, and leading the charge.  I'll have to check again.)

Profits, of course, have nothing to do with this.  A big corporation is going to pander to a tiny minority of the country in order to make big bucks?  No, it is pure agenda-pushing as is quite obvious.  As the Indiana debacle of last year should have proven to any who still harbor any illusions that corporations are the greatest thing since sliced bread, Big Business is not on our side.

The response to this is eminently simple: sever your ties with Allstate, and any other affiliated companies or any other businesses that pander to sex perversion.  Dropping insurance companies is as simple as blowing your nose.  Say farewell to Allstate, and be sure and tell them why.

Big Business and Big Buggery are tripping down the lane hand-in-hand.  Let us be aware of that and act accordingly.

We still have the power of boycott; let's use it well.

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