Monday, January 18, 2016

Still waiting, Your Holiness

January 18
Feast of the Chair of St Peter in Rome

Holy Father,

Again we must address to you this simple statement: we are still waiting for you to speak clearly and act decisively on the cancer that is eating away at the Church and the world, sodomy.

After you were elected you stated that you would "see what we can do" about it.  But we have seen as yet no results, no clear, unmistakable words from you.  No actions.

On the contrary the cancer has metastasized to the dire point that prelates are now coming out and approving of this unnatural vice.  Or some cultural illiterates among your Cardinals cry tears over the death of sexual miscreants.  When will you be publicly rebuking them?

So far, we have silence from you.

While you are silent buggery explodes all over the world, and at once, indicating Satanic cunning and organization.  Not only are men and women degrading themselves by these things, they may go to their graves unrepentant and end up undoubtedly damned.

Little boys are being molested every day by them.  Little boys, Your Holiness.

But from you there is only silence.

The Church rots and stinks with effeminacy and every day another soul dies in confusion and sin.

In saner days, in the Ages of Faith, priests and Bishops who committed such acts or approved of them would, we all know, have been defrocked and punished.  But to the everlasting confusion of the faithful, Your Holiness gives some of them honors and appointments.

Speaking endlessly about mercy is fine.  Do the little boys buggered by homosexuals (who face no rebukes from the Church) also deserve mercy?

Look at this, Francis:

And this:

Do these things disturb you?  Do such things not "cry to Heaven for vengeance"?  Do such monstrous crimes merit your attention - to the point, perhaps, of reducing to the lay state priests or Bishops who call upon the world to accept these "unions"?

Is the Church now to be a facilitator of sex perversion under your watch?  Sex perversion?  Blessed by Christ's Church??

This blog and many others have often reminded you of this truism, namely: the world, all the world, knows that silence betokens consent.  The silence from Rome on these horrendous crimes is deafening.  We shall continue to remind you until justice is done and seen to be done.

We are still waiting, Francis.

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