Friday, January 22, 2016

Even Sacrilege, Your Holiness?

What was long expected to happen from this loose cannon papacy, offering the Body and Blood of Our Lord to non-Catholics, has happened.  The news is all over the internet, and can be read from authors far more erudite than myself.  I will only offer a few observations.

By allowing non-Catholics to receive Communion openly - even while remembering that such sacrileges also occurred during several recent papacies - Pope Francis is leading the Church by a short road to chaos, as St Thomas More would have said it.  There are no more excuses that can be trotted out to "explain" the Pope's acquiescence in this, no more "ten things to know or share" about these sacrilegious acts, no rhapsodizing about "unity" and "brotherhood" will do anymore. To put it as charitably as I can, the Pope is off his rocker.

Not only have these poor Lutherans just ate and drank Judgement on themselves, but so have the priests who gave them the Sacred Species.  They cannot escape the judgement.  Can the Pope escape it?  I don't see how.

One scandal after another, one outrage after another, one incoherent rant after another, all are the products of a papacy rapidly approaching the end of its tether.  The occasional good and noble things he has done will not cut any mustard when compared with these constant papal horrors. But what we must brace ourselves for, unless God in His mercy intervenes, are even more horrors to come.  I don't know what they will be but I know that Pope Francis has been giving strong (if convoluted) hints at what they might be.

Grab tightly your rosaries and keep the Faith.  God is not mocked forever.

And, yes, I'm afraid that in his bumbling, unthinking way he has confronted God.  For the good of his soul we must pray he is simply too obtuse to realize what he has just done.

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