Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Professor Gottfried re-thinks the Germans

For the last thirty years I have devoted my energies to defending the German people against a variety of charges directed against them by their leftist and neoconservative critics in the US and Germany. Many of the points that I’ve raised about the historical past don’t have to be amended, because they continue to be true, e.g., about the Allied responsibility for the outbreak of World War One,  the silliness of looking for Nazi ideas throughout the German past, and the brilliance of German philosophical and literary accomplishments. Nothing that is now occurring would cause me to revise my critical judgments about the grossly unjust Treaty of Versailles, the terror bombing of German cities during the last year of World War Two, the arrogant stupidity of the post-World War Two re-education of the German people carried out by the “Western democracies” and the kangaroo court held in Nuremberg in 1946 and 1947. These are not things that I feel impelled to reconsider.
What I am changing my mind about is whether the Germans are totally blameless for the antifascist horror into which they’ve descended. As German friends tell me, what transpired on New Year’s Eve, when over a thousand Near Eastern Muslims attacked 121 women near the central train station in Cologne, tore off their clothes and in some cases began to rape them, is only the “tip of the iceberg.” There have been hundreds of other incidents of violenceacross Germany that have been reported since Angela Merkel, to the near unanimous support of her Christian Democratic-captains, encouraged Muslim migrants to enrich her country by their presence. The German media have tried to hush up the embarrassing incidents or after the attacks in Cologne shifted the blame to the victims. Apparently the verbally abused and assaulted women didn’t “stay at arm’s length” from their attackers. It is hardly surprising that the police came belatedly to the crime scene or that Cologne’s feminist social democratic mayor, Henriette Reker, insists that the failure of the victims to maintain the proper distancefrom their attackers led to their fate. 

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Mr Soros, destroyer of Catholic Europe


B flat said...

Thank you for passing on this article. I have read it with surprise and interest. Surprise, because I knew next to nothing of the German political scene before reading this, since I have no great interest in that country. Interest, because once again, the Germans are playing a key role in the crisis which affects the Church and, through the EU, the world.
The Professor's sentence:
"The arrogant stupidity of the re-education of the West Germans by the western democracies"... holds one key to this. Is the desire for education of those who have been misinformed and perverted, born only of arrogance? Where is the professor's moral standard? We used to think that helping those lacking our advantages was philanthropic - a work of Christian love and compassion. All missionary work is now condemned as colonialism of one kind or another. Our own children are no longer educated in our public schools or universities. What is he trying to achieve, during his career in higher education?
THERE is the key. The USA entrusted this re-education program in Germany after WW2 to the cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt school, whose aim was, and continues to be the overthrow of European culture by spreading not the class war of classical Marxism, but fomenting disturbance of social cohesion through championing any and every identifiable "disadvantaged minority": women through feminism, blacks through civil rights movements, and sexual deviants through the ever expanding Stonewall lobby. Institutions were to be turned against themselves. All authority, political, religious, and moral, was to be undermined. Language was to be turned against those who used it according to cultural norms, and has indeed been perverted into a blunt and uncertain instrument, capable of damage, but allowing little finesse or discernment.
In the 1960's, when this breakdown began to be apparent, compilers of dictionaries, decided that there role was not to prescribe correct uses and meanings of words, but they would only describe current usage. Such freedom we were allowed, no? Now we are left with no ally except history, to face accusations that a particular word is morally and culturally acceptable, politically correct, and neither racist nor criminal hate speech....

They have made great advances in their aims. Where is there an institution which has retained its integrity in the face of this onslaught? The nations which defend themselves against the historic and continuing enemy which Islam only represents and serves, are attacked by their European allies. Politicians are certainly ready to sacrifice their own citizens to this view of historical progress. Having happily arranged for the killing of their (no, OUR) future by facilitating and funding the slaughter of millions of babies (of course, the language is forced to call them foetuses to deny the babies any human rights) they will now acquiesce in the demeaning and eventual enslavery of all women, when Islam has achieved its aim of imposing sharia law in every place where it is strong enough to achieve this. And will men who accept Islam to survive really be free? Only the service of Christ our King gives us perfect freedom.
Our leaders are unworthy of their position. The have no vision, no roots in their culture; no spine, no moral fibre, no pride in the achievements of their ancestors and parents, and no love for their fellow citizens. And this censure of political leaders applies just as much to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, especially in its higher levels as it certainly applies to most Lutherans and Anglicans in what is left of the cultural West.

Aged parent said...

I appreciate your comment, B flat, as I think it raises several vital points. When I alluded to this piece by Professor Gottfried I very much had in mind the condition of the German Catholic hierarchy, who seem to be in some respects exactly like their non-clerical countrymen: willing to accept cultural and religious suicide.

Thanks again for your comment.

Anonymous said...

The last paragraph in B Flat's posting sums up the situation within Western Europe, but I would go a bit further and state our "leaders", both temporal and spiritual, actually want the triumph of Islam. They desire us 'common folk' off the planet.
Many will find that statement hard to accept, but the evidence is out in the open. British PM David Cameron is on record as stating he wants more Muslim immigration into Britain and looks forward to the day there is a Muslim prime minister.
It doesn't get much clearer than that. The 'elites' now don't even bother to hide their hostility to their political base.

Aged parent said...

The same forces that want to see great population upheavals and the concomitant chaos that ensues are the same forces, I believe, that have a main goal of extirpating Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. Whether it is sinister forces opening city gates in Spanish cities to let hordes of Muslim conquerors in to attack Christians in the 15th century, or whether it is destroying a Catholic ethnic neighborhood in Chicago by bringing in populations from different parts of the country in the 1930s to the 1950s, the results are the same, and it is the same sort of folks who are behind these migrations.

The Church for all intents and purposes has been silenced and is useless now in stopping these sorts of things. Churchmen looked the other way as their children contracepted, NFPd and aborted themselves into oblivion and have been so cowed by the rich and powerful that they dare not say anything anymore. Churchmen will fall over themselves celebrating "Nostra Aetate" and sit in silence while the world and the Church crumbles.

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