Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cardinal Koch, are you calling Our Lord....a liar?

I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No man cometh to the Father but by me.

Those are the words of Christ.  But now you are saying, Cardinal Koch, that the Jews have another way, and are not to be disturbed by Catholics who want to bring them to the Faith.  In the recent Joint Declaration you are saying that we must leave the Jews to their own devices and not to trouble them by helping them to see that it is only Christ who is the way, the truth and the life.

Are you suggesting that there is another way, one Jesus forgot to mention?  Or - dare I even think this - are you calling the Son of God a liar?

If you are saying the Jews, unbaptized, do not need Christ and Baptism you are calling Our Lord Jesus Christ a liar.  No amount of petty-fogging explanations or weasel words are going to hide the fact that if you believe what you put your name to you are engaging in an act bordering on apostasy.

Perhaps you and others in the Vatican who accept this nonsense are trying to snow us.  We are not fools, Your Eminence.  We cannot be snowed or fooled by these kinds of Joint Agreements which directly contradict the word of God.  No amount of nuance or clever wordplay will make us forget what Christ actually said.  You insult Catholics by expecting them to accept the rubbish that is your Joint Declaration of Catholics and Jews.

The Catholic faithful are simply fed up with you and who think like you in the Church.  If you seriously believe that a Jew can enter Heaven without Baptism and an acceptance of the one, true Faith you need to do the honest thing and resign from your position and spend some long years studying the Faith you have forgotten so much about.  And that includes any below you or above you who harbor the same false theology.

Christ said, "No man"; you are saying.....what, exactly?  That there is another way to the Father other than Our Lord?  Are you perhaps peddling that "dual covenant" horse manure?

Do you know the pitiable state of these poor souls?  St John Chrysostom knew.  Do you wish to leave these people in the state they are in, with no hope of seeing God when they die?  Is this the kind of "charity" and "mercy" the Church's leaders are now selling?  False charity, false mercy and rank sentimentality are not going to save souls.  Any souls.

I think we can assume that that ancient "fear of the Jews" is at the heart of this outrage.  At least have the intellectual honesty to admit that, if it is true.  Don't hide behind convoluted statements; speak clearly: you are frightened of them, of their power (which is immense), of their machinations which have brought misery not only upon peoples and cultures but on the very Church of Christ.  By your cowardice you feed this beast and forever prevent these poor souls of a chance at salvation.  By your cowardice you help to promote Jewish projects in the world, many of which are detrimental and revolutionary, such as the promotion of sodomy.  It is certainly beyond doubt that their media has propagandized for these outrages for decades.  Your refusal to tell them the truth only fosters more of these evils, these blasphemies, these murders.  Worse than all that, Your Eminence, you condemn these pitiful souls to Hell by not telling them the truth they must hear.

Does any of this weigh on your conscience?  Even denying the very words of the Son of God....this does not bother you?

Jesus Christ was quite explicit in what He said, leaving no room for private interpretation or any interpretation for that matter.  Nostra Aetate, and all its pomps and works, including this utterly false, mendacious and scandalous Joint Declaration, must be rejected by the Catholic Church if for no other reason than that there are souls at stake.

Christ commissioned His Church to teach all nations. I do not recall any Him exempting anyone at all from His command.  You are saying the Jews are exempt.

I ask Your Eminence then: who am I to believe, Jesus Christ or you?


Anonymous said...

Cardinal Koch is in effect saying that some people, indeed those in dire need of repentance, are saved on account of their DNA! According to Nostra Aetate, belief and good works don't enter into the equation. On that egregious error Vat II stands condemned.

aly said...

Exemption ? Do Cardinal Koch and such ilk claim exemption for themselves too?

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