Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cardinal Ravasi, act your age

A Cardinal of the Catholic Church extolling a third-rate Pop "star" is just about as embarrassing as a 75 year old woman wearing a mini-skirt.

Your Eminence, try to act a little dignified as you wear the robes of a Prince of the Church.

And try to act your age.


Those renowned arbiters of cultural elegance at The New York Times have taken Father George Rutler to task, for having the backbone to call a spade a spade and castigating Ravasi, a cultural nincompoop, for waxing tearful over the death of Mr David Bowie.  Heavens.  Please, someone send some smelling salts to the Times.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Ravasi probably thinks he is being just so hip and groovy man!Peace 'n lurv.
These 'princes of the church' may come to their senses when confronted with a knife wielding jihadist, but I expect they will stay true to form and attempt to engage in 'dialog'.

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