Monday, March 31, 2014

"Then they threw the statues of Christ down...."

The review Counterpunch has reproduced an excerpt from Alison Weir's excellent book, Against Our Better Judgment, which details the US foreign policy about-face with respect to the land of Palestine, and the misery and hatred that has followed from it.

It is hard reading....hard, in the sense of "tragic".  It tells the story of how America went from being one of the most admired nations on the earth to one of the most hated.

As the old saying goes, our children and grandchildren will be paying the price of this folly in blood and treasure for decades yet to come.

One of the less graphic photos of what Palestinians experience under the occupation.  I don't know whether the child here is Muslim or Christian.  All I do know is that he is dead.


Anonymous said...

So many people I know are caught up in the dialectic of conservative v liberal and Democrat v Republican. They notice that those on the "left" are frequently critical of Israel's occupation and simply because of the fact that they don't like the people providing the criticism and information, they completely disregard the plight of the Palestinian people. Even worse I've seen a few buy into the false narrative of "Palestinians?!? hey, they're all savages anyway", it's truly sad.

Taking a lesson from the US, Israel began the Hasbara Project to get control of the public relations (ie: propaganda) surrounding the Palestine occupation

One of the best starting points is to "unplug" from the so-called mainstream media. Your cable satellite bill subsidizes demonic propaganda and ALL of the information is so biased, by simply watching it you're contra-educating yourself rather than informing yourself. As I heard one priest recommend, take your tv into the back yard or a gun range and use a shotgun as a "remote control" to turn off the TV

The "Fox News vs the liberal media" is just another dialectic trap. There are no unbiased sources in the modern media.

Anonymous said...

The following documentary shows the bias in ALL of the media

Discovery: how media lies documentary film

It helps to watch the whole thing.

EVERY aspect of the "news", down to the smallest words which are used to ideologically frame the debate is closely regulated and deliberately chosen to vilify the Palestinians and justify Israel's occupation.

rosa said...

I think Israel did not need to take lesson from the USA, because they have practised " hasbara" for many centuries.
D' you know about Neron the Emperor and the graet Rome Fire? W ell, quite probably an Hasbara project...
Rosa, Milan, Italy

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