Thursday, April 3, 2014


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Like Satan, the war mongers never sleep.  They really do want to want the USA to fight more - yes, more - wars.  Lunacy does not begin to explain the thinking of these people.

The usual suspects are still furious that they didn't get their wars in Syria and Iran.  Like belligerent little children who have had their toys taken away from them they will scream and kick until they get their way.  Now the Ukraine business has breathed new life into the neocons (you might say they breathed new life into themselves for they were the ones who fomented and babysat the coup in Kiev).

How many dead bodies will it take before the citizens begin to rein in their leaders?

Two compelling articles which we can highly recommend:


Please offer a prayer or two, or a bit of fasting, for the innocents in the cross hairs.

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