Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Sister Jane Dominic

It took an insightful post by Brother Andre Marie over at Saint Benedict Center to wake me up to the fact that 150+ years of not teaching firmly what the Church believes and teaches has brought us to the point where a nun can speak to high school subjects on elements of basic morality and be hounded by drooling jackals demanding her head on a platter.  The hounding jackals?  They were Catholics.  Supposedly. Catholics who have in the last century (at least in the USA) heard little to nothing about sexual morality from the pulpits of their churches.

An angry mob of uncatechized Catholics went into a meltdown and screamed to all who would listen that it was an affront for a Catholic nun to teach the truth about sodomy and personal morality to high school students.  Little did these supposed Catholics realize that they were dancing with the Devil.

Every blogger on earth is writing about this incident so I wont bore my readers with more of what has already been well said by others.  But I will say, let this be a stern warning to any cleric who might be reading this.  The time to start preaching the truth about Catholic morality is now, no matter how lackadaisical it is taught by Bishops, Cardinals or Popes.  You now have a vivid example of what happens to Catholics when they are deprived of the nourishment of Catholic teaching: they turn into a vicious mob when someone actually speaks the truth to them.  Could this happen to you as well, Reverend Fathers and Reverend Sisters?  Yes, it could.  But that must not stop you from doing it.  God will be with you.

Happily, it now appears that the Bishop of the diocese in question has come out publicly in support of this nun.  That is a case of rare but welcome courage in these days.  Read about that here at LifeSite News:


[Unhappily, it appears our accolades to the Bishop in question may need some revision: see here.]

Let us send our expressions not of gratitude but of encouragement to the Bishop, Peter Jugis.  I say "not gratitude" because he is expected to do what is right.  Rather, send him expressions of encouragement, and after the encouragement then a note of thanks.  When a Bishop acts like a Bishop let us not fail to let him know that not only is Jesus Christ at his side but also his soldiers-in-the-pew who will be with him.  He can be reached in this manner:

Diocese of Charlotte
Phone: (704) 370-6299

I have read that a certain public figure, dressed in white, has said we talk too much about abortion and homosexuality.  It would seem that given the circumstances of this incident, this man might want to re-think that statement.

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