Saturday, April 26, 2014


"There was a voice heard in Ramah; there was weeping and great mourning.  

It was Rachel....weeping for her children....because they were no more."

I find that I can do nothing tomorrow, April 27th, but get on the knees and pray the Rosary.

There is nothing else I can do.


Mar said...

Deep night hath come down on this rough-spoken world,
And the banners of darkness are boldly unfurled;
And the tempest-tossed Church - all her eyes are on thee.
They look to thy shining, sweet star of the sea.

Feeling totally helpless, but not hopeless.

God will not me mocked. said...

I can't help but picture Pope Francis center stage in this photo,

holding one of his ugly Modernist crosiers and surrounded by his apostate cronies...Cardinals Kasper, Koch, Carrick, Mahoney, and Wuerl. I can imagine Hans Kung back at the Vatican apartments getting ready to pour champagne.

Both events...the Affordable Healthare Act and these two canonizations have much in common. Both were well planned frauds perpetrated against the people. Both were accomplished by breaking all legitimate rules. And both were finalized by two hand-selected puppets of the New World Order. Oy vey!

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