Friday, April 25, 2014


In the back-and-forth history of the Church's recent pontificates, where one day the Pope says or does something marvellous and the next day destroys all the good he has done by some ill-advised word or action, nothing is more disheartening and dangerous than Rome's fatal embrace of what must honestly be termed the zionist dream.  That the Vatican even treats the Israeli occupation force as a legitimate government is bad enough; that they are about to enrage the Muslim world with another agreement with that regime which basically legitimizes their occupation is the summit of lunacy and in no way can be considered a Catholic action.  This Vatican agreement, if it happens, will unleash forces against Christians too terrible to contemplate.  While this doesn't bother Mr Netanyahu in the least, it should bother the leaders of the Church.

I would suggest that the Vatican Secretary of State read the stories of American author Joel Chandler Harris, particularly the one about Brer Rabbit and the tar baby.

The Vatican-Tel Aviv Agreement (which was the rejection of the Church's wise and just stance on Palestine, a stance confirmed by the wisdom of Pope St Pius X) tragic as it originally was, is about to be amended by the Holy See and Israel to the greater detriment of the Christians in the Holy Land and the other innocents caught in the crossfire.  King Mohammed VI has sent a pleading message to the Vatican not to go through with this, as it will bring even new hatreds to the region and will create a feeling of despair among the peoples of the Arab world:        

Surely Rome is not blind to what is going on in the Holy Land?  Why then are they so willing to throw away cordial relationships with the majority of the Muslim world just so that they can placate what one French politician notably called "this shitty little country" namely, Israel?  Is Rome so terrified of the world's media which is, shall we say delicately, "influenced" by Jewish opinion?  Have our leaders in Rome, who have seemed to have stopped trying to bring the saving grace of the Faith to the Jews, become mere water-carriers for their hated regime?  What drives the fear at the Holy See, a fear so all-pervasive that they are willing to re-ignite a Mohammedan siege against the Church not to mention the spectacle of the Middle East in flames?  One wonders if the Vatican realizes that both Zionism and Naziism are ideologies based on racial superiority, or rather opposite sides of the same coin.

Cardinal Bechara Rai has remarked on the respect given to the Papacy by the generality of the Muslim world.  If this Roman move goes ahead that respect will suffer a serious, and potentially mortal blow.  It could destroy the trust that many Muslims have and have had for the Popes, a situation that would obviously delight the Israelis who are keen to get the moral leader of the world on their side and pour holy water on their nazi-istic control of Palestine.

I've always viewed the action of throwing gasoline on a roaring fire a poor judgment call.  Would that the current leaders in Rome had a similar view.

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