Friday, March 21, 2014


Jamie Kirchick, Warrior

The word "slimy" does not even begin to describe this gentleman.  But, lucky him, he has all the right connections.

Both Jewish and homosexual, Mr Kirchick appears to want nothing more than observe the sight of blood running in the streets in Moscow and beyond.  The blood spilt in Kiev was apparently insufficient to satisfy this twisted mind.

But as "gung-ho" as this man is for another world war we are certain he will be the first one to sign up for military duty when his beloved US-Russian war begins.

But maybe he wont.

[Editor's note: regarding the linked article above I will only add that when writers refer to the sadly disturbed man Bradley Manning under his new transvestite incarnation I find it not only insulting but silly.  While I can admire what Mr Manning did in exposing US war crimes against the innocent, I cannot support, unlike some writers who should know better, his personal sins.  Pray for him.]

1 comment:

Homosexuality is a DISORDER said...

A Jewish pervert staging a massive public lie in order to for Innocent Blood to flow? Surely you jest.

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