Saturday, March 29, 2014


Who said the Satanic was dead?

by Anthony Fraser

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A few decades ago during the swinging sixties and their aftermath, the only folks opposed to the display of pornography on print or screen were, for the most part, Christians. But because they were Christians their objections were seldom if ever taken seriously. In the era of liberalisation of abortion and theatre and screen censorship heralded in the UK by Roy Jenkins, those opposed to pornography, soft or hardcore, were regarded as prudes.

It only became respectable to be opposed to pornography when it ceased to become a sin, and became identified as an instrument to advance the class war introduced between men and women by the women’s liberation movement. It is now perfectly respectable to be opposed to pornography because pornography is sexist (unless of course the women cite some human right to be pornographic). To have porn removed from the shelves in one’s supermarket, it is much more productive to suggest that it is sexist than to suggest it offends God, women or even men. There has of course always been an unwritten code in so-called polite society that children should not be exposed to pornography but the boundaries there have now changed with the internet and social media, so much so that our leaders propose to introduce children to pornography so as to teach them how to deal with it.

Catholics (i.e. those who accept the moral teaching of the Church) have always been opposed to pornography and prostitution and, in the past one might have willingly supported those who were similarly opposed, even were they opposed for the wrong reasons. Not so with the most recent development in the class war between men and women, Femen, whose bare-breasted amazons both oppose and practise pornography at the same time. It is Femen that is mostly responsible for a recent series of blasphemous and obscene attacks on Churches and churchmen throughout Europe and elsewhere.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Femen is a socialist, atheistic and satanic movement....

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