Wednesday, March 12, 2014


One of the goals of The Eye Witness is to offer our readers the reasons why we have come to where we are in the Catholic Church.  Other blogs and sites do a fine job of keeping us informed as to what is currently happening, good and bad, in the Church and because so many others cover these topics, and cover them well, we here occasionally take a somewhat different approach.

We all sit stunned, for example, at the latest foolishness that comes (all too often) from the mouths of people like Cardinal Dolan, et al, who are caving in, and rather quickly, to an acceptance of sexual perversion.  How did we come to this pass?  What happened?

To answer these questions we try to present articles that detail the Church's progression (or regression, if you will) from point "A" to point "B" and beyond.  For example, we have just begun to re-publish in three parts Arnaud de Lassus' fine study of the delicate matter of Catholic-Jewish relations and how that has moved the Church toward a new kind of trajectory, one totally alien.  We have detailed also the machinations of treasonous Churchmen from the past in other articles we have re-published.  If we know how things began to change we know better how to combat or at least give answer to these changes, many of which, as we can all see, have been to the great detriment of Catholicism.

Like most others, your Editor is eager to read the daily news and has often commented on these matters as they affect Church and State.  It is impossible to avoid the temptation.  But knowing why these things are happening, based on historical events, is every bit as important as knowing what is happening in the here and now and in fact gives us a better understanding at the events we are now witnessing.

That is why we trust you will find at The Eye Witness some of these studies by such esteemed Catholic writers as deLassus, Anthony Fraser, Jean Madiran and, going back a bit, Hilaire Belloc and D.B. Wyndham-Lewis, helpful for a more complete understanding of the times.

"Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it", as the old saying goes.  So while far from ignoring the nonsense and danger that emanates from either New York or the Vatican, we will try to bring to our readers' attention pertinent facts about the groundwork that was laid in the past which gave rise to the current dangers which plague us all.

Alarm bells were ringing years ago.  That is why we here from time to time wish to revisit those courageous bell-ringers.


Mar said...

Thank you, aged parent, for doing the valuable work of bringing to our attention "pertinent facts about the groundwork that was laid in the past which gave rise to the current dangers which plague us all."

The courageous bell-ringers that you present show a more thorough and deeper grasp of what is going on than certain newer writers who, although having good intentions, are nevertheless shallow in their judgments.

A recent case in point is Rorate Caeli, considered by many as one of the top traditional Catholic sites on the net. It was most disappointing to see their promotion of an article by John Lamont entitled "Why the Jews Are Not the Enemies of the Church", an article that displays a rather cavalier disregard of the perennial wisdom of the Church.

Aged parent said...

I am grateful for your kind remarks, Mar, and I hope some of the stuff on this blog has been helpful.

I read Mr Lamont's article with a great deal of pain in my heart. I did not know that Rorate was promoting it, a fact which saddens me more. But I believe they are all pretty young over there at that site and really haven't dug deeply into the Church's past, as all we Catholics must. We can only hope that in time they will learn from the Fathers, the Doctors, the Saints and great Popes the proper attitude to take on this admittedly touchy subject.

Thank you again for writing - and for reading us here!

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