Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Here is a photo of one group of protestors against the Ukranian government last month.  Presumably they were poor farmers and shop keepers who went home, took off their overalls, went to their closets and changed into their paramilitary uniforms and grasped their automatic weapons.

It becomes clearer every day that the poor Ukranians are mere pawns of International Finance.  And since the new "leaders" of Ukraine are super-rich billionaire oligarchs, should we be surprised?

Our friends at Blackwater have been busy again.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. You are so right about the false Ukrainian leaders and also about those Ukranians who are about as dumb as American Democrats.

I saw a possessed "news" woman reporting her erroneous OPINIONSs from the Ukraine. Leftards are all alike. Liars who always incite hatred in order to influence public opinion.

Anonymous said...


Above is a link to a commentary you might find interesting, Aged Parent.

Aged parent said...

Thnaks much, Anon @1:34, and Anon @ 5:04, for your comments.

I did see that piece in The Remnant. It's amazing...these idiots in Washington seem to want to go to war with Russia over a country they never even heard of eight weeks ago. The recklessness and stupidity of those who govern us must shock the whole world.

It certainly shocks me.

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