Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Wearily I ask if we could stop replaying over and over the 1968 film THE SHOES OF THE FISHERMAN?  Pope Francis seems bent on imitating the Pope in that awful Morris West novel, you know the Pope (played by Anthony Quinn in the film) who ran around the streets of Rome hugging and kissing the poor, saying Jewish prayers for a dying Jew, giving away the Church's treasures to "the Poor" (no doubt eventually ending up in New York pawn shops and in the possession of billionaires), rejecting the papal tiara, protecting theological dissenters (see Oskar Werner's portrayal of a Tielhard-like theologian) and allowing fresh winds to blow into the old and dusty Church?

Dear Holy Father, could you turn off that movie for awhile?  I think we've had our fill.

Perhaps instead of  - or in addition to - running around Rome at night helping the poor you might begin to glance at a problem in the Church that has every possibility of destroying not only the faith of millions but of destroying the Church itself.  I refer, of course, to the slime of sex perversion among the clergy.  Could you harness some of the ferocity you are using in suppressing the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and apply it to the sodomites?

I understand Your Holiness has just elevated the disgusting Cardinal Wuerl to yet another high position of authority.  And the equally execrable Vincent Nichols as well.  Well, with that we now know with a fair amount of certainty which direction you want to take the Church in. So with that in mind allow me to mention this:  no matter how many miscreants, queers, idiots and simpering heretics you appoint to high positions we will not allow it to take our Catholic Faith away from us.  We will not give in to the despair that your appointments and projects are creating in others.  Please know that we will not be driven out of the Church by watching grinning creeps like Wuerl, et al, lording it over us (he has his reward now).

Your papacy thus far has been a combination of a few hopeful signs, much media hoopla and any amount of uninformed commentary.

But now it is simply boring.

And please stop replaying that cruddy film.


Anonymous said...

Well said! Everything!

Modernism is extremely boring in the end!

Hermit Crab said...


Havin' a blue Christmas said...

John Paul II made Wuerl a bishop and it was Benedict XVI who put a red hat on him. What will Francis do to top that? I shudder to think about it.

rosa said...

Please, for an Italian reader, can you explain more on cardinal Wuerl ?
I mean, is he a " queer" ?

Anonymous said...

Rosy, you already asked this at Harvesting the Fruits of Vat II and people answered you.

Aged parent said...


Let us just say that Cardinal Wuerl is one of the worst, one of the most craven Cardinals now plaguing the Church.

We must implore Our Lord to grant us the great favor of removing such men from His Church.

We have written about him often on this blog.

Aged parent said...


Here is an article on the execrable Donald Wuerl:


rosa said...

thank you very much.
Yes, I'd asked for that on Harvesting blog, and someone replied I had to look on a website, but there I couldn't find anything. So i asked again.

He killed the Pittsburgh Diocese said...

Here, Rosa. This is all anyone needs to know about this evil man.


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