Saturday, December 14, 2013


It would seem the people of Iceland are not squeamish about dealing with bankers who commit fraud and then walk away with millions, like in the US, the UK, the EU, etc.  They put them in jail:

Hilaire Belloc would have been pleased.  And let us not forget that he knew that breed well:

"The bankers can decide, of two competitors, which shall survive. As the great majority of enterprises lie in debt to the banks-any one of two competing industries can be killed by the bankers saying: “I will no longer lend you this money”….This power makes the banks the masters of the greater part of modern industry."

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aly said...

Because we live in the society that we do we are almost astounded
when someone(s) does/do the right thing if it's something "Big". We think of it as taking a lot of "Nerve". It's David and Goliath. I guess there aren't and maybe have never been a David around every corner. But the Icelanders were Vikings.

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