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The incident in question gives rise to a certain reality that Catholics must recognize: it is probably time now that we begin to offend those of other faiths.  Not to offend them with brick-bats but to offend them with truth.  I say it again: the more ridiculous these petty insults to Our Lord and Our Lady become the more we should begin offending those of other faiths.

One can be offensive in a constructive way, as in going on the offensive to inform our fellows that they are in serious error if they are not in the Church.  Now to be sure there is an art and a science to this activity; we must have the science first, i.e., we need to know what we're talking about.  We need to understand our history and the ups and downs that the Church has gone through.  And we have to have the Art, i.e., we have to present this information in a clear, understandable, charitable manner.  That is how to offend those not of the True Faith.

Yet something nags.  I do wonder which "faith" finds Jesus and Mary so utterly offensive that it demands their complete obliteration from public discourse.  Is it those of the atheist faith?  The B'hai's?  What "faith" is so adamant about crushing the very mention of the names Jesus and Mary?  Even your average Muslim has a respect for Jesus, and an equal respect for Mary, so which religious group are we talking about?

It is critical to a true understanding of the nature of the times we we live in that whenever one of these petty-fogging officials starts a religious extermination program under the specious claim that they don't want to offend those of other faiths it is a sign that this other mysterious and unnamed faith has the public in a sort of stranglehold.  Fear is a very powerful deterrent.  The frightened will cower and do the unspoken bidding of their Masters.

So let them.

Christmas is coming anyway, and as Charles Lamb wrote to Bernard Barton:

"Old Christmas is a-coming to the confusion of Puritans, Muggletonians, Anabaptists, Quakers and that unwassailing Crew.  He cometh not with his wonted gait; he is shrunk nine inches in his girth, but is yet a lusty fellow".


Anonymous said...

What "faith" finds Christ so offensive?

It is the Jewish faith.

People don't say that too often, 'cause they don't want to put up with the whines, smears, accusations, and other repercussions, but it is true none the less.

The Jewish religion, as it consists today, and indeed, since the destruction of the temple, is explicitly anti-Christ. Not necessarily in some evil 666 sense, but it rejected Christ as the Messiah, and continues to do so today.

These poor souls were chosen to receive the Messiah, and they chose not to do so. We must pray for them.

Even the Atheists would look upon Christians as keepers of a fable, like the tooth fairy and easter bunny, were it not for the Jewish influence in our society.


Aged parent said...
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Aged parent said...

Thank you, Paul, for those trenchant comments.

Amazing, is it not? God Himself sent these people a Divine Gift, and they threw that Gift back into His face.

Thanks for writing, and best wishes for Christmas.

aly said...

Some people really "just" think that atheists are behind the Movement Against Christmas. It is the Jews. And if you didn't know you could just look at the "visible" names. Jews. Even yakkers on the airwaves won't call a Jew a Jew. Even most Catholics won't.

aly said...

"These" Jews are laughing now. Just for now.

Anonymous said...

Oh goody, yet another anti-Semitic blog, spawned from, where else?? Louis Villarubia's!
"When asked by reporter Mary Richardson on the Boston-based television show 'Chronicle' on October 25, 2007, if he thought Jews had a tendency to undermine public morality, Br. Andre Marie responded he was, '...not interested in answering that question. That's a very, very complex question.' Ms. Richardson was referring to a quote by Br. Andre Marie in which he did state those thoughts in the Summer 2007 issue of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report."
The preceding quote was taken from "Deliver Us...a religious cult vs Richmond, NH" page 48. Want to read more?

Aged parent said...

From the plague of garrulous trolls...good Lord deliver us!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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