Thursday, December 26, 2013


Christmas Eve in the Holy Land could have been a little better for the inhabitants, both Christian and Muslim.  The bulldozers were active again.

Christmas Eve, Palestine, 2013

As per usual, the world looks away.

Amazingly, however, the UN said something about it:

Happily, and more to the point, the Latin Patriarch said something at his Midnight Mass: 

But when some young, exasperated citizen of Palestine acts in haste against these injustices, revenge is swift.  Consider:

The "Berlin Wall" in Palestine, euphemistically called a "security fence"(!) by the occupying power, needed some repairs the other day.  This separation wall, an outrage not only to the historic inhabitants of that land but also to the rest of the world (the USA government excluded), has created a seething hatred for the injustice it represents. Israeli repair man, working on the repairs, was shot by a sniper and later died.

So in retaliation the world leader who meets with Popes, presidents and Kings unleashed his military forces and ordered an air strike on Gaza which resulted in, of course, the killing of innocents including a three-year-old girl (pictured below).  "Do not test Israel's resolve", said Netanyahu afterwards.  Despite the fact that no one in the world (excluding the USA government) believes the Israeli story that the air strikes were hitting "terrorists targets", the Israelis continue to spout this nonsense.  This was typical Godless revenge, way out of all proportion to the crime committed. It does not seem to matter to the occupiers that God does the avenging when He and He only deems it just. Perhaps Mr Netanyahu believes he is doing God's work for him? Perhaps he thinks he is wiser?  Perhaps he thinks he is God?

The 3-year-old who "tested Israel's resolve"

Mr Netanyahu can think of himself any way he wants.  To the rest of humanity he is simply a war criminal.

Perhaps one day we can dust off the judge's bench at Nuremburg.

If you are able on these Twelve Days of Christmas, remember these people when you pray and if possible buy their products.  Those are just two things that will help them.  And always remember that many of these persecuted people are Christians.


Everyday life in the Holy Land:


aly said...

dear Aged parent, I'm not going to speak of this now because I have at times become enveloped in anger. I've been aware of his little child and other evil that "Israel" does at Christmastime to hurt people and to disrespect Christ and
and Christians.

aly said...

These God forsaken have always disobeyed God. rabbis have always challenged God as if in a court of law. rabbis have always been gleeful when they've "won". They've always believed they can "outwit" God. They've often thought that God is "wrong". They write it down.

aly said...

At Christmas Mass Archbishop Twal did speak of the Obstacle to peace.

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