Wednesday, December 18, 2013


While the world's two most egregious police states smile in secret, children are beheaded by Islamic radicals in Adra.  Women, children, Christian, Muslim, it makes no difference: the US/Israel-backed fanatics in Syria massacred as many of the population as they could.

A report from RT Today:

Let us be clear.  These outrages are favored and manipulated by the two most hated nations on the planet, and they are doing so for a multitude of evil purposes one of which, not surprisingly, is to spit upon the Holy Season now before us by an increase in murder and rapine, the more horrible and outrageous the better from their point of view.  Indeed these terrible deeds have multiplied tenfold in recent weeks, as money and support pours into the insurgents from the taxpayers of the United States.

Not to be outdone in chutzpah, the other most-hated nation flexes its arrogant muscles in a little town minutes away from Bethlehem.  What an amazing coincidence that this should occur days before Christmas:

and this:

Calling on Our Lady Help of Christians every day for these people is about the only thing citizens can do.  It will do more good than writing letters to the puppets in Congress.  Most of them are in favor of these outrages anyway, as they lust after AIPAC dollars and support. And they are far too busy saving us from those evil incandescent light bulbs to worry over lesser matters.

But let these two nations enjoy their arrogance and their mirth.  As they say, God is not mocked forever.


Anonymous said...

It's a mystery to me, for few hours, I am checking for comments on this very 'grave' posting, that should be flooded with outrage of such injustice.......but, it seems that all are either in 'lethargy', or just simply fearful to speak against the enemy of Jesus Christ, or worse.....ignorant.

It is no coincidence that this evil occurs days before Christmas......the enemy never sleeps, it's the Catholics that are sleeping. Yes God is not mocked....All is according with His Divine Design, let us watch and pray, lest, we all perish.

O Lord, Lord, Almighty King.....
Let the nations know that
God is Thy Name;
Thou alone are the
Most High over all the earth.
(Psalm 82:19)

Pray the Angelus said...

@Anonymous above. I too looked for comments. I had my own prepared. But in the end...what good is it to repeat what everyone already knows and Aged Parent stated so well? The time for the wringing of hands is gone. The time for outrage continues. But what to do apart what we are already doing? God is still in charge and not even one sparrow falls from the tree without His permitting will. Can we influence God's will? Of course we can.

We are already doing all that we can do and that is to pray. Maybe fasting should be added to the prayers. Catholics do this every day already as a matter of course but I do not know what Novus Ordos do, if anything.

Outrage has been expressed many times over in earlier articles here and elsewhere on this topic. Why keep complaining publicly about something we cannot change with our public comments of outrage? Even your comment, while well-intended and filled with outrage, did nothing to improve things. Neither would have my un-posted words of anger and frustration except by one particular way and that was to suppress myself and offer it up with the intention of bending God's will concerning these poor people.

That is one of the things accomplished by yesterday's Ember Day fast. The next two Ember Days begin tomorrow. Don't miss it. Offer it up with regard to what outrages you most. As Catholics we have massive weapons of destruction at our disposal that thwart the devil. It is time to fight, not talk.

God bless you.

Aged parent said...

Thank you Anon and Pray the Angelus. You have, if nothing else, lifted the spirits of this soul who so often sees such appalling indifference over what our fellow Christians are suffering over there. If I seem to harp on these kinds of things frequently on this blog it is because I see so very few other blogs, particularly Catholic ones, even alluding to these things. Worse, I see some Catholic blogs actually defending what the USA and Israel are doing. That is what frankly shocks me the most and if I write often of these matters it is to awaken in people's minds the truth of what is happening in the Middle East so that they are not so easily hornswoggled by the constant pro-Israel/pro USA propaganda.

Pray the Angelus is exactly correct: we have the real "weapons of mass destruction", that of fasting and prayer, and regular readers here know how often I have written about those "weapons".

It is now Advent. It is now time for, among other things, the O Antiphons. It is a time of peaceful expectation for the Great Feast coming Tuesday next. And as Pray the Angelus so rightly says it is time to utilize those wonderful Ember Days which call on us to practice some small mortifications for whatever reason we may choose. If this little article of mine, and the thoughtful comments of Anon and Pray the Angelus cause a couple of folks to offer those sacrifices to these helpless people then I can be nothing else than forever grateful.

Thank you both for writing.

aly said...

dear all, the BDS movement is on the rise. This week the ASA, US joined this movement. The EU is scheduled to implement restrictions on grants and other benefits to Israeli entities operating in Occupied Palestine, beginning in January 2014 Hopefully they will not again delay as they did in July 2013 at the behest of John Kerry because of the
"peace talks". Now according to Kerry the "peace talks" may continue through another year. The distress in Syria and elsewhere in the ME driving out Christians or murdering them has its own story and also has to do with a lot of interference in Syria and elsewhere by outsiders who wish to change governments who are not sufficiently under the dictates of the US and allies; Israel. Even governments that have not invaded and murdered their neighbors or Christians.
The Pope's trip to the Holy Land will
take place in May. He will arrive in
"Israel" from Jordan. He will not say Mass in "Israel" but in Bethlehem. I join you in prayers and devotions.

anon said...

Aged Parent, please know that I for one (I'm sure there are others) am grateful to you for elevating my awareness of these terrible things. I am grateful to God for His grace so that I can recognize words of truth because they affirm what is already known in my heart.

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