Saturday, December 7, 2013


I have purchased these olive oils in the recent past and there is nothing like them anywhere.  What they do to our humble cooking is something like a small miracle.  For good taste as well as good health we here cannot recommend these olive oil products highly enough.  It is the very type of oil that was grown there when Christ walked upon that land.

I was first drawn to them as a way of helping these miserably oppressed olive growers in Palestine, those who watch their centuries-old olive trees being hacked down by the occupying army so that illegal houses can be built upon their ruins.  Even if their taste wasn't extraordinary we would still buy these products for that reason alone.

We don't "advertise" here at The Eye Witness, but we will make a happy exception in this case.  We hope you will consider these olive oils either as gifts or for your own kitchens.

Here is how to order them:

Be aware that they typically sell out rather quickly.


aly said...

Thank you Aged parent. Aged parent, Many Zionist Christians go to Israel and help plant and harvest for their Jewish brethren. And with pride they plant trees in some biblical sense while Israeli soldiers and settlers themselves hack, despoil, plunder, uproot the Palestinian olive trees by the scores and hundreds. They are no longer if ever they were legitimate Christians. And beside our government being treasonous in service to a foreign country
at the expense of our own, these
Zionist Christians are the same. They as their Jewish brethren have
their own Lobbies who betray our country and our and their native sons. Their purpose is to be a blessing to Israel and to love and serve the Jewish people. It is shocking..; and under the US Constitution I would call it illegal. They indeed serve two masters and should be (shunned). I supposed I shouldn't say such a thing but they do and are complicit in doing much harm.
As for me and my house we will serve the Lord and to your house, a blessed and joyous Advent

Aged parent said...

Many thanks for your kind Advent wishes, aly, which are heartily reciprocated.

Christian Zionists are dupes, pure and simple. They do a disservice not only to their country but more importantly even to the Christ they claim to honor. They forget that the Old Covenant is no more. It is finished. It has ended. It has been superseded by the New.

But is there anything that can be even worse than that? Yes. Catholic Zionists are even worse. Through sentimentality and stupidity they have betrayed the Church.

And that goes double for the Catholic hierarchy who put Talmudism above the Faith.

aly said...

I agree with all you've said with emphasis on Catholics. And Aged parent we hear voices of these deluded people but we don't hear voices of those who would correct these deluded, duped, led and fallen to heresy. It's in the same manner as political voices we hear and don't hear concerning the sins of the Land of Christ deniers. And goes double for the Church hierarchy indeed. As Vatican II goes so goes the Church. But there is and will always be the remnant at the least and perhaps God's plan is more.

aly said...

And thanks for the reference. Ordering this worthy oil.

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