Saturday, April 9, 2016

The lowly will save the Faith

St Louis IX
I am too disgusted to comment now on the papal debacle, but I do want to mention so many fine Catholic internet writers and bloggers who have already entered the fray like the good, brave, Catholic warriors they are.  They are the sons and daughters of St Louis IX.

I link to many of these great men and great ladies on this blog.  They are fearless in their defense of the one, true Faith.  They write with force yet eloquence, directness yet serenity. My admiration for their defense of the Faith is without bounds.  And I'm honored and humbled and proud to be one of their colleagues.

God Bless 'em.


Samantha said...

You continue to amaze me, you continue to amaze me AG. Bravo to you. But I do still want to hear from YOU on this stakr plunged into the heart of holy Mother Church by these Judases.

I wish someone would wake up Benedict the 16th so that he can anathematize Francis.

Anonymous said...

Don says

St Louis IX is such a Great Saint, and Catholic man!
I have this image in a large plaster relief from the late 19th century.

Saint Louis IX
Pray for us

Aged parent said...

Dear Samantha:

Thank you for what you wrote.

Because this situation is so utterly without precedent in all of Church history - a Pope who is so disoriented, and disorienting, that the faithful feel as if they've been shunted off into the mists - it is difficult, at least for me, to know where to even begin to calmly discuss this supreme outrage. That Francis has just insulted all the great Popes and Saints of the past is so extreme an action by any so-called Pope that it will take some time to wrap my brain around this. But I'll write some thoughts soon.


Thanks for the nice comment.

TLM said...

AMEN, Aged Parent! What a total ATROCITY this Encyclical is! I read where Cdl. Mueller sent him 40 pages of revisions to this thing, but obviously he didn't comply. The 64 million dollar question? Will we have a defense in the Bishops who speak out, or will ANY of them even speak out?? Please Dear Lord, there has to be at least some that will go to bat to save souls!!!

Jeff said...

I am not too worried about this document making a fuss, in the long term.
Pope Chatty The First used more words in this than God the Almighty used to create the universe.
The man clearly likes to hear himself talk. People who talk too much lose their audience rapidly.
I wish that Our Lord was walking the earth today. He would spit on the ground to make mud, take the mud into His hands, place it over his mouth and say, "Be thou closed."

Aged parent said...

Dear TLM,

Like many, I am waiting for some Bishop to speak up. They cannot just sit there and let this go on without saying something.


Yes, I think this Pope likes to be the Pope of "The World", not so much the Pope of the Universal Church. While I'm not yet ready to share your optimism about this exhortation becoming one day a dead letter, I duly note what you say.

As the Madison Avenue advertising executives always state, however, "perception is everything". Words to ponder.

Thanks for your comment.


Rr said...

It's not an Encyclical, but a "post synodal Exhortation", which is NOT Magisterium, as the Encyclicals are. Hence we can forget it totally.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Jeff's "Be thou closed!"

Good one!

Aged parent said...


Good point. We can ignore it. Alas, the Modernist Bishops aren't going to ignore it. They will bamboozle the average Catholic dullard that it is the new "law of the land".

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