Friday, April 15, 2016

Eating and Drinking Judgement on themselves

"Perception is everything."

The following brief observations on Pope Francis' revolutionary exhortation have as their intention to put to rest hopefully once and for all the notion that because doctrine was supposedly "not changed" we can and must look at the Pope's words in the light of past Church teachings, and that if we do that we will find no need to be anxious over the whole thing.  Unfortunately such a notion is untenable, and we have five decades of recent experience to show that it is untenable.

Blaming the media for misinterpretations is also untenable.  The media was given precisely what it needed by the Vatican; Rome wanted its message to get out and it allows the media to convey to the world exactly what it wants conveyed.  If this were not so we would be hearing and.or reading thundering denunciations from St Peter's.  That there is a satisfied silence coming from the Holy See is sufficient to convince anyone that the Pope is pleased with how the media is treating his letter. Rome understands, even if many Catholics do not, that perception is everything, and that the perception everyone has of the document - a Church abandoning Her former protections of the Sacred Species - is the perception that was intended.  It is simply silly to try to look at this document as one of continuity with  scripture and tradition.  It isn't, and never can be.  Its divorce from scriptural reality is clear for all to see; one does not need to be a Biblical scholar to know that the words of Jesus Christ have been suppressed in order for a worldly Pope to be even more admired by the world. (That's the same world that would like nothing better than to see the Catholic Church exterminated in case anyone is interested.)

If the disastrous, unnecessary Vatican Council II has taught us anything at all it is that the Modernists now in complete control of the Vatican apparatus will use any lie, any subterfuge, any traditional-sounding phrase it can muster up to obliterate Christ's clear teachings and reduce the one, true Church into another mere Protestant sect.  The Pope's all-mercy-no-repentance approach is nothing if not pure Protestantism, which will lead untold millions of souls into the same final place in eternity that Martin Luther, John Calvin and Henry VIII  led their followers.

To put it simply, if you wish to go to Hell after death just do what Francis now recommends and go receive Holy Communion in your present state of mortal sin.  The perception now is that sodomites and adulterers can receive Communion without any troublesome "torture" in the Confessional.  What else does the Pope's exhortation say if not that?  He and his dicey theologians have been hinting about this for the last three years and now it is on official Vatican stationery.

How nice.

But doctrine hasn't changed! so say the papal defenders, like the perpetually clueless Ed Peters (who can always be counted on to miss the main point). Yes, it has.  Not de jure, of course, but de facto.  Perception is everything.  Those who keep telling themselves that doctrine hasn't been changed kid only themselves and a few gullible Catholics who read them uncritically.  If the practice changes - which in this case it most certainly will - the doctrine for all intents and purposes becomes a dead letter.

But, some insist, the priests wont allow this to happen.  A naive belief, and one only need recall the winks and nods priests gave Catholics at the time of Humanae Vitae.  That will be repeated a billionfold in the upcoming years.

The other day LifeSite News reported a story about an abortion butcher who discovered to his dismay that the aborted child lying on the table was still breathing.  While the nurses watched he strangled the child to death to finish the job.  In Poland  a few months ago an aborted child cried itself to death after being aborted.  But, you see, we "obsess" too much over abortion according to our Pope who didn't find too much need to mention such things in his "love" exhortation.  I bring this up because I believe it dovetails with the whole situation we are in these days.  Nations that allow such unspeakable horrors to go on unpunished, will be punished themselves.  That in fact nations are already being punished.  I will go out on a limb and add that it is my opinion that Pope Francis is one part of that punishment.  His love affair with the World is destroying the only institution on earth that could be an effective fighter against the evils brought about by the stooges of Satan.  His every word and action emasculates Catholicism.  He has blunted the Church's sword so much that it is virtually useless.  He is far from the only recent Pope to have done so but he is one of the worst in that regard.  He is leaving the Church defenseless against an onslaught that is growing and will become more severe with every passing hour. Author James Larson believes it will take an "extraordinary chastisement" to bring the Church back to her senses.  I agree.  That chastisement will be not only spiritual as in the case of bad Popes and Bishops but also, I fear, physical.  Countries like America and most European countries that allow what they are allowing will be severely punished, as will a Church that remains silent while murderers and sodomites gain the ascendancy.

The Pope's exhortation is nothing more that the latest manifestation of the Modernist heresy that has haunted Catholicism for at least two centuries.  It is the culmination of the process that began in earnest at Vatican II, whereby three generations of Catholics have been severed from their past, deliberately, by the destroyers who were in charge of that miserable Council.  By a deliberate act of the will the mandarins behind Vatican II cut off Catholics from their roots, and that fifty-year debacle has ended with a Pope like Bergoglio.  Chastisements come in many forms: physical, mental and spiritual.  Francis, whether he even realizes it or not, is a part of the spiritual chastisement we suffer.  God has permitted the Church to be inflicted with a long series of ineffective and now downright bizarre Popes who have done severe, near-irreparable damage to His Church.  This catastrophe can no longer be reversed by simple means.  It will take something else to cleanse the Church of the filth, the scum, which is now rising rapidly to the top.  Whatever it is, it will be awful.

So, please dear defenders of this latest papal atrocity, do not bother telling the world that doctrine has not changed.  As Rome well knows, and its defenders do not,  it isn't what you say that is important; it's what people think you say that is crucial.  Perception is everything.

God help those in high places who have scandalized Christ's little ones.  That includes those Bishops and Cardinals who should be confronting this insanity but are not.

With his ideas of "unmerited" mercy Pope Francis clearly wants us all to now be Lutherans.  I am sorry, Francis, but I will not accept your suggestion.

With this latest stink bomb from the Vatican there is only one thing left that I know of: to occupy our hearts and minds: Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


C.J. said...

Absolutely true. This is exactly how the Catholic world swallowed hook, line and sinker the Novus Ordo abomination.

Aged parent said...

I think you've hit it, CJ. Once the Catholic world went along quietly with that awful new Mass they had already taken a giant step towards Protestantism. Bergoglio is just the saccharine-sweet icing on that mouldy cake.

Di said...

Let GOD arise,
Let His enemies be scattered;
Let all who hate Him flee before His Holy Face.
~Psalm 67
¡Viva Cristo † Rey! ¡Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!
Si vis pacem, para bellum!

Doctrine has not changed....just as it didn't change with the papers from Vatican II. How they are getting around not changing per-say Dogma is by implementing changes Pastorally you know the fake "mercy" we know actual mercy begins with true charity mixed with a bunch of harsh truth.
What we Catholics need to do, who actually know the faith, is to fight like the devil is after us(he is)and let others know why it is wrong and that for thousands of years it has been wrong and it will continue to be wrong even if a few corrupt men say it isn't. When something changes that has been the "law" for a very long long time "LOOK OUT" the devil is taking over.
May God have mercy on the prelates souls, the devil wants their souls more than he wants the "average Joe's soul."
Stick with the Church fight for Her never give up.
As Joan of Arc said: "FORWARD BOLDLY"
“This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me, teaching as doctrine the precepts of men. “Then He called the crowd to Him, and said to them, “Hear, and understand. What goes into the mouth does not defile a man; but it is what comes out of the mouth that defiles a man.” "Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up. Let them alone; they are blind guides of blind men. But if a blind man guide a blind man, both fall into a pit." Do you not realize that whatever enters the mouth passes into the belly and is cast out into the drain? 18 But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and it is they that defile a man. For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, immorality, thefts, false witness, blasphemies. These are the things that defile a man;
~Matthew 15:8-9,13-14,17-20
The Secret to Defeating the devil
"... the genius of satan is to deceive the human mind in order to seduce the human will. Memorize that logic. satan knows that all the evil in the world begins with ERROR. Let me repeat. satan knows that all the evil in world begins with error. In other words, all sin in the human heart begins as untruth in the human mind."
~Servant of God Fr. John Hardon
While studying at Rome, Fr. John Hardon was appointed director of the graduate library. At one point his superior ordered him to retrieve all of the volumes held on loan by other graduate students that were declared heretical by the Catholic Church. Hardon later recalled:
“Before I had retrieved one-half of the heretical books, I had become the agent of orthodoxy and therefore the sworn enemy of the modernists, who were updating the Catholic faith to its modernist theology. I had doors slammed in my face. I lost friends whom I had considered believers....[this experience] taught me that the faith I had so casually learned could be preserved only by the price of a living martyrdom. This faith, I was to find out, is a precious treasure that cannot be preserved except at a heavy price. The price is nothing less than to confess what so many others either openly or covertly denied."
~Servant of God Fr.John Hardon

Anonymous said...

I like you, Di. You remind me!

Aged parent said...

Dear Di

Thank you for your perceptive comment, and for the anecdote about Father Hardon (which I was unaware of).

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

An excellent article, to add anything would be superfluous, but if I may make this observation,why are Traditional Catholics always being surprised by the actions of the Vat II junta? I mean they, the ruling clique, actually enjoy making fun of Church tradition and doctrine. For example, it is widely suspected that Pope John 23 was a Mason of long standing. It may be uncharitable to say this because 'we' don't know the truth of this accusation with complete certainty as we don't have access to privileged information. The accusation could be a lie or part of propaganda whose source is within masonry itself. If the accusation has some basis in reality we must ask ourselves; 1. How can a mason who is by definition hostile to and therefore outside of the Catholic faith be the head of that faith and church organization? 2. How likely is it that a mason of long standing will come to see the error of his ways and spiritually progress to achieve the exalted state of sainthood?
Some bishops such as Archbishop Pontier of Marseilles, who doesn't deny his membership of the Grand Orient, must be laughing their heads off.

Aged parent said...

Anon @3:10pm

Thank you for the kind words.

The Comte Leon de Poncins did some admirable work studying the Masonic inroads in the Church, and if you haven't read his works I highly recommend them.

My writing efforts on this blog are mainly designed to help people recognize they are being manipulated by government, media and now, tragically, certain elements in the Church. If we can see how and why we are being manipulated I believe we can at least attempt to have a better understanding of things in general. At least that's what I have been trying to do.

Of course whether I succeed or not is an entirely different matter.

Thanks again for your comment.

Wolverine said...

James Larson's articles on the War against Being are must readings for the remnant community.

Prayerful meditation on these articles will allow us to fully grasp the nature of the philosophical/theological battle that was waged within the Church over the past several centuries.

Once grasped, everything we see unfolding in Rome will make perfect sense! We (or our children/grandchildren) will also be equipped to rebuild from the ashes.

Aged parent said...

Agreed, Wolverine. Mr Larson is a fine writer, and I have been linking to him for a long time (see sidebar).

RR said...

A note from Italy: the diocese of Bergamo, i.e. John XXIII's diocese of birth, has realised a statement, affirming they were giving Communion to remarried divorcees since years, secretly, and now they can do it opwnly. They are happy and thank the Holy Father.

TLM said...

Welcome to VATICAN lll !!

Aged parent said...


Tragic - and exactly like the aftermath of Humanae Vitae, where priests were telling their penitents to forget about it and use contraception.


That's a horrible thought!

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