Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Clooney Tunes

The vapid ham known as Mr George Clooney, who pulled himself up from his bootstraps to become a Hollywood star (with a little bit of help from his father who was already in the business and his late aunt Rosemary who also was already in the business....but we're not supposed to notice such things) is at it again, this time raising big bucks for the campaign of the Wicked Witch:


And to no one's surprise, the Wicked Witch has a fundraiser scheduled in a foreign country.  Well, why not?  There;s probably a special political airline that only makes four stops: Hollywood, New York, Washington and Tel Aviv.



Anonymous said...

At least Rosemary Clooney was a talented singer. I have yet to figure out what her son does to warrant any attention.
Speaking of Hollywood types that think that anyone listens to anything that they say, I see that Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins ( her husband?? I am not sure.) are making the rounds blathering on about their support for the Golden Jew.
Robbins looks like a transgendered grandmother and she looks like that she barely survived going over that cliff in "Thelma and Louise".
I do wish that these types would make good on their threats to leave the country when they do not get their way.

Anonymous said...


Huge European hoax and deception

Anonymous said...

Your intentions may be honorable, but to assert the EU is a creation of the Catholic Church is nonsense. The driving power behind the EU is an alliance of Masons and cultural Marxists, both of whom hate Christianity and particularly Catholicism.
Of course members of the aforementioned groups do exist within the Catholic Church, previously in great secrecy, but lately quite openly, Archbishop Georges Pontier of Marseilles is perhaps one of the latter.

Anonymous said...


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