Wednesday, April 13, 2016

An honest Cardinal


Sixupman said...

A moment to lighten the day - unfortunately, no laughing matter!

Anonymous said...

A few years ago Cardinal Schonborn received an 'award' from the masonic Binai Brith outfit. What more do we need to know about this 'prince of the church'.

Aged parent said...

Dear Sixupman,

To keep from shooting myself I try to find something to laugh at once in awhile.

Thanks for your comment.


No surprise there.

Ready to rock and roll said...

Aged Parent, it is too darn bad we don't live closer. I'd take you out for a couple of beers and we could recall all the Catholic heroes of similar times past and ponder why God chose us to live during these times present.

Vive le Crist Roi!
Viva Cristo Rey!
Long live Christ the King!

Aged parent said...

Ready to rock:

Sharing a beer sounds like a good idea. I may need to get myself drunk to get through this mess.

I don't know why God chose to let us live in times like this. I wish He hadn't, but probably has His reasons.

FLOR solitaria said...

A French guy wrote on his blog a few years ago that he attended a lecture by a Catholic priest about the End Times. Now that rarely happens in France (or anywhere else for that matter). However the priest knew a lot about prophecy, biblical or not, and talked very pertinently. Although he gave hope to the audience, many of them were downcast thinking of the trials and tribulations which they would have to endure.
One of them was the guy with the blog, and he went to the priest and asked him:
"Father, why does God allow that we go through all this ? What if we won't be able to bear all the burdens, because we are weak and our faith is not great ?"
And the priest answered him:
"Son, you think God doesn't know that ?"

Aged parent said...

Thanks, FLOR. Good comment.

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