Saturday, April 23, 2016

At least Mr Voris went to Confession and turned his life around. When will you, Cardinal Dolan?

You give kindly waves to homosexual perverts mincing around in a church - in your presence.

You lavish praise on some worthless sports queer, telling him "Bravo" for announcing and loving his sin.

You have done nothing - zero - to clean up the rat's nest of buggery in your diocese.

You lent your so-called prestige (what little there is) to the sex perverts who are now destroying the St Patrick's Day parade in New York.

You give Holy Communion to public sinners like Joe Biden, et al, scandalize the faithful, and allow Biden to eat and drink judgement on himself (and you too, mate).

You stunk up the archdiocese of Milwaukee by your do-nothing attitude and by leaving all of Rembert Weakland's chancery "buddies"in their positions instead of firing them and fumigating the place; now you are doing, or not doing, the same in New York.

For all the reasons listed above you are an embarrassment and a public disgrace to your cloth - and you have the utter gall to try to discredit a man who repented of past sins, turned his life around and started to do good in his own way?  And, in effect, break the seal of Confession in the bargain?

Perhaps it is not you personally who is engineering this smear job.  It could be one of the fuzzy-headed homosexuals that are rampant in your chancery who are behind this viciousness (a common tactic of the Poof Crowd). The same little mincing fellows, maybe, who were in the seminary Mr Voris once attended? Nevertheless, the buck stops with you and you alone, Cardinal Dolan.  Shall I hold my breath waiting for you to either apologize to Voris or fire the light-in-the-loafers chancery gnomes who facilitated this smear?  Perhaps I better not.

About that denial issued by the Archdiocese of New York.  That's a bit hard to believe, I'm afraid. I would believe that denial as much as I would believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy (though I believe in other kinds of fairies).

Mr Voris turned his life around. When are you going to turn your life around, Your non-eminent Eminence?


Anonymous said...

Some good sense. I hear voices that Voris' claims about Dolan's dealings with the homo mafia were unsubstantiated, and that he should not have taken on this current ministry with a past like his.
I saw Dolan leading the Saint Patric's Parade, invaded by supporters of sodomitic marriage. I have read statements by the girlfriend of a male prostitute openly living with a priest, who many parishioners claims, has embezzled the parish money for his sexual escapades. Dolan is very aware of all of this and much more, and allows this to continue. He is a disgrace to the Church, and should not be priest, let alone bishop. He hasn't offered any explanation or apology.

Voris, on the other hand, listened to the scandalized and robbed parishioners, and even with a past like his, is willing to stand up for them, in Christ's truth. I only regret that he is not willing to speak truth about the current pope, who tolerates all of this, although he could, if he wanted, clean the Church of open sodomites.

Aged parent said...

Good points, Anon. Eventually Mr Voris will have to face the fact that the current Pope is a problem.

As for Dolan, he makes me want to vomit.

Karl Rahner Jr. said...

Ha, very well said.

Anon said...

Not very well said at all when acid drips from the saying of the Truth. Truth was said above. The Truth was absolutely negated by the poison it was served with.

That's not a fruit of the Holy Ghost.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous...

Oh get off it...there's nothing poisonous about this post at all. Our Lord did the same thing to the hypocritical Scribes and Pharisees when he reproached them and said, "Woe to you, ye brood of vipers." He called a spade a spade he he had to...this is no different.

Stephen Miller

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