Saturday, February 14, 2015

What has become of us?

“I couldn’t give a flying f%@# about the Iraqis. I loved killing bad guys. … I loved what I did. I still do … it was fun.” 

Thus spoke Mr Chris Kyle, as men, and women, and children found themselves the recipients of his patriotism.

I search the Catholic Church's Catechism in vain for a justification of this.

As I watch in disgust the amount of money being earned by such a movie as "American Sniper", and as I marvel that a director of only very limited talent such as Mr Eastwood is praised to the skies by even such as Barack "I'm very good at killing people" Obama, I ask myself: what has become of us?

We are in a very, very deep crisis of Faith in this land if people can sit in theatres much like the Romans of old and cheer on such blood-letting.

Gerald Celente examines the issue here:

"Operation Iraqi Freedom" in action


Anonymous said...

You ask 'what has become of us'? Well, that question is very late in the asking. It should have been asked 70 years ago when British forces rained down phosphorus incendiaries on women and children of Dresden, allegedly at the request of that great humanitarian, 'Uncle Joe' Stalin.

Aged parent said...

Indeed, Anon, and thank you for mentioning it.

Saint Revolution said...

"...Chris Kyle did his patriotic duty. He obeyed orders, followed the words and carried out the tasks issued from the White House...."

Tell that to The Almighty on The Judgment Throne at your Day Of Reckoning, Kyle.

That is the exact number one excuse Nazi rank-and-file used..."...I'm innocent...I was just following orders...".

Kyle was a sociopathic psychopath, ENJOYING the most evil deeds, and then excusing himself via buck-passing.

Kyle belongs to a generation of narcissistic video-game-playing sociopaths that cannot discern between right and wrong, killing an character on an video game screen and killing an human being in real life.

It is sicknesses like Kyle that eventually leave the military and become über abusive police men who believe they are above the law.

A major portion of police recruits these days are from the military...not surprising, considering the paramilitaristic ramp-up of all police across the nation...getting ready for what, again?!?!

My Father was a point man in the jungles of Korea, undoubtedly having to kill. He received The Hailie Selassie Medal Of Honor from Hailie Selassie himself for saving a village. I have the picture of him receiving the medal.

Never once in all my years did I EVER hear my Father speak about Korea. Ever. My Father is dead now.

Of course, my Father was a completely different generation...the tail end of The Greatest Generation.

Everyone wants to be a rock star these days at whatever they do and they need the whole world to know about it.

Humility, shame, remorse, and especially sadness, be damned.

It is one thing to kill out of necessity. It is a completely different thing to enjoy it.


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