Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Cardinal will resist

Sometimes it is easy to forget that during the darkest times of the Church some Bishops will finally emerge and declare that enough is enough.  In recent decades we have heard very little from Bishops who could and should be publicly expressing their horror over the direction in which the Church has been heading.

But things could be, at long last, beginning to change.  In an interview on French television Raymond Cardinal Burke, has frankly stated that if the Synod continues in the directions indicated last October, he will resist.

[Thanks to the Catholic Conclave blog for this.]

With both the Church and the world going to hell in a hand basket, directed by the same hellish forces, God is raising up a few voices who will find their courage and say what so critically has to be said.

The importance of this moment cannot be over emphasized.  Burke's courage I am certain will inspire a few others.  How can it not, with a statement so precise and full of portent?  The Cardinal's resistance will undoubtedly entail him speaking out more and more even as the world's media showers him with invective.  He will be given the full media lynching treatment and it will be ugly. That he is willing to subject himself to such an ordeal speaks very well of him.

While I don't want to read too much into this, Burke's statementt has the potential to create a domino effect.  Burke's frank statement, said with his customary charitable demeanor, will embolden others,   priests, Bishops, Cardinals and layfolk alike.  This will be all over the internet soon, and that is good.

Please God the sleeping giant of Catholicism will awaken.


Anonymous said...

Sign this petition to Pope Francis in defense of marriage and family.

Anonymous said... Is a better choice. If I am correct as to those who started this petition, many of them are the well-known names listed. They have been listed among the signatories since the numbers were under fifty thousand. Quite a feat. Unless they or their friends were part of this campaign.

TLM said...

Yes, already have signed it in the last week or so. Unless of course there are two petitions now floating around. (??) When Cardinal Burke is worried, we all should be!

Anonymous said...

Just how is Cardinal Burke going to 'resist'? Unless he and a substantial number of bishops threaten to join SSPX he will be brushed aside, or worse, ignored just like Cardinal Siri at Vat II.

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