Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Saving Ukraine

Maidan protesters being shot by American snipers in Kiev a year ago

Finally, an intelligent conversation by reasonable people on the ongoing civil war in Ukraine.  We can highly recommend this video:


And this:

And just the other day a Ukranian woman responds to a Ukranian army recruiter asking Ukranian men to sign up to fight Ukranians (be sure to click on the subtitles):

[Re the photo at the top of this post: Last February in Kiev, when the US-backed coup was in progress, the corporate-owned mass media reported that Kiev police were firing on the protesters from nearby rooftops.  The whole world bought that story.  It turns out that in fact the snipers were American mercenaries employed by Monsanto-owned "Academi", formerly "Blackwater", engaged to incite violence and create yet another false-flag event.]

Look who is waiting in the wings, like a vulture:


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