Monday, February 16, 2015

A Catholic examines the hatred of Vladimir Putin

(Which reminds me: I need to start planning my May fishing trip asap) to go from friend to villain in one day.

From a personal perspective I find the President of Russia to be an interesting chap.  Regular readers here must have guessed that by now since I have not been silent about my fascination for the changes that have been taking place in the land once strictly under atheist control for nearly a century, and for one of the men who has been instrumental in some of those changes.  Clearly not all readers share my cautious optimism; I daresay I have lost several valued readers and commenters over this very issue (and perhaps other issues as well).

Catholics who are able to keep their heads during the unprecedented onslaught of anti-Russian propaganda - and it is propaganda, let us never forget - can nevertheless become understandably bewildered by this seemingly universal condemnation of Russia's current leader.

Which is why I believe Catholics should read and contemplate the following article by Dr Boyd Cathey which appeared over at the UNZ Review a few weeks back.  The link is as follows:

Dr Cathey has a number of enlightening facts in his article, among them this:

Putin gained firm support and endorsement from that inveterate and most intransigent anti-Communist, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Before his death in 2008, Solzhenitsyn praised Putin and stated that he believed Putin’s personal acceptance of Christian faith to be genuine. American ambassador William Burns visited Solzhenitsyn (April 2008) shortly prior to his death and quoted him as stating that under Putin, the nation was rediscovering what it was to be Russian and Christian. [See article, Thursday, December 2, 2010] The great Russian anti-Communist also gave a long 2007 interview with the German magazine, Der Spiegelsaying the same thing. So, then, if the Putin-haters are correct, did Putin fool the great Solzhenitsyn who was by far the greatest and most intransigent anti-Communist of the 20 th century? Not likely.

It is the personal view of this writer that it is the ubiquitous Money Power, those Gnomes of New York, London, Zurich and Tel Aviv if you will,  which is the driving force behind these attacks.  This very elite group of plutocrats and oligarchs, who have rarely been shy about flexing their muscles, are the ones most interested in getting rid of Vladimir Putin.  That, for what it's worth, is the summary of my own views based on a very close following of world events especially as they impact the Catholic Church. But Dr Cathey provides a more intense in-depth analysis, one that bears close study.

One big question is this: what does Mr Putin have to do with the survival of not only his own Orthodox church, but the Catholic Church too?  While I am not necessarily characterizing him as the White Knight who is come to save Christianity I only ask you to look at the kind of enemies he is making, and Dr Cathey does an excellent job of naming those enemies.

In the case of Mr Putin, the reason then why he interests me is very simple: by their fruits you shall know them.

And by their enemies you shall also know them.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the reference to Dr Cathey's article. Long but well worth the reading effort.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Aged Parent, for that piece. I confess that I'm cautiously optimistic about Putin. In fact, I'd already been an admirer of yours well before I realized you also had a different view of Putin than most Americans. It can get confusing for me with all the anti-Putin talk in our government and our media, so I really appreciate you giving us more information to learn for ourselves about the man.

MSchaut said...

Agreed. When the demons (trolls as you have it) start demonizing, they've taught us well that they're lying. Christianity has FINALLY taken genuine hold under Putin, despite the likes of Pussy Riot and other western idiots and hate-mongers, at least Putin has a REAL spine, unlike the serpentine backbones of his opposition.

Nate C said...

I agree that Putin is no longer the bad guy we were once taught to believe.

John Magee said...

When the USSR collapsed in 1991 Putin called it the greatest geo political disaster in the 20th century. Let's not forget that Putin was a loyal KGB officer who served the Soviet Union as a member of its secret police. The KGB was the successor of the Soviet Cheka founded at the start of the Russian Revolution in 1917. The NKVD created by Stalin and finally the KGB Stalin organized in 1946. From 1917-1991 those three Soviet secret police organizations killed at last 60 million Soviet citizens, most of them Christians, and organized ,ass murder like the forced Ukrainian famine rom 1931-1934 when 7-10 million Ukrainians died of mass starvation because they refused to join Stalin's government collectives and give up their private farms. It is called the Holomodar in Ukrainian. . Putin was part of that evil system of mass murder.It’s clear he wants to re-establish Russian hegemony within the space of the former Soviet Union. Ukraine is the biggest prize, that’s what he’s after. The occupation of the Crimea is a step in that direction.". Putin is NEVER to be trusted. He wants to create o new Russian empire and he will destroy anyone who gets in his way. Including the Ukraine.

Aged parent said...

Mr Magee:

Thank you for your comment.

All of the points you have made were brought up and answered in Dr Cathey's article. Please re-read it again.

Anonymous said...

Brother Nathanael, a former Jew who converted to Russian orthodoxy and who runs, also thinks Putin is for real.

Anonymous said...

I'll take Russia's Commie over our Commie any day.

Saint Revolution said...

What John Magee wrote.

Anyone who believes Putin, the former KK horror, the decrepid murderer turned corrupt politician, is anything other than a butcher, fraud, hypocrite, and another Ruskie leader demon, is a blind fool.

Anyone who believes Putin, the former KK Comrade (Orwellian "Big Brother") horror and decrepit KGB murderer, isn't a fraud, butcher, and another lying hypocrite Ruski leader demon, is a blind fool.

Stalin Murdered ~20 Million People...And Putin Is Turning Stalin Into A Hero

Though economic free-market reforms of privatization and de-nationalization could lead to more freedom of religion and eventual consecration of Russia to Our Lady, Putin's Machiavellian methods of corruption, poverty, violence, torture, murder, and death are satanic luciferian means to democratized ends.

West Praises Putin, The Butcher Of Grozny

"...Russia again stepped up the war against Chechnya this week. The Russian army is pounding Grozny, the Chechen capital, with deadly weapons. The city is being reduced to rubble. No one knows how many civilians have been slaughtered. Russian troops are firing terrifying "aerosol" bombs which explode into fire and suck the air out of people's lungs. The blast from the bombs can even slaughter the old and sick who are hiding in underground shelters. Many civilians fleeing the assault on Grozny are hiding in Chechnya's mountainous areas. But journalists report that the bombs are also reducing these areas to cinders..."

"...Russia is using the same inhuman tactics used by NATO in last year's Balkan War. It is also copying the kind of lies used by NATO to justify the slaughter. Russian leaders claim they are fighting "terrorists" and "bandits". In reality the Russian ruling class wants to assert its power over the countries of the former Soviet Union. It also wants to grab as much as it can of the vast oil and gas reserves of the region around the Caspian Sea..."

" NATO in the Balkans, the Russian ruling class is prepared to slaughter countless civilians and destroy the whole of Chechnya in order to try and preserve its rule and its profits. Putin put it clearly last weekend. He said, "This is about how to bring about the end of the break-up of Russia.". He says he wants to restore Russia as a "great power" and to reverse the fortunes of the Russian army, which was decimated when it lost the war it fought against Chechnya in 1994-6..."

"...he has no answers to the dire economic situtation in Russia...which has seen production in Russia plummet by over 40 percent and left millions of ordinary Russians impoverished..."

"...Putin is a collaborator of Anatoly will be a disaster both for the Chechen civilians dying and suffering at the hands of Russian troops and for ordinary people facing unimaginable poverty and early death in Russia itself..."

Putin, The Butcher Of Chechnya

"...despite the fact he has come to power covered in the blood of Chechen civilians. Putin has risen to prominence by ruthlessly prosecuting Russia's bloody war in Chechnya. Hospitals, schools, and homes have been flattened in towns and villages across Chechnya..."

Putin is a butcher. A black soul coloured red with blood.

35 years has changed nothing, no matter what lies the vile frauditicians spew.

Red China is still red, and...

...Russia is still redder.

No more. No less.

Saint Revolution said...

And make no mistake where Putin's head is at.

The NSA's Boobbsey Twin The KGB/FSB:

Stalin Murdered ~20 Million People...And Putin Is Turning Stalin Into A Hero

"...It's not just the memory of Stalin which is being buffed up - it's the legacy of the KGB, too.

In the late 1980s and 1990s, when Mikhail Gorbachev's Glasnost revealed the full enormity of the crimes of the KGB and its predecessors, a deep and visceral hatred of the KGB was unleashed.

That hatred found its most dramatic manifestation on the night in 1991 when a screaming crowd toppled the statue of the KGB's founder, Felix Dzherzhinsky, from its plinth in front of the KGB headquarters on Moscow's Lyubyanka Square.

Their wrath was understandable: of all the murderous machines of state terror which the 20th century produced, from Hitler's SS to Mao's Red Guards, it was the KGB which was the most deadly.

They spied on the entire nation, ran the death camps, and created a national culture of fear, suspicion, and paranoia. [SOUND FAMILIAR, AMERICA?!?!]

But Vladimir Putin, a career KGB officer, has done everything in his power to rehabilitate the image of his alma mater. 'There is no such thing as a former KGB man', Putin said early in his reign. And so it has proved.

In his nine years in power, he has managed to achieve the seemingly impossible: not only to cast the KGB's successor, the FSB, as a heroic band of patriots battling to protect the Motherland, but also to make the FSB far more popular than the KGB had been in the Soviet years.

Recent polls show that the FSB is now one of the most trusted institutions in modern Russia, with nearly 60 per cent of respondents saying that they believed that being a secret policeman was an 'honourable' profession.

At the same time, the FSB is, amazingly, larger than the Soviet KGB ever was, and more powerful, as Putin has promoted former spooks to top positions in the Kremlin, the government and the regions.

'I can report that the takeover of Russia by the Special Organs is going well', Putin joked to an audience of KGB men in 2004 - but there was nothing to laugh about because his remark was totally true...."

NSA = KGB/FSB = Putin = NSA.

This is where America is heading if WE THE PEOPLE do not stop The NSA.

Trust Putin? Cautiously optimistically believe in Putin?

Are you outta your gourd?!?!

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Saint Revolution, you say Putin is Satan incarnate and Solzhenitsyn disagrees with you. Who should I believe?

Anonymous said...

I think the name "Saint Revolution" and reference to "WE THE PEOPLE" tells all anyone needs to know about the commenter and is for any Catholic to disregard that entire rant.

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