Friday, February 20, 2015

The Death Machines

Artist rendering by WeaponX at Deviant
When I was a small boy about nine years of age I had horrible nightmares about death-ray machines from Mars coming down our street and vaporizing my home, my family and my neighborhood.  This vivid, awful recurring nightmare was instigated by the viewing of a science-fiction film called, as I recall, The Mysterians.

Today, however, there are people in the world who not only have these same recurring nightmares, but live under the daily reality of bring burned alive by death machines from the sky.  To those readers who are still wondering why our country is so universally hated around the world, I present the story of a thirteen year old boy who, after his father and his brother were killed by US drones, or death machines, was himself obliterated by the same thing.  His recurring nightmare ended.

A country that has promoted sodomy, abortion, contraception and murder, a country that has gone mad, a nation that does this is a country that is going to see one day the judgment of God.  All wars are religious, and the war being waged by a pagan Empire against virtually the entire planet is getting closer to that judgment with every outrage it commits.  When next you deplore (rightly) the latest attack by Islamic fundamentalists ask yourself, like a good school playground monitor might, "Who started this?"

When the brilliant historian William Thomas Walsh was writing a book in the late 1940s about the Fatima apparitions and was interviewing Sister Lucy he naively asked her if the United States, where he lived, would be spared the annihilation which awaited other nations.  The look she gave him after that question was one he would never forget.

First his father, then his brother and now him


Anonymous said...

The biggest and most potent 'death machine' sits in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms throughout the land, namely the tv set. By it we are taught to comply or at least acquiesce to the elite's agenda.
The Fatima messages foretold the "annihilation of nations", an image resonant with the spectre of nuclear missiles and plagues, and that remains a distinct possibility, but whole nations are being decimated right before our eyes by abortion and sodomy. Our apathy and inertia in the face of these evils could be overcome by strong and resolute leadership, but such leadership is nowhere to be seen, especially in the places where we instinctively look for moral guidance, namely the churches.

Still Waiting said...

Where is your photo and condemnation of the Islamists who torched that poor Jordanian pilot? Apparently your compassion has parameters.

Aged parent said...

Thanks for your comment, Still Waiting. I subscribe to the belief that "two wrongs don't make a right".

DennisseTiu said...

well, i wish it is exist same as time machine..
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