Monday, April 21, 2014


.....and don't let them fall of the cliff.

We have taken into account your recommendation to your Bishops to get close to the sheep and discover their odor. 

But you see, Your Holiness, sheep have to be fed not sniffed at.

Sheep also have to be led by a shepherd.  Leading means two things: keeping the lambs from falling off a cliff into the abyss and also giving them nourishing food so they can live.  It is terrible to point this out but the Church in recent decades doesn't seem to be overly troubled about its sheep falling into the abyss, nor does it seem to care whether or not the sheep are fed.  Do not call this statement exaggerated: we have the evidence of our own eyes.

Rome has let heresy abound all over the world, and the sheep who absorb it fall over the cliff.  Rome rarely if ever mentions the word "sin" and it never, not ever, mentions the words "mortal sin".  This, too, leads her sheep to fall over that cliff.

Rome has starved the sheep by withholding from them the life-giving food of doctrine and dogma.  The silence of the Church on these matters is starving the sheep to death, to eternal death.  And while they starve we are encouraged to smell them, a smell that will gradually become the putrescence of a rotting corpse.

The Church has been governed by Vicars of Christ for 2,000 years.  Some of these Popes have been great Saints.  Others have been average.  Some have been disastrous.  Some have brought souls to salvation by their words and actions; others have seen Catholics leave in disgust.  Some have governed the Church with a fair and firm hand; others have governed little or not at all.

Your Holiness has now the opportunity to be either a great and heroic Pope, an average or mediocre Pope or a disastrous Pope.

All the world is watching to see which one Your Holiness chooses.


Anonymous said...

The sheep aren't falling off, Aged Parent. They are running headlong and jumping.


Elizabeth said...

Awesome piece, Aged Parent. Tragic. And I love that image to go with your words!

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