Friday, January 3, 2014


This article, by Philip Giraldi, is what some would call an eye-opener.  We highly recommend it, and it can be found on several websites today:

Much of what is written in the piece is information already known to us.  It gives a close look at the US intelligence agencies and the mindset of the men so employed.  You may not agree with every opinion Mr Giraldi expresses but the truthfulness of the account is quite obvious.

Many of his statements, shocking in themselves, are ones that are common knowledge.  But one in particular filled us with horror.  It concerns the actions of some in the government who are practicing Catholics.  Read the article for yourself.

If anything at all better indicates what happens to Catholics who have been left uninstructed in their Faith we would like to know what it is, for those priests, Bishops, Cardinals and Popes who do not talk about sin, who give Catholics pabulum instead of dogma, who assault their religious and their artistic sensibilities with the banalities of the new Liturgy have created a situation whereby even cold-blooded murder does not seem to overly trouble the consciences of the "practicing" Catholics mentioned by Giraldi.

Mr James Larson in his excellent recent article "I Know Not the Man" writes thus:

It is, in other words, the mind that must be conquered for Christ if love of sin and evil is to be vanquished. This, of course, does not entail that only great intellects, or educated persons, have access to salvation, or to the grace and truth of Christ. The great truths of our Faith are encapsulated in the simplest, good grade-school catechism; and the mind that is open to the truth of Christ, even though it be uneducated, implicitly and willingly subjects itself in all things to the teachings and will of the Church which Christ founded. It therefore only remains that the Church’s hierarchy faithfully fulfill this mission of teaching the Truth, a solemn duty which has been massively betrayed in recent decades.

When the authentic voice of the Church is stifled by the very people who should be our teachers the world, left to its own interpretations, will be able to commit any outrage and find it reconciled in their own badly formed minds.

Mr Larson's entire piece can be read here: 

A Church, in the person of its current ministers and its current "regime", that no longer teaches the hard, uncomfortable, specific truths is a Church that paves the way for  monstrosities to multiply.  If our hierarchy laments the lack of peace in the world, or the burgeoning nightmare in faith and morals which is now engulfing us they have only to look into a mirror to find the cause of the problem.

If Mr Giraldi's article provides a wake up call to our hierarchy then it might do some good.  

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