Thursday, January 23, 2014


The crime of "legally" eliminating children reaches its forty-first anniversary on January 22nd.  It was decreed by the Divine Oracles who inhabit nine chairs at Washington DC's supreme court building that living, growing children may be killed by their own mothers, their own fathers and a cadre of slimy little butchers who masquerade as doctors.

Yet we still "sit by and watch the barbarian".  We listen to pretty but worthless speeches from politicians who claim to be against this genocide.  We continue to vote them into office where they will ignore us completely.  We - and I include myself - have become spineless spectators as these horrors continue.

Our Church, the Catholic Church, with a few noble exceptions sits by and does little to nothing.  There are no excommunications, there is no thundering from our pulpits, there is no refusing to meet and be chummy with the cretins who keep this murder going strong.  There are no refusals to give the Sacred Species to crummy little ward-heelers who keep the status quo.  On the contrary.  Donald Wuerl and Timothy Dolan will continue honoring these men and giving them Holy Communion.

Even the Pope of Rome, Francis, is planning to shortly meet one of these people, our Glorious Emperor Obama.  Will the Pope show this monster his famous infectious smile?  Or will he show him the same severity that great Popes of the past have shown Kings and politicians who transgressed the laws of God?  Will it just be another cynical photo-op designed to salvage our Supreme Leader's fading popularity?  Or will the Pope do even what John Paul II did when meeting with the equally disgusting Bill and Hillary Clinton and speak in their very presence of the terrible evil that is abortion?  Will Francis be courteous and affable as he was with the current Hitler of Israel, Mr Netanyahu, or will he gravely tell the American president a few things that he needs to know?

But, God forgive us, forty-one years of "legal" abortion?  Isn't that enough?

With thanks to Wisconsin Right to Life


CJ said...

This is how you speak with authority and truth to murder antichrists like the turd Obama:

"Listen, you murderer of babies, you sodomy promoter and lover of all that is despised by God...I tell you truly that you will burn in Hell for all eternity alongside all those who support you. This is your only warning..REPENT OF YOUR EVIL or join Satan in Hell!"

Make sure you say it loud enough for all the microphones to pick up too.

Maybe throw holy water on the foul beast and say the prayers of exorcism over him while the cameras are rolling.

Anything less will be a complete waste of time.

Aged parent said...

Well said, CJ.

Anonymous said...

I just read where a girls night out at a Catholic school in Ottawa including a pledge of support to some abortion promoter. The Girl Scouts pull this same stunt on their camp outs. Apparently not all these girls are stupid. They report the abuses to their parents. Otherwise we would know none of it.

I hope everybody has joined the SSPX rosary campaign for the Consecration of Russia. The Promised. Triumph of the Immaculate Heart is the only thing that will stop all this. It is not too late to join in but do email the rosary count in monthly so they can be added to the tally. "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph."

Anonymous said...

CJ, agree with your comment.

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