Sunday, January 19, 2014


Saul Alinsky
Georg Lukacs
Hebert Marcuse
In an interesting column by Gerald Warner in the Scotsman on Sunday from October 13th last [with thanks to Anthony Fraser] we read about the effects of the Frankfurt School upon the ailing nation of Britain.  Mr Warner goes right for the jugular as he always does, and as he always should:

By now an old story the political establishment in Britain is applying the principles of the Frankfurt school in an effort to effect a sort of "mind control" over the British so that they will never become too uppity to throw off the chains that are being slowly fastened upon them.  It is easy to terrorize a populace as long as you and your minions in the media can continually hang over their heads the dreaded accusations of racism, antisemitism and the usual epithets of a similar nature.

In our recent post about the Frankfurt School written by the eminent Arnaud de Lassus we see the history of this malignant movement of organized distortion and organized perversion.  Among the purveyors of this slime are the three gentlemen pictured above.  The three of them could almost be the direct descendants of the Pharisees of olden times since they share many of the characteristics of the Pharisees, first and foremost an intense hatred for Jesus Christ, King.  They also share an admiration of the Marquis de Sade (not terribly surprising) and share what some writers have termed the "Jewish revolutionary spirit", a spirit that saw its origins at the time of the Crucifixion and yet another reminder that we must work for the conversion of these poor people to the one, true Church.

Converting these people will not be accomplished by some of the more well-publicized actions of recent Popes who attend seder dinners, wail at wailing walls and visit synagogues.  It will only happen when clear and forthright words are spoken to them about the only Messiah they will ever have.


rosa said...

Dear aged parent,
francis has received at Santa marta a group of Argentinian rabbis, offering them for lunch kosher food prepared in the old ghetto in rome.
he receives everyone, except P.mannelli and of course raditional catholics.

Mar said...

Thank you for continuing to post information that is so valuable and not easy to come by. May God bless you and your work.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Mar, for those very kind words.

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